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Acupuncture pathology


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What are the two types of edema?
Yin and Yang
what is the etiology of yin type edema?
it's related to spleen xu, not transporting water and dampness; kindey does not dominate water passages or transform water
What is the etiology of Yang type edema?
Tends to be excess type: more related to lung, caused by an external wind evil, dispersal and decending of lung compromised, san jiao becomes stagnant
What are the Main Manifestations of Yin type edema?
Starts slowly, starts ain feet, gradually goes upward, more obvious below waist, dark gray skin, can have pitting edema, scanty urine

if more SP xu: gastric fullness, loose stool,tired limbs
if more KD xu: lumbar weakness, aching knees, cold extremities, tiredness.
What points are used for all types of edema?
Rn 6, St 36, Bl. 22, Sp 9
In addition to the points used for all types of edema, what points are used for YIN type Edema?
UB 20, UB23, KD 3, Sp 6, RN 9
What are the main manifestation of Yang type Edema?
Acute onset, starts in face, head, and lymph, skin is bright, scanty urine, restlessness, stuffiness in chest, may have chills/fever,bodyaches
In addition to the points used for all types of edema, What points are used for Yang type Edema?
UB 13, LU 6, Sj 5, LI4
What are the two types of Water retention?
Excess and Deficiency
What is the etiology of Excess water retention?
Upper jiao lung heat or middle jiao damp-heat flowing down to urinary bladder, trauma, postpartum, post op stagnation in channels of lower jiao, more acute
What is the etiology of Deficient Water Retention?
Old people with Kd xu, Kd yang xu, normal transporting function of urinary bladder not strong, more chronic
What are the main manifestation of Excess water retention?
no urine, slow, small amounts of dribbling, hot sensation, reddish ot yellow color, distending pain in lower abdomen, restlessness, thirst
if from trauma or surgery, don't have many of these symptoms
What are the main manifestations of Deficient Urine retention?
not smooth urination, no strength of stream, pale complexion, low energy, lumbar or knee weakness
what points are used for Excess urine retenion?
RN3,SP6, SP9, UB 28

if QI/BLD stag: UB 32, SP10
If LU heat: LI4, LU9, UB 13
What points are used for Deficient Urine Retention?
UB 22,23,39, RN 6, KD 10

middle jiao qi xu: UB 20, ST36
KD xu: KD3, Sp6
also RN 9, St28 bilat
What is the etiology for ENURESIS
Could be KD Qi xu, Bladder not holding the urine, spleen,lung Qi xu, not controlling the water passages, liver/gb damp-heat flowing downward
what the main manifstation of enuresis?
in child 3 years and above, wetting the bed once or twice a night, may have freq. urination, poor appetite, low spirits, sallow complexion, delayed development, many have none of these symptoms
points used for Enuresis?
RN 3, + RN 4 or 6, UB 23,28, Sp6 (needle upwards)
What are the six different Lin Syndrome's
1 Heat
2 Stone
3 Blood
4 Turbid
5 Qi
6 Stress
What are the points used for all types of Lin syndromes?
UB 28, RN 3, LIV 2, KD 3, SP 9
What is the etiology of Lin heat?
DH in the UB
What is the etiology of Lin Stone?
DH in UB forms stones
What is the etiology of Lin Blood ?
DH in the UB damages blood vessels
What is the etiology of Lin turbid?
DH in UB disturbs UB function, clear not divided from turbid
what is the etiology for Qi Lin?
Liv Qi stag transforms to Fire, Qi/ Fire accumlate in low jiao, SP/KD xu
What is the etiology for Stress Lin?
Chronic lin found in ages people, due ot chronic disease
1 Sp/KD xu and M.J. Qi xu
2 KD xu not controlling essence (can also lead to Turbid lin)
3 KDYin xu causes def. heat and damages bld vessels( can also lead to Bld Lin)
What points in addition to all types would be used for Heat Lin?
LI 4, SJ 5
What points in addition to all types would be used for Stone Lin?
UB 39, KD 2
What are additional points used for Blood lin?
Sp1, 6, 10. Erbai
What additional points used for Turbid lin?
UB 23, KD 6, Sp6

if xu moxa Du 20 RN 6
What additional points are used for Qi Lin?
LIv 8
Moxa Rn 6, St28
What addtional points are used for Stress lin?
Moxa DU 20, Rn 6, 4, UB 23
What are the Two Types of UTI?
1 Acute
2 Chronic
Etiology for Acute UTI?
DH in low jiao
Main manifestations of Acute UTI?
1. acute: urethritis w/ freq., urgent, painful urine, w/ reddish or yellowish color

2. acute cystitis: urine may be bloody, low abd. distention and pain, also urgency freq.

3. acute pyleonphritis: chills/fever, bld in urine, pain in ks area,percussive pain(tapping)
Etiology for chronic UTI?
Kidney Xu
main manifestations of chronic UTI?
Chronic pyleonephritis: symptoms come and go, fever/chills back pain. bld in urine, protein in urine
Points used for all types of UTI?
Rn 3, UB 23, 28, Sp6
in add. points used for acute UTI?
acute cystitis, urethritis: UB 54 toward ST 28 UB 32, Liv 8

acute pyleonephritis: Sp 9, Rn 6, UB 22(sj)
in add points used for chronic UTI?
Chronic pylonephritis: KD 3, RN4
What points are used for Renal Colic?
UB 23, Sp 6

(or UB 52, KD3) (or GB 25, Sp9)
What are the four types of Glomerulonephritis?
1.Acute/ Wind invasion
2 Acute/ Damp toxin
3. chronic/ Sp yang xu
4. chronic/ Kd yang xu
Etiology for acute/wind invasion?
wind evil efects lungs, descends and dispersion and water metabolism disrupted
Etiology of Glomerulonephritis Acute/ Damp Toxin?
damp toxins leasding to retention of water and dampness
Etiology of Glomerulonephritis chronic / sp yang xu
High blood pressure, ( protein in urine), renal failure, yin type edema
Etiology of Glomerulonphritis chronic/ KD yang xu?
Kd yang not transforming water causing retention
main manifestation of Glomerulonephritis wind invasion?
edema starts in eyes and face and then involves whole body, chills/ fever, bodyaches, decreased urination, occurs 10 days after bacterical infection, most people heal with sympotmatic treatmnet, yang type edma

if heat: w/ sore throat
if cold: cough and asthma
Main manifestation for Glomeronephritis acute/damp toxins?
edema starts at face and eyelids, then the whole body, decreased urination, may have sores on body, chills/fever, restlessness, thirsty, yellow urine, dry stool
Main manifestation of glomeronphritis chronic Sp yang xu?
edema mostly below the waist, pitting edema, gastric and abd. distention, poor appetite, loose stool, sallow complexion, low energy and coldness,decreased urine
main manifestations of glomeronephritis chronic Kd yang xu?
edema worse that above, can be on upper part of body or feet, cold pain or achy feeling in low back, poor appetite,loose stool, fear of cold, scanty urine, limbs cold, gray , dark or pale complexion.
Points used for Glomeronephritis acute wind invasion?
UB 13, LI4, SJ5, LU7, St 36
points used for Glomerulonephritis acute damp toxins?
UB13, 20, LI4,11, St36, Sp6, Rn 9
points used for Glomerulonephritis chronic Spleen yang xu?
UB 20,22, Liv 13, ST 36, Sp 6,9
Points used for glomerulonephritis chronic Kd yang xu?
UB 20,23, Rn 4, Du4, Sp6, St36
what isthe etiology Wind Rash (urticaria, hives)
1. Pores, skin and muscle WEAK, wind damp heat otr cold invade the skin and accum. in M and C
2.InSECT or worm bites causing toxins to invade collaterals
3. stagnation of heat in ST/ Int cobined w/ constip., heat goes outward to accum. in skin.. also constitutional excess..
4. Irreg food intake: allergies
Main manifestation of Wind rash?
appears suddenly, mostly of arms and legs, very itchy, when scratched will raise above skin, red color
w/o scratching can come nd go elsewhere
points used for Wind rash?
LI11, LI4, UB17, SP10, UB40, SJ 10
Damp heat eczema Etiology?
Related to wind, damp, and / or heat invading the skin and muscle, if not treated properly may progress to chronic, often combined w/ blood xu (wind caused by Blood xu)
Main Manifestation of Damp heat Eczema?
Severe itching, usually bilat., comes and goes
1.acute: itching on and offf, usually is same location, skin turns red, blisters,rashes,oozin, ulcerations,scabbing,peeling,usually doen't scar.

chronic: usually progress form acute, skin is thickened, wrinkles more obvious, clear border to the area,scaly, can involve acute attack
Points used for damp heat Eczema?
Du 14, Sp 6,St 36, LI11, Sp10, UB40

chronic: UB17, 18,13,20
Neurodermatisis main manifestationare?
usually flat rash at beginning, itching night,scratching makes it worse, small rash ..enlarged with scratching, skin gets thicker and peels, emotions stim. drepression, affects neck,elbow, popliteal fossa, sacrum, perineum, med thigh, usually bilat.
Points used for Neurodermatitis?
Sp10, LI11, LI4
Sp6, UB17, liv 2

liv 3, UB 18, DU14, UB40
What are the three types of ACNE?
1. lung heat
2.St/LI heat
3. Blood heat
what is the etiology of Lung heat Acne?
Food, emotions, constipation, irreg. menes, endocrine sys. disfx., mites
What are the main manifestations Lung heat Acne?
Very bright and oily face continous rash, redder w/ heat outside, dry mouth
points used for Lung hea t Acne?
Du 14, LI11,20, LU5,10, St4
Food, emotions, constipation, irreg, menses, endocrine sys. disorder, mites are the etiologies for what types of Acne?
All types
1 Lung heat
2. St/LI heat
3 Blood Heat
what are the two types of Psoriasis?
1. Blood heat with wind and dryness

2. Blood xu with wind and dryness
what points are used for both types pf Psoriasis
Jiaji points at relevant level, LI11, Sp10, Du 14
What are the two types of Herpes Zoster?
1. Wind fire leads to liv/Gb fire

2. damp heat toxin (sp/St Hd)
what points can be used in both cases of herpes zoster?
surround blister w/ needles, usually 1 cun apart, sub Q towards center, 1-2 hrs, 1-2 x day,
+jiaji pts a relevant level, same side,
main manifestation of Psoriasis Blood xu with wind and dryness?
at the beginning reddish spots , maybe a few or alot, size of soybean, on top is silver-white peel which is easy to peel off, easy to bleed, rash spreads to size of coin or map like, often on scalp or yang side of limbs, can just be one side
if bld xu: constipation
Main Manifestation of Psoriasis Blood heat with wind and dryness?
same as bld xu wind dryness expect
if bld heat: restles,thirst,sore throat, yel urine
if qi/bld stag: rash purple, purple spots of tongue,
if DH with toxins: yel scanty urine, constip.
Points used for both Acute and Chronic Prostatitis?
Rn 4, UB, 23, Sp6,
Uterine Prolapse is due to Qi Xu of what?
1. Qi xu of Sp, not control organs
2. KD xu not control Chong and Ren
Points used for uterine prolapse?
Du 20 (lift Qi)
Rn 6 (toni Qi)
Infertility four main types?
1. KD xu- too many deliveries
2.Qi/Bld xu
3. cold in uterus-kd yang xu or ext.cold
4. Phlegm/ Bld stag
points of the different infertilities?
KDxu: Bl 23, KD 13, KD 2

Qi/ Bld Xu: Rn 4, Sp6, St 36, zigongxue, St13

Cold in uterus: Du 4, Rn 6,7, 2

Phlegm/Blood stag: Rn3, Sp6, St30, Kd 4, St40
Leukkorrhea (excessive vaginal discharge) what are the three roots?
1. Sp qi Xu: not transport water
2. Kd xu : not control essence
3. Damp toxins- ext patho,infect, hygeine int.toxins
Best point for all types of leukkorhea?
Gb 26
points for sp qi xu leukkorhea?
Rn 6, Gb26, UB 30, Sp6, St 36
Points for Kd xu Leukkorhea?
Rn 4, Gb 26, Bl 23,32, Kd 6
Points for damp toxins leukkorhea?
Gb 26, Rn 3, Sp9, UB 34, Liv 2
Points for damp toxins leukkorhea?
Gb 26, Rn 3, Sp9, UB 34, Liv 2

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