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American History Final Exam


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What new opportunities did women win i nthe late 1880's?
overcame great obstacles to earn professional degrees.
How were ppl treated undera totalitarian government?
With what two contries did Austria-Hungary form a triple alliance?
italy and germany
Island hoppiong combined _______,________, and ________ operations in the Pacific.
land, air, and sea
What act caused the U.S. to lead a United Nations military force into Korea?
communist forces from North Korea invaded South Korea
List 3 american lifestyle changes in the 1950s
move to the suburbs, jobs in defense and oil industries brough population boom to southwest, rock and roll became the fav musical form for the young ppl
The counterculture movement direct led to the increase in what?
protest movements in the 1960s
What was the cause of the explosion aboard the U.S. battleship Maine?
remains a mystery
What leader used Jews as scapegoats?
What did Hitler and Mussolini use as a tool to gain power?
economic unrest
Who was considered the "doctor" during the Great Depression who took action to bring relief during the economic depression?
Franklin Roosevelt
To what atrocity does the term Holocaust refer?
the slaughter of Europe's Jews by the Nazis
What clause of the 14th amendment was violated when AA's weren't allowed to vote in primary elections?
equal protection clause
Young people who joined the counter culture in the 1960s were known as?
The NAACP would challenged individual segregation cases in court, fight for equal opportunities in housing and employment and voting during WWII but whta court case did they wait to challenge in the 1950s?
Plessy vs. Ferguson
What african american journalist campaigned against mob violence aimed at African Americans?
Ida B. Wells
Each superpower tried to win allies in the newly independent nations in what 2 areas of the world?
Africa and Asia
During the Vietnam War, the U.S. increased the number of its troops in Vietnam after what resolution was passed?
Gulf of Tonkin
How did employment conditions change for African Americans during WWII?
employers with government contracts couldn't discrimiante when hiring
who was the queen of hawaii in 1893?
What court case made segregation legal and established "seperate but equal" doctrine in 1896?
Plessy vs. Ferguson
What did many U.S. senators fear if the U.S. joined the LON?
involving the U.S in entangling alliances
The final days of WWII, Germany was invaded by what 2 countries?
Americans and Soviets from different directions
What 2 economic considerations caused European countries to seek possessions in Africa and Asia?
need for raw materials and desire to control foreign markets
How did the successful D-Day invasion of France turn the tide of battle in Europe?
Once France was free, allied troops could advance into Germany
What were 3 different ways political bosses gained power?
controlled work done locally, broadened public services, regulate civil service jobs
What three problems did Mexian American immigrants face?
Low wages, discrimination in employment--settle mostly in southwest
What did the U.S. government create during WWI to ensure that factories porduced enough military supplies for the war?
War Industries Board
Who filled the shortage of the agricultural labor during WWI?
Mexican immigrants
What was a major effect of the Dawes Act caused by land speculators?
convinced many Native Americans to sell reservation land
Why was the Natn'l Organ. for Women formed during the 1960s?
fight discrimination against women
What caused the Dust Bowl?
drought and erosion-high winds
Who was fined and convicted for teaching the theory of evolution in a Tenn. Public school?
John Scopes
List 3 factores that led Americans to call for war w/ Spain?
sensational stories in the yellow press, explosion aboard the Maine, sympath for Cuban Freedom Movement
Why did European powers agree to the Open Door policy for china that was suggested by the U.S.?
They feared the power of the U.S.
Who were the 2 main adversaries in the Cold War?
Soviet Union and U.S.
What was the main purpose of the Atlantic Charter?
to set goals for the postwar world
What discovery in the 1890s changed American Mids about Sewards Folly?
prospectors found gold
When Germany annexed 2 countries they were violating what treat?
Treaty of Versailles
The law that Rosa Parks challenged required blacks to do what?
give up bus seats to whites
The deaths of many American passengers on the British ship outraged Prez. Wilson and increased the risk of war w/ Germany. What was the name of the ship?
What does the right to equal protection of the laws mean?
Government may not unfairly or unreasonably treat people differently
Who won the battle against the mosquito in the Panama Canal Zone?
William Gorgas
What group benefited from the passage of the 19th amendment?
What 2 effects did the Montgomery bus boycott have in addition to No.84?
King emerged as a leader and focused the nations' attention on the struggle for Civil Rights in the South
What role did the government play when the U.S. mobilized its wartime economy?
Gov. planned what goods would be produced by the private industry
The major Cold War alliances involved NATO and Warsaw Pact. What side belongedto each?
NATO-western democracies Warsaw Pact-communist countries
As a result of the Spanish American war, the U.S. granted limited independence to what 3 countries?
cuba, puerto rico, the philippines
Fear of the culural changes taking place in the 1920s led to the reemergence of what group?
Competition for economic and political power best defines what war?
Cold War
What policy did the U.S. adopt at the beginning of WWII?
What action by Gen. Francisco Villa caused Prez. Wilson to send thousands of troops into Mexico?
Villa's attacks on citizens in New Mexico
U.S. military campaign in the Pacific during WWII?
island hopping
Who was the leader of Nation of Islam that was a strong supporter of black power and black pride?
Malcolm X
What population changes occurred during WWI?
african americans and mexian americans migrated from the South to the cities in the North
What happened to critics of Soviet's totalitarian leader, Josef Stalin?e
critics were murdered or imprisoned
Why did Prez. Eisenhower send troops to Little Rock?
President is constitutionaly bound to uphold hte laws of land and the schools at Little Rock refused to allow black students to attend
Why did Teddy Roosevelt intervene in the Latin American affairs?
protect american interests, prevent European interference, preserve law and order
By 1955, what invention could be found in two thirds of American homes?
What caused the 1920's lifestyles to become widely adopted and then quickly abandoned?
improved transportation and communication spread info quickly
What act was intended to end risky buying and selling of stocks?
Truth-in-Securities Act
why was the name muckrakers given to some members of the press during the Progressive Era?
because they worked to expose public corruption
What was enacted to protect people's savings?
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
List 3 things that moved the U.S. towards war in 1917?
secret request that Mexico attack U.S., revolution that overthrew Nicholas I, renewed sub attacks on American merchant ships
The result of the Korean Conflict shows the competition for power between communism and democracy in what way?
Korea was divided into a communist North and democratic South
What new immigration pattern occurred following passage of the Chinese Exclusion Act?
employers hired workers from Japan and the Philippines
What generalizaiton can be made about African Americans progress for equal rights during the 1930s?
they made slow progress in their struggle for equal rights
What can be inferred by the wartime rationing of gasoline in the U.S.?
the armed forces needed fuel for their military vehicles
List the 3 major impacts of the Vietnam War?
60,000 soldiers died, vietnamese refugees fled to the U.S., U.S. was divided
What 2 groups were the most prominent critics of the 1920s lifestyle?
older americans and many american writers
Define McCarthyism
accused ppl of being traitors and communists without offering proof
How would you summarize trends in the Latin American literature and music in the 1920s?
talented young ppl explored original themes and forms
Many americans protested against the nations' involvement in what war?
What U.S. plan helped France rebuild its economy?
Marshall Plan
Describe Prez. Harding vs. Ohio Gangs' view of government
Harding was honorable but dishonest aides betrayed his trust in them
How were public accommodations defined in the Civil Rights Act?
Businesses that provide food, lodging, or entertainment to the public
What action led the Senate to censure Joseph McCarthy?
McCarthy insisted that there were communists in the U.S. Army
What American action promoted the Japanese emperor to sign the Treaty of Kanagawa?
an American show of force using steam-powered warships
What shocking statemetn did Senator McCarthy make concerning communists?
The State Department is full of people loyal to the Communits party
What was the 20 year period called following WWII when 79 million americans were born?
baby boom
When the U.S. helped Greece prevent a communist revolution describes what U.S. foreign policy?
What was the name of Roosevelt's program to provide relief for the jobless and plans for economic recovery?
New Deal
List 3 major characteristics of trench warfare?
heavy artillery bombardments, use of poisonous gases, attacks and counterattacks-open land
Prez. Theodore Roosevelt's Big Stick Policy is most associated w/ which region?
Latin America
What was the major goal of Prez. Wilson's 14 points?
to prevent future wars
What was Prez. Wilson's goal for the League of Nations?
to protect the independence of all nations
What did the 18th Amendment do?
banned the manufacture, sale, or transportation of liquor
What contributed the most to the fall of the Soviet Union?
the collapse of the flawed economic system
What area of the United States was called the Dust Bowl?
Southern Great Plains
In the Spanish American war, the U.S. won a quick and easy victory. As a result John Hay described it as a ______?
splendid little war
What was the issue involved in the Scopes Trial?
whether the theory of evolution should be taught in public schools
What was the main effect of the Watergate scandal of the 1970s?
decreased americans' faith and trust in government
The main purpose of this act was to ban business practices such as pools and rebates
Interstate Commerce Act
Fifty years of effort by sufragist secured approval of waht in 1920?
19th amendment
What was the major dance fad in the 1920s?
What was the immediate result of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor?
U.S. declared war on Japan
Define Isolationists
those who want the U.S. to stay out of foregin affairs; didn't support LON
What civil rights leader believed that African Americans must show compassion and understanding as they work for civil rights and not "drink from the cup of biterness and hatred"
List the impacts of the mass production of automobiles
made autos less expensive, create a new mass culutre, stimulated growth of other industries
What year did the first American Troops reach France in WWI?
List 3 ways women's lives changed in the 1920s
gained the right to vote, found new employment opportunities, housework easier electric appliances
What one word can describe the experiences of African Americans durign the Progressive Era?
what were some of the tactics women used in the women's suffrage movement to try to gain the right to vote?
called for a constitutional amendment, silent protests outside the White House, Seneca Falls Convention--supported the right to vote
The dates 1870-1914 are associated w/ what?
Age of Imperialism
What act removed all barriers to racial equality and outlawed racial discrimination in employment?
Civil Rights Act of 1964
What was the main purpose of the Civil Rights Acto f 1964?
ban discrimination in public accommodations
In 1938, what 2 countries were annexed by Germany?
Austria and Western Czechoslovakia
What was a common theme among painters and photographers in the 1930s?
the hard times of the present
What Supreme Court decision held that racially separate educational facilities could never provied equal education?
Brown v Board of Education
African Americans learned the power of nonviolent protest during this boycott?
Montgomery bus boycott
How could the status of African Americans in the military during WWII be best described?
they were in segregated units under white officers
What led to the widespread recognition of African American artists and writers?
Harlem Renaissance
What was the immediate result of Park's arrest?
Montgomery bus boycott

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