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Section VI -Foreign (1896-1920)


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trench warfare
a new type of warfare in WWI - troops would dig ditches across from each other and fight from the ditches - they could be quite elaborate but difficult to live in
ABC Powers
Argentina, Brazil & Chile resolve the crisis between US and Mexico
Big Four
countries of France, England, the US and Italy were called this after WWI
Boxer Rebellion
secret Chinese societies encouraged to fight against "foreigners" in China
arms race
competition to have the most and best weapons
Dollar diplomacy
Using economic pressure to force Latin American countries to do what the US wants
guerrilla warfare
fighting using hit and run tactics
Bolshevik Revolution
the overthrow of the Czar in Russia by a communist government
Teller Amendment
an addition to the war resolution making it clear that the US didn't want to annex Cuba
building up of armies and navies for the possibility of war
Roosevelt Corollary
extension of the Monroe Doctrine - warning Europe to stay out of the Americas
the ceasing of hostilities - it is not a surrender both sides agree to stop fighting
establishing colonies to increase the wealth and power of the "mother" country
Open Door Policy
McKinley sends a note to Japan & European powers stating that all nations should have a right to trade with China
sense of loyality and pride in ones nation
a way to fund war - citizens would buy bonds backed by the government
mustard gas
a new invention in WWI - a yellow colored gas that was fired at the enemy - it caused blindness, damage to the lungs and death
Red Flag Act
law in the US where a person must walk in front of an automobile with a red flag by day and a red lantern at night to warn pedestrians that a car was coming

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