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Nutrition week 4


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The protective fibrous coating around a grain; the chief fiber donator of a grain.
Pairs of single sugars linked together
The bulk of the edible part of the grain, the starchy part.
Enriched grain
Refers to the addition of nutrients to a refined food product.  As defined by U.S. law, these terms mean that specified levels of thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate and iron have been added to refinded grains and grain products.
The indigestible parts of plant foods, largely nonstarch polysaccharides that are not digested by human digestive enzymes, although some are digested by resident bacteria of the colon.  Fibers include cellulose, hemicelluloses, pectins, gums, mucilag
A monosaccharide; sometimes known as fruit sugar
The nutrient-rich inner part of a grain.
A single sugar used in both plant and animal tissues for energy; sometimes known as blood sugar or dextrose
Glycemic Index
A ranking of foods according to their potential for raising blood glucose relative to a standard such as a glucose or white bread.
A highly branched polysaccharide that is made and stored by liver and muscle tissues of human beings and animals as a storage form of glucose.
High Fructose Corm Syrup
A commercial sweetener used in many foods, including soft drinks.
Insoluble fiber
The tough, fibrous structures of fruits, vegetables, and grains; indigestible food components that do not dissolve in water.
An undesirable high concentration of ketone bodies, such as acetone, in the blood or urine.
A disaccharide composed of glucose and galactose; sometimes known as milk sugar
A disaccharide composed of two glucose units; sometimes known as malt sugar
Single sugar units
Another term for complex carbohydrates; compounds composed of long strands of glucose units linked together.  Also called complex carbohydrates.
Refined grain
Refers to the process by which the coarse part of food products are removed.  For example, the refining of wheat into flour involves removing three of the four parts of the kernel leaving only the endosperm, composed mainly of starch and a little pro
Simple carbohydrates
Sugars, including both single sugar units and linked pairs of sugar units.  The basic sugar unit is a molecule containing six carbons atoms, together with oxygen and hydrogen
Soluble fibers
Food components that readily dissolve in water and often impart gummy or gel0like characteristics to foods.  An example is pectin from fruit, which is used to thicken jellies.  Soluble fibers are indigestible by human enzymes but may be broken d
A plant polysaccharide composed of glucose.  After cooking, starch is highly disgestible by human beings; raw starch often resist digestion.
A disaccharide composed of glucose and fructose; sometimes known as table, beet, or cane sugar and, often simply sugar.
Whole grain
Refers to a grain milled in the entirety, not refined.  

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