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Biology Test 1-5-09


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Who is the father of genetics?
What type of plants did mendel work with?
Pea plants
What did mendel do to his plants?
Cross breeding
Name the six parts of a plant.
stigma, ovary, anther,stamen, pistol,style
Put in order from oldest generation.F1,P1,F2
P1, F1, F2
How many chromosomes does a normal person have?
What is the most found blood type?
type o
What is the least found blood type?
type ab
What do RH factors show?
Protein on blood
How is RH factor shown in blood type?
Possotive or negative
Who was Rhesus?
A monkey who first had RH factor
Who can be a donor to type o blood?
type o
who can be a donor to type a blood?
type a or type o
who can be a donor to type b blood?
type b or type o
Who can be a donor to type ab blood?
types: A, B, O, AB
What is erythroblastosis fetalis?
Red cells burst in a fetus
What is a blue baby?
Child is born blue because of lack of oxogen on red blood cells
What blood types genotype is ii?
Type o
what is a karyotype?
Picture of human chromosomes
What is a polygenic trait?
traits influenced by more than one trait
what is a pleiotropic trait?
one gene influences many traits
Excessivly tall Thin Long fingers and toes Eye problems Difomity of aorta
Marfans syndrome disorder
What is the aorta?
Largest blood vessel in heart?
What does the aorta do?
Carries blood to all parts of the body
Who was suspected to have marfans?
What is an example of a sex influenced trait?
What are sex influenced traits effected by?
What are mutations?
The change in DNA of a chromosome
What are the 5 types of mutations?
Deletion, Inversion, translocation, addition, non disjunction
What is deletion?
Part of a chromosome breaks off
What is inversion
Part of a chromosome breaks off and reattatches upside down
what is translocation?
part of a chromosome breaks off and moves to a different chromosome
What is addition
Another peice attaches to a chromosome
What is non disjunction?
A failure of chromosomes to seperate during meiosis
Low IQ Flat face eyes slanted large tongue square neck Overweight Short hands and fingers Short height
Down syndrome
Caused by extra chromosome on 21st pair
Down syndrome
what is dementia
Deteriorating of the brain
Caused by dementia
alzheimers disease
What is inbreeding
closely related relatives mate and reproduce
One example of inbreeding
Disorder- Skin cells can not repair themselves so any light burns skin.
What is malignant melanoma
Skin cancer
Disorder- skin of legs fused together
mermaid syndrome
disorder- causes tremors to grow under or over skin.
Tree man had what disorder?
Disorder- build up of lipids cause blindness deafness brain damage and lysosomes to burst resulting in death
Tay sachs
Disorder- Bones break extremely easily
Disorder-effects retina of the eye
Retino Blastoma
disorder-shows symtoms of an older person
disorder-Prevents immune system from developing. B+T cells never form to fight infectiond
Outgoing Elf like features normal IQ great at music great hearing digestive/heart problems Cant distinguish left/right No concept of money/time
williams syndrome
Only dominant disorder we learned
Huntingtons disease
Usually from 40-50 stagger paralized mental abilities disappear kills from 8-10 years
Huntingtons disease
Red blood cells misshapen to a crecent. Can cause heart attack, stroke, clot, very tired
Sickle cell
Phenylalanine builds up in brain causing mental retardation. Will be normal if stay away from phenalalanine products
Dominant gene causing most people to taste this chemical
Tics copralala barking
Caused by too much doamin
scientist who studies touretts
Dr. Sacks
Dopamine is used to cure what
Only in women abnormally short low IQ webbed neck Sex chromosome X_
Turners syndrome
Only in men Abnormally short Webbed neck Low IQ Sex chromosome:xxy
Klinefelters syndrome
what is a Syndrome
an abnormality at birth
lung disorder mucus in lungs mucus causes infection must pound on back every hour to unlodge mucus
cystic fibrosis
What is copralala
Uncontroled swearing

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