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Master Nursery Private Label


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Acid Plant Food
This product is designed to provide the major nutrients for plant rowth as well as needed minor elements necessary for all acid and shade loving plants. Lush green foliage and beautiful blooms are assured with regular use of this unique plant food. Wate
All Purpose Plant Food
Concentrated water soluble fertilizer combining Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potash, as well as trace elements such as sulfur, to promote growth, strengthen root systems and help plants resist diseases, plus iron to help correct iron deficiency. This uniqu
Black Forest
A blend of sphagnum peat moss, composted fish bones & crab or lobster shells, composted chicken & barnyard manure, peat humus, blood meal, kelp/ seaweed and aged bark fines. Perfect for planting in heavy clay soils
Broadleaf DSO Weed Control
Broadleaf DSO Weed Control contains trimec and will control over 200 broadleaf weeds including dandelions, spurge, and oxalis. It will not harm blade grass lawns ands starts working overnight. It is available in a ready to use formula in a 32 ounce spr
Bud & Bloom
Concentrated water soluble fertilizer that produces quick, professional results. Promotes growth, larger, more beautiful blossoms, stronger root systems and healthier, better looking plants. When used on a regular basis, it gives you flowers like you ha
Bumper Crop® Organic Soil Amendment
A blend of sphagnum peat moss, composted fish bones & crab or lobster shells, composted chicken & barnyard manure, peat humus, blood meal, kelp/ seaweed and aged bark fines. An all purpose pre-fertilized planting and garden soil amendment. Excels as a
Camellia-Azalea-Gardenia-Rhododendron Food Great for Holly too!
Formulated for acid-loving plants. It contains three forms of nitrogen including Nitroform. In addition, it contains phosphoric acid, potash, iron, zinc, sulfur, calcium and manganese. Granular 4-8-5
Gardeners Gold Organic Potting Soil
Gardeners Gold is composed of long lasting organic material including sphagnum peat moss and peat humus combined with composted fish bones, crab or lobster shells, composted barnyard manure, chicken manure, kelp, seaweed and perlite
Hydra Blue
An excellent acidifier for lowering the pH of soils. 51% aluminum sulfate. It is used in the fall and early spring to turn Hydrangeas blue. Granular. 5lb bags
Kleen-up Grass and Weed Killer
This non selective weed killer contains the same active ingredient as Round Up. It kills weeds all the way through the root system. With care, it can be applied close to desirable plants, as long as there is no spray allowed to drift on to the plant.
Master Nursery Planting Guide
$850 p/5000ea
Master Start
A starter fertilizer formulated to supply adequate nitrogen to new plantings and greater amounts of phosphorous and potassium to aid in the development of a strong root and stem structure. In addition to N-P-K, It contains calcium, iron, manganese and zin
Multi-Purpose Fertilizer
A very soluble general purpose fertilizer. Contains nitrate nitrogen which is readily available to plants even during cool weather. It is easily applied with broadcast spreader. Granular. 16-16-16
Pest Fighter Year-Round Spray Oil
An all-natural, fine grade horticultural oil for insect control on fruit trees, vegetables, houseplants, and ornamentals. Pest Fighter Year Round Spray Oil uses no synthetic chemicals. It can be used up to the day of harvest. It comes in 3 formulas. A 3
Pestf Fighter Rose & Flower Insect Spray RTU
Specially formulated for Roses, Flowers and Houseplants. Controls aphids, mites, Japanese Beetles, chewing insects and more. Also controls ants, fleas, ticks, crickets and spiders indoors. It is fast acting and kills on contact. It can be used indoors
Rose & Flower Food
Designed to promote growth and flowers on annual and perennial flowers in flower beds or containers. Plants should be fed monthly for optimum results. Also contains Calcium, Sulfur, Iron, Manganese and Zinc. Contains 3 forms of Nitrogen including Nitrofor
Tomato & Vegetable Food
An complete plant food for omatoes, leafy vegetables or root crops. Use as a pre-plant or side dressing. Contains calcium (Blossom End Rot), sulfur, iron, manganese and zinc. Granular 5-10-10
Tomato and Vegetable Insect Control
Controls aphid, whitefly, loopers, leafhoppers, mites, thrips, caterpillars and more on a wide range of edible and ornamental plants It comes in a 32 ounce ready to use spray bottle that offers convenient contact kill. The active ingredient, pyrethrum

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