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Historic People of Evolution


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Who developed the scala Naturale (scale of nature viewpoint, a ladder, simple to complex, bottom-top) and what did it represent?
Aristotle - the ladder meant that species were fixed through time, which is the MAIN POINT, the remained for 2000 years.
What opened the door to the idea of creationism?
The Old Testament
Who developed a date of creation? What did it represent?
James Usher, it meant that all organisms are about 6000 years old
Who concluded that the earth evolves around the sun?
Nicolas Copernicus
Who discovered the LAW of GRAVITY, movement of planets?
Sir Isaac Newton
Who studied FOSSILS in geology and what 3 ideas did he conclude/find?
George Cuvier, studied sedimentary rocks w/traces of organisms embedded in them, he documented extinctions throughout the Earth's History, he didn't believe that organisms changed through time, he felt they changed by events, he also studied CATASTROPHISM'S, which were fossils corresponding to catrostrophic events causing local extinction
What is the KEY POINT to repopultaing an organism?
Relocation or immigrating other species into that area
Who proposed gradualism?
James Hutton, a Scottish geologist, who went against the prevailing viewpoints of others
What is refered to as a Geologic Change, which is cummulative results of slow, but at a continuous process?
Who is best known for the Theory of Uniformitarianism, and what does it stand for?
Charles Lyell- it is processes that occur today also are responsible for past occurances that created geologic features.
New World View means?
This is a New view of the Earth and it is REALLY OLD, more than 6000 yrs old, which led everyone to agree on one thing, life had been around for a long time
Who was the first to publish anything on when evolution began? And what was it called?
Jean Baptiste Bismark - "Use and Disuse"
How did Darwinian Evolution take place?
Charles Darwin was aboard a ship for 5 years observing plants, organisms and this was when he questioned on how organisms can change through time.
In addition, he observed two things:
1) similar habitats can contain unrelated species EX. desert animals are generally all different
2) Adjacent habitats, but totally different, may contain similar (related) species
EX. similar (related) species - both may be found on different coast. EX. clawed frog
Name some additional influences on Darwin's thinking?
James Hutton - Gradualism
Lyell - Uniformitarianism
Thomas Mathews - Limited Resources
Who wrote "Essay on the Principle of Population" and what were his intensions?
Thomas Mathews- he was warning that the population would outgrow it resources, which can cause the pop size to be limited

He also felt that Evolution = Descent w/modification, for he proposed the mechanism of change and the Mechanism which is known as NATURAL SELECTION, thus meaning that life on Earth is related to each other

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