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To create a new Parameter object we use what?
The Create Parameter method of the Commmand Object.
This ADO object allows you to fill in values in a query.
What kind of recordsets are best when you are only viewing information?
forward only
What ADO objects contain Property objects?
Connection , Command, Field, and Recordset
What are the recordset LockType parameters?
1) adLockReadOnly (default)
2) adLockPessimistic
3) adLockOptimistic
4) adLockBatchOptimistic
ADO has replaced what two technologies?
DAO (Data Access Objects)
RDO (Remote Data Objects)
If we want to pass more then one value to a stored procedure what must we do?
We must declare and array to hold our values. This array must be variant.
The Error object is dependent on what ADO object?
Connection object
What are the main objects of ADO?
1)Connection object
2)Command object
3)Recordset Object
Which ADO object is used only with the Command object.
Parameter object
What do we use to add a parameter object to a collection?
Which ADO object always exists as part of a Recordset object?
We can specify the number of pages in a recordset by doing what?
By using the recordsets PageCount property.
The Connection object can be used in connection with what kind of data sources?
If we want to pass more then one value to a store procedure what must we do?
We must declare and array to hold our values. This array must be variant.
What are the three ways we can execute a query against a database starting with the most dirrect.
1) Use the Command object.
2) Using the Connection object
3) Using a pre-created Recordset object by querying it against the database.
What is ADOR?
A lightweight version of ADO. It only supports the Recordset Object(and its dependent Fields and Properties). Does not support events.
What does ODBC stand for?
Open Database Connectivity
The __ collection exposes a number of methods and properties that allow us to manage parameters for a given command.
Parameter Collection.
Where would we place a sql statement, stored procedure, table name, or file name that we want to be accessed?
In the CommandText property of the Command object.
Unlike the recordsets Find method with the recordsets Filter method you can do what?
Use multiple criteria using the AND/OR keywords.
What does the Connection object do?
Specifies the database.
Once we have established the Connection we let ADO know that the command to be executed is a stored procedure by doing what?
Setting the CommandType property to adCmdStoredProc
How do we progress through a recordset doing so by a specified amount of records?
Use the recordsets Move method.
What does ADO stand for?
Active X Data Objects
What is the attributes property of the Connect object?
Needed connection string properties passed to the Connection object.
When executing stored procedures the first thing we must do is what?
Declare a new Command oject.
What are the possible values of the CommandType property of the Command object?
1 adCmdFile
2 adcmdStoredProcedure
3 adcmdTable
4 adcmdTableDirrect
5 adcmdText
6 adcmdCommandUnknown
With a recordset name RS how would we update a table named LastName to Smith?
RS!LastName = "Smith"
A recordset is returned by what?
It is returned for each Command object in the environment.
What are some of the parameter collections members?
1) Delete method
2) Item method
3) Refresh method
4) Count property
The ___ applies the command text to a database and returns ___?
Command objects Execute method

How many collections are there in ADO?
What physically is OLE DB?
set of methods for reading and writing data. The objects in OLE DB consist mainly of a data source object, a session object, a command object, and a rowset object.
The recordsets ___ method will retrieve the next record that matches a SQL criterion.
After we create a Connection object we need to prepare the object for a connection to a database. We provide amongst other things the location and name of the database in what property of the Connection object?
Connection String
Name all of the ADO objects?
Property, Error, Parameters, Field, Connection, Command and Recordset.
What is Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) ?
A open standard application programming interface (API) for accessing a database. By using ODBC statements in a program, you can access files in a number of different databases. In addition to the ODBC software, a separate module or driver is needed for each database to be accessed. The main proponent and supplier of ODBC programming support is Microsoft.
What are the cursor types that we can use?
1) Forward 0nly(adOpenForwardOnly)
2) Keyset (adOpenKeyset)
3) Static (adOpenStatic)
4) Dynamic (adOpenDynamic)
If we want to use a Fields value to return a value from a recordset we must do what?
Give a value for the recordsets Fields value.
Before you can connect to any database using ADO you must what?
Set a reference to it in your project.
What is Remote Data Service (RDS) for ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)?
It is used to transport Active Data Object Recordsets from a server to a client computer. The resulting recordset is cached on the client computer and disconnected from the server. It uses a subset of the ADO Object model, the ADOR.Recordset, to provide a low-overhead, high-performance way to marshal recordset data over a network or web.
In this mode the database is updated to reflect changes to a record as soon as the user moves off that record or calls Update.
update mode
Once the database and provider have been specified you can connect to the database with what statement?
What are the two types of ADO?
The first two steps in working with a database with ADO in Visual Basic are ___ then ___.
1)Connect - then open
2)Use the the command object to return a recordset.
If we want to cancel any changes made to the recordset or if we want to re check the data in the database (in case of updates) we must use what?
1)The recordsets Requery method.
2)The recordsets Resync method
If we want to retrieve the entire "authors" table what syntax would we use with the command object?
Command.CommandText "authors"
Command.CommandType "adCmdTable"
How many objects are there in ADO?
What does the ConnectionName property of the Command Object do?
Name of associated Connection object.
The ___ will search for the next record that matches the given SQL criteria
The Recordsets Find method.
When you are done using a database you do what?
Whatever you name the connection object.close
What are the subsidiary objects of ADO?
Property, Error, Parameters, and Field.
What is the Database Engine?
It is the heart of a Visual Basic database management system. It is the actual software that does the management.
What property of the recordset tells us what page we are on?
AbsolutePage property.
You can only access the errors collection through what?
The Connection object.
What is the OLE DB provider for a SQL server database?
What are the ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)?
ActiveX Data Objects are a language-neutral object model that expose data raised by an underlying OLE DB Provider. The most commonly used OLE DB Provider is the OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers, which exposes ODBC Data sources to ADO.
What are the recordset methods two CursorLocation types?
1) adUseClient
2) adUseServer
We can move dirrectly to a specific field in a recordset by doing what?
By specifing its postion in the recordset using the Absolute Postion property.
What is the OLE DB provider for a Access database?
What is the database management system (DBMS)?
Each database requires some way for a user to interact with the information within it. This is the system that does it.
We can retrieve records into and array using the recordsets __ method?
The ADO is what kind of file?
What property of the recordset do we use to specify where a cursor is located?
What are indexes?
Used by databases tp allow faster access to the information in the database. Indexes are sorted lists that point to a particular row in a table.
What are the possible parameters for the delete statement?
When a ___ is active, only the records that meet the given criteria are visible to the user of the recordset.
What are the Command Object properties?
1) Command Text
2) Command Type
If we want to move straight to a record we do so by doing what?
Assigning a Variant value to the Bookmark property of the Recordset Object
Because a recordset frequently contains a large number of records we can subdivide the recordset into what?
If a recordsets __ is set to __ then the recordset is read only.
lock type , adLockReadOnly
What is the Connection Object?
It specifies the information needed to connect to a particular database.
Besides using The recordsets AddNew method we can also update a recodset how?
Using a Command object and a SQL INSERT statement.
OLE uses ___ to communicate?
The recordsets ___ method allows us to remove a single record or a group of records. The method takes a ___ which is a vbConstant value.
single parameter
What are the Connection object properties?
To add a new record to the recordset we use the recordsets __ method.
The OLE DB achitecture is composed of two entities what are they?
Providers and Consumers.
We can move to a specific record by doing what?
By using the RecordSets.AbsolutePosition method
ex) rs.AbsolutePostion = 6
What is the ConnectionSource property of the connection object?
String that describes the path to the data source connection.
We specify the number of records per page using what?
Using the recordsets PageSize property.
As an example if we want to the entire Authors table we must do what?
With the recordsets Search method what is not possible when using a query?
To combine muliple expresions with AND/OR operators.
What does the Connection String property do?
Specifies the Recordset.
When we open a recordset with a Recordsets Open method we have the option of specifying what?
1)cursor type
2)lock type
What does the LockType property of the Command object do?
Controls how data in table may or may not be changed. Set to Read Only by default. Must be changed if you need to edit data.
A pending update can be cancelled using the __ method for a batch update or a __ method for a update mode ___method.
1) CancelBatch
2) CancelUpdate
What is COM?
It is Microsoft's framework for developing and supporting program component objects. provides the underlying services of interface negotiation, life cycle management (determining when an object can be removed from a system), licensing, and event services (putting one object into service as the result of an event that has happened to another object).
A recordsets Filter method can use what?
1) Valid filter string
2) A array of bookmarks
3) One of the 6 FilterGroupEnum constants
What does the CommandText property of the Command Object do?
Specifies table to display or gives valid database query statement.
What does the CommandType property of the Command Object do?
Specifies whether object is connected to database native table or virtual table formed using a query.
What is the CommandTimeout property of the Connect Object?
Time in seconds the server will wait for a command to return a reply.
Neither the ___ or the ____ provide means of passing returns or output parameters back from the stored procedure. To do this we must ___?
1 Connection.Execute
3)Create a Command Object
What is the Command Object?
It specifies a database table (either a native table or a virtual table formed using a database query).
In this mode a change is only made to a database when an explicit method call is made.
batch update mode
What is ADODB?
The version of ADO which provides complete access to the ADO object model including all events.
What is the ConnectionTimeout property of the Connection object?
Time in seconds the server will wait for a connection to open on the destination server.
Instead of making an explicit connection to a database using a Connection object you could just specify the connection parameters in what?
Recordset Object
What do we call databases that can be manipulated on the client and batch updates can be sent to the server?
disconnected databases
From VB if we want to call a stored procedure on a database what must we do as far as creating a parameter?
1) dimmension
dim objPar = adodb.parameter
2) set it --set objpar as new etc
3)Create parameter object
4) Add it to collection
ADO events fall into two catgories what are they?
1) events that are fired right before a action occurs

2) events fired after a action has taken place
What is OLE DB?
It is Microsoft's strategic low-level application program interface (API) for access to different data sources

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