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Physics 103 chapter 2 quiz


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By locating the north celestial pole in the sky, how can you determkin your altitude?
The altitude of the NCP is the same as your latitude.
which of the following statements about parallax is not true?
The technique of stellar papalas was use by hubble to determine that the andromeda galazy (m 31) us abiyt 2 million light years away.
which of the following statements about the calastial sphere is not true?
The "celestial sphere" is just another name for our universe.
What condituions are required for solar eclipse?
The phase of hte moon must be new. and the nodes of the moon's orbit must be nearly aligned with Earthe and the sun.
If the moon is risin gat midnight, the phase of the muoon must be?
Third quarter
In addition to the conditions required for any solar eclipse, what must alos be true in order for you to obsereve a total solar eclipse?
The Moon's umbra must touch the area where you are located
You observe a full moon rising at sunset. What will you see 6 hours later?
a full moon on or near your meridian
Whic of the following correctly describes a relationship between the sky and your location on earth?
I f you are in the Northern Hemisphere, the alititude of the north celestial pole equals your latitude.
In any particular place on Earth certain constellations are visible in the evening only at certain time of the year because?
Our evenig view of space depends on where earth is located in its orbit around the sun.
If we have new moon today, when will we have the next full moon?
in about 2 weeks
Which of the following statements about lunar phase is true?
It is possible to have two full moons during january, but not during February
If the moon is relatively far from earth, so that its umbra does not reach earth, someone directly behide the umbra will see?
a annular eclipse
When some on earth observes the moon in the first quarter phase, someone on the moon facing earth observes earth in the
third quarter earth phase
Stars that aren visisble in the sky on any clear night of the year, at any time of the night are called?
Wehn are eclipse seasons?
when the nodes of the moon orbit are nearly aligned with the sun
Its 6 am and the moon is high in your sky ( crossing the meridian). What is the moon's phase?
We can't detect stellar parallax with naked-eye observations. Which of the following would make parallax easier to observe?
increaseing the size of earth's orbit
How many arcseconds re in 1 degree?
Ancient people who knew the saros cycle could
Predict when an eclipse would happen, but not necessarily what type and where it would be visible
Suppose it is full moon. What phase of earth would someoneon the moon se at this time?
new earth
Suppose you lived int he United States and you see a crescent moon in your evening sky tonight. What will a friend in South Americansee tonight?
Your friend will see a cresent moon
An angle of 1 arcsecond is
slightly more than the width of a basketball held at arm's length.
About how many stars are visible to the naked eye on a clear, dark night away from city lights?
a couple thousand
Which of the following statements about a moon is true?
The moon's distance from earth varies during its orbit.
What is the saros cycle?
the roughly 18-year cylcel over which the patttern of eclipse repeats
During a planet's period of apparent retrograde motion (as seen from Earth)
For the few weeks or months, the planet moves westward relative to the stars, rather than the usual eastward relative to the stars.
At approximatly what tiem would a frist quater moon rise?
You are satnd on earths equater. Which way Polaris, the North star?
on the norther horizon
If pare of the full moon passes through earth's umbra, we will see
partial lunar eclipse
If the moon rises around 3 AM, it's phase must be?
waning cresent
Which of the following correcytly describes the meridian in your sky?
a half-cycleextednig from yo9ur horizon due north, through your zenith, to your horizon due south
Which of the following never goes in retrograde motion?
the Sun
Which of the follwoing statements about circumplar stars is true at all latitudes?
LIke all other stars, tehy rise in the east and set in the west.
Orion is visibel on winter evenings but not summer eveings because of
the location of earth in its orbits
what do we mean when we talk about the "milky way" in our sky?
We mean the patchy band of light that represents what we see when we look into the plane of the milky way galaxy?
What happens during the apparent retrograde motion of a planet?
The planet appers to move eastward with respect to the stars over a period of many nights.
We cannot see a new moon in our sky because?
a new moon is quite near the sun in th esky.
We describe a location on earths surface by stating its
Latitude and longitude
When we look into the band of light in our sky that we call the milky way, can we see distant galaxies? Why or why not?
No, because the stars, gas, and dust of the mily way block us from seeing them.
For most of history, lthe lack of observable stellar parallax was intrupreted to mean that
earth is stationar at the center of the universe.
During the period each year wehn we see Mars undergoing apparent retrograde motion in our sky, what is really going on in space?
Earth is catching up with and passing by Mars in their respctive orbits.
What do astronomers mean by a constellation?
A constellation is a region in the sky as seen from earth
Suppose you use the southern crose to determine that the south celestial ple appers 40 degrees above your horizon. Then you must be located at?
Latitude 40
Suppose you see a photo showing Jupiter half in sunlight and half in shadow
the Galileo spacecrapft, when it was orbiting Jupiter.
How does earth varying distance from the sun affect our season?
Earth's orbital distance plays no obvious role in the seasons.
waht makes the Norht star, Ploaris, special?
It appears very near teh north celestial pole.
If it is midnight in New York, it is
Daytime in Sydney, AU
What conditions are required for a luner eclipse?
The phase of the moon must be full, and the nodes of the moon's orbit must be nearly aligned with earth and the sun
The point directly over your head is called
the zenith
When traveling north from the united states into canada, you'll see the north star (polaris) getting
higher in the sky

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