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Acc Bio. Chapter 1


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When did the first life forms emerge on Earth, and what were they?
3.5 billion years ago, and were single-celled organisms.
What is Biology?
The study of life
What are the six major themes of biology?
Cell structure and function, homeostasis, reproduction and inheritance, evolution, interdependence, and matter, energy and oragnization
What characteristics do all living things share?
Cells, organization, energy use, homeostasis, growth, reproduction
What steps are in a basic scientific method?
Observing a problem
Asking a question
Collecting Data
Drawing Conclusions
What falls under 'Collecting Data'?
Oragnizing data
What is a microscope?
An instrument that produces an enlarged image of an object
How is a Compound Light Microscope used?
Thinly sliced objects are placed on a glass slide and light passes through the object.
How do you calculate magnification?
Power of ocular lens times power of objective lens.
What does an electron microscope use to view specimens?

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