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Health Knowledge Bowl - Academic Foundations - Set Ten


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What nutrient is the cheapest and most abundant of the energy
Where is Vitamin A stored?
in the liver
Why should vegetables be boiled with little water?
to avoid loss of water soluble vitamins
What organ functions to produce bile and store glycogen, fats, proteins, and vitamins?
What is the tube that extends from the pharynx to the stomach called?
What is the presence of air in the pleural cavity called?
What is the bone that forms the upper jaw?
What is the bone that forms the lower jaw?
What vitamin deficiency will affect bones?
What are the basic building blocks of proteins called?
amino acids
Which nutrients require a longer time for digestion?
What mineral may need to be increased in the diet of a patient with anemia?
What meat contains three times as much thiamine as other meats?
What are the receiving chambers of the heart?
What are the discharging chambers of the heart?
What is the part of the nervous system that is concerned with control of involuntary bodily functions?
Name three functions for the skeletal system?
(any three: any order)
mineral storage,
production of blood cells,
Which part of the central nervous system controls heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, and swallowing?
medulla oblongata
Name the two phases of ventilation.
(any order) inspiration , expiration
How many servings of milk are recommended for a teenager daily?
What is a serving size for lean meat, fish or poultry for the meat group?
2-3 oz
Where does most of the nutrient absorption take place?
small intestine
Which nutrient is best to provide a burn patient's need to build new tissue?
What are the four kinds of taste receptors of the tongue?
(any order) sweet, sour, salty, bitter
What are two of the three functions of food?
(any two, any order) provide energy, build and repair body tissues, regulate and control body's chemical processes
Name four of the six prime nutrient classifications.
(any four in any order) carbohydrates, vitamins
fats, minerals, protein, water
What do the initials RDA stand for?
Recommended Daily Allowance
What is the term used to describe a state in which a prolonged lack of one or more nutrients retards physical development or causes the appearance of specific clinical conditions?
According to the food pyramid, which food group supplies significant amounts of calcium, riboflavin, and protein?
milk, yogurt, and cheese
According to the food pyramid, which food group supplies a significant amount of protein, niacin, iron, and thiamin?
meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs, and nuts

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