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water microbiology


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primary treatment for sewage treatment
sedimentation -- grit chamber (grinding rocks/stones) skimmer (removes floating materials) removes 25-30% BOD
Decomposition of microbes in the ecosystem
cycling important elements
coliform analysis
coliform = small G- bacillus, facultative, non-spore forming,ferment lactose to acid or gas
eats ammonia
removes impurities, and bacteria, decreases turbidity and removes tastes and odors
eats bacteria
water analysis
determines if water is potable (safe to drink)
activated sludge (2ndary trtment)
pumping effluent into large tank oxygen is added and a colony of microbes also added. Aerobic oxidation of the organic matter decreases BOD 75-95%
nitrogen gas converted to ammonia
trickling filter (2ndary trtment)
bed of rocks that are colonized with microbes effluent is sprayed over the rocks in a fide mist, oxygen is added -- microbes oxidize using oxygen the organic matter removes 80-85% BOD
Nitrogen cycle - primary producers plants (photolithotrophes) primary consumers animals
when death occurs organic N is source (plants cant use), plants will take source and form protein, -- amino group is removed ammonia formed (amonification) -- nitrofication NH3-NO2-NO3 (chemolithotrophes) - plants can now make more food NO3 cold be converted to nitrogen gas (denitrification)
Sewage treatment (used water supply of a community)
eliminate pathogens, decrease BOD biological oxygen demand higher BOD = more organic mater
All plants look for E-coli as a coliform because
it is an indirect indication of fecal contamination
2 methods of secondary sewage treatment for liquid are
turchiary treatment for sewage material
effluent -- chlorinate (decrease # of microbes -- dechlorination) -- sent back to river or remove phosphate or nitrate or you can reduce 100% BOD with a charcoal filter
insoluable material after primary treatment
removes tastes and odors by oxidaion
addition of floculatio alum or calcium salts
causes particular matter to clump
secondary sewage treatment for sludge
pumped into anaroebic digestors - microorganisms inside will attack sludge takes 2-4 weeks -- methane produced BOD reduced 35% undigested sludge is burned, buried, or sold as fertilizer
organic matter is now insoluable settles out 80% decrease in turbidity
disinfectant to prevent microbial growth
live in root hair of plants
sand filtration
removes 99% of organic matter

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