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Test 1 in Drug & Alcohol Abuse


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How many drinks must you drink in one sitting to consider it binge drinking?
If a man and a woman drink the same amount who will be more drunk?
the woman, due to lower water concentration and higher fat concentration
What age range do you find an increase in binge drinking?
What does the disinhibition theory state?
alcohol impairs the self-control that normally inhibits a person from acting violently; disregarded bc alcohol doesn't ALWAYS lead to violence;
What ranking in cause of death is cirrohsis of the liver?
What can cause mouth, throat, esophageal, liver, larynx, etc. cancer?
moderate drinking
Out of 10 high school seniors, how many have used illicit drugs?
What presidential years did we notice a drop in high school drug use?
Reagan/Bush yrs
Earlier use leads to an increase or decrease of addiction later?
Heavy or binge drinkers are how many times more likely to use another drug?
7 times
What percentage of hospital visits are alcohol or drug related?
What percent of date rape is drug-related?
What drug is linked to definitive & violent behavior?
How much money goes into drug-related crime?
57.4 billion
What president started the war on drugs and in what year?
Nixon, 1971
How much money has been spent on the war on drugs?
over 200 billion
What prevents certain drugs, such as synthetic dopamean, from getting to the brain?
the blood brain barrier
What is dopamean responsible for?
motor control & emotional stability
What is linked to a deficiency in dopamean?
Parkinson's and you get cravings & can result in schizophrenia
What does serotonin do?
controls mood levels and sleep patterns
What is the slowest method for drug absorption?
What year did Prohibition start?
legislation passed 1919, Prohibition began 1920
What is the psychoactive component in cannabinoids?
THC, Tetrahydrocannabinol
How many times more THC potent is hashish oil than marijuana?
What is a cummulative drug?
recreational use
What is licit drug use?
caffeine & prescription drugs
What percentage of preventable deaths are due to substance abuse?
Most commonly used illicit drug?
What is the name of drug-related violence due to a drug at the time of violent act?
What is systemic violence?
terratorial disputes in drug dealing
How does the medical model view addiction?
progressive with specific conditions & can be treated with pharmaceuticals
How does the genetic model view addiction?
that it is genetic because twins separated at birth have the same likely hood to be addicted
How does the moral model view addiction?
views drug abuse as a character flaw yet rejected by medical professionals
How does the bio-psych-social model view addiction?
takes into account genetic factors, learning factors, and society's influence on drug taking attitudes
What does the CNS consist of?
brain & spinal cord
What are the two parts of the autonomic nervous system?
sympathetic(excited) & parasympathetic(calm)
What is the purpose of neurons?
receives and transmits info
What is reuptake?
returning back of neurotransmitters to vessicles in synaptic knob
What do endorphines do?
make you feel less pain
all of the above
can't & present of other drugs, expectation affect
the invention of the hyperdermic needle led to increase use of drugs intravenously
T/F organic chemistry purify drugs and make them more potent?
T/F 80's showed a decrease in drug use?
What is the best proven method for recovering alcoholics to control their condition?
absolute abstinence
medical, psychological, drug-taking behavior
what characteristics are used to diagnose fetal alcohol syndrome?
pre/post natal growth retardation; characteristic facial/skull disformities; evidence of CNS abnormalities or MR; all of the above
What 2 countries have needle exchanges?
Sweden & Australia
What country doesn't have a needle exchange program?
What does zero-tolerance mean?
no illicit drugs
Does marijuana or cigarettes damage more cells and linings?
Marijuana because of more tar
What does the nervous system do?
Take info from environment and control body response
12oz beer=?
4oz wine=1.25oz 80prf liquor
1 marijuana joint=
5 cigarettes in terms of carbon monoxide, 4 cigarettes in terms of tar, 10 cigarettes in terms of damage to cells linings of airways

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