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Wear and appearance of the military uniform


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When is a beard authorized?
When prescribed by appropriate medical authority
What shade of lipstick and nail polish are prohibited when wearing the military uniform?
Extreme shades such as purple, gold, blue and white will not be worn.
Describe the authorized wear of the BDU cap?
The cap will be worn straight on the head so that the cap band creates a straight line around the head parallel to the ground.
What is the proper wear of the regimental crest on the Class A uniform?
(1) For males - It is worn 1/8 inch above the pocket seam. When unit and foreign awards are worn, it will be worn 1/4 of an inch above them.
(2) For Females - It is worn 1/2 inch above the nametag. When unit and foreign awards are worn, it will be worn 1/4 of an inch above them.
When is the wearing of the black four-in-hand tie required with the Army Dress Blue Uniform?
When the uniform is worn before retreat.
What is the proper distance between badges on the Class A Uniform?
1 inch
What is the proper lenght of the skirt when worn with the females Class A uniform?
Not more than 1 inch above 2 inches below the crease in the back of the knee.
Describe how males wear the white, long sleeve shirt.
The shirt is worn with the Army Green Uniform by enlisted men as a dress uniform and with the Army Blue and Army White uniforms by all males.
Who is authorized to wear the Regimental Distinctive Insignia?
The Regimental Distinctive Insignia will be worn by all soldiers affiliated with a regiment.
On which uniform is the wearing of full-sized decorations and service medals authorized?
Full-sized decorations and service medasl may only be worn on the Army Blue and Army White Uniforms, and the Army Green Dress Uniform by enlisted personnel when worn for social functions.
How are service stripes worn on the Army Green Uniform Coat? (Anser in soldier's own words)
(1) The service stripes will be worn centered on the outside bottom half of the left sleebe on the Army Green Uniform Coat.
(2) The service stipe is placed at an angel of 45 degrees with the lower end toward the inside seam of the sleeve and placed 4 inches from the bottom of the sleeve.
(3) For each additional period of 3 years, another service stripe will be added above and parallel to the first stripe with a 1/16 inch space between stripes.
How are overseas service stripes worn on the Army Greeen Uniform Coat? (Answer in soldier's own words.)
(1) The overseas service bar will be worn centered on the outside bottom half of the right sleeve on the Army Green Uniform Coat.
(2) The lower edge of the overseas service bar will be placed 1/4 inch above the lseeve braid of the coat for officer personnel, 4 inches and parallel to the bottom of the sleeve for enlisted personnel.
(3) Each additional bar is apced 1/16 inch above and parallel to the first bar.
When are soldiers authorized to wear bow ties with the Army Green Dreess or Dress Blue Uniform? (Answer in soldier's own words)
The black bow tie will be worn with the Army Green Dress, and the Army Blue Dress Uniforms after retreat, and by enlisted men with the Army GReen Dress Uniform at social functions.
Are distinctive unit insignias authorized for wear on the Army Dress Green Uniform?
The distinctive unit insignia is not authorized to be worn on the Army Dress Green Uniform.
What months is the Army White Uniform usually worn, and under what conditions is it worn year round?
The Army White Uniform is authorized to be worn from April to October except in clothing zones l and ll where it may be worn year-round.
What accouterments are authorized for wear with the maternity work uniform?
The sccouterments authorized for wear on the maternity work uniform are Badges, Special skill (pin-on-only), Brassards, Branch insignia, Grade insignia, Headgera insignia, Subdued Shoulder sleeve insignia, Name and U.S. Army distinguishing tapes.
What are the components of the physical fitness uniform?
The components of the physical fitness uniform are the Athletic gray T-shirt, General purpose gray tunks, Gray sweatpants, Gray hooded sweatshirt with zipper. Commanders may authorize wear of gray or black biking shorts or equivalent.
What jewelry may be worn while in uniform?
(1) Watch
(2) ID Bracelet
(3) Two or less rings
(4) Religious medal on a chain provided it is concealed
(5) Tie clasp with the neck tie
What is the rule of thumb for measuring worn boot heels?
With the boot or shoe flat on the ground, if you can roll a pencil underneath the edge of the heel, the heels are unserviceable and should be replaced.
What is the rule for the placement of enlisted men's brass on their uniforms?
Uncle Sam is Always Right
What are the four categories of badges that are worn on the Army uniform?
(1) Marksmanship badges and tabs
(2) Combat and special skill badges and tabs
(3) Identification badges
(4) Foreign badges
When must identification tags be worn?
(1) When engaged in field training
(2) When traveling in aircraft
(3) When outside CONUS
(4) When directed by the commander
What is referred to as the "gig line" on the uniform?
The alignment of the shirt, belt buckle and trouser fly
What regulation can hair and fingernail standards and grooming policies be found?
AR 670-1, Paragraph 1-8
Explain the occasions for wear for the female hospital duty uniform.
(1) When directed by the commander
(2) Not authorized for travel nor for wear off military installations exceptwhen in transit between the individual's quarters and duty station.
(3) However, medical personnel providing support activities in the civilian community such as parades or ceremonies may wear these uniforms off the installation when authorized by the commander.
Explain the purpose for AR 670-1.
It prescribes the authorization for wear, composition, classification of uniforms, and occasions for wear for all personal, optional and commonly worn organizational Army uniforms. It also prescribes the awards, insignia, and accouterments authorized for wear on the uniform, and how these items will be worn.
What is the difference between a Lapel Button and a Rosette?
(1) A lapel button is a miniature enameled replica of the award which is only worn on civilian clothing.
(2) A rosette is a lapel device made by gathering the suspension ribbon of the medal into a circular shape and worn on civilian clothing.
Are you allowed to alter the Army Uniform and if so, where would you find the guidelines on alterations?
Yes; AR 700-84 and TM 10-227
Are there exceptions to the regulation based on religious practices?
Yes, located in paragraph 1-7
Name the classes of Army Uniforms and briefly explain each.
(1) Class A - Service Uniform
(2) Class B - Service Uniform
(3) Class C - Utility, field and other organizational uniforms such as hospital duty and food service.
Who may impose non-judicial punishment under Article 15, UCMJ?
Any commander upon members of his/her unit
What is the purpose of non-judicial punishment?
(1) Correct, educate and reform those whom the commander feels cannot benefit from less stringent measures
(2) Preserve the member's record of service from unnecessary stigma by record of court-martial conviction
(3) Further military efficiency by disposing of minor offenses in a manner requiring less time and personnel that trial by court-martial
What is the maximum punishment under the Summarized Article 15 (DA Form 2627-1)?
(1) Oral Reprimand or Admonition
(2) Restriction for 14 days
(3) Extra duty for 15 days
(4) Any combination of the above
What "rights" under Article 31, UCMJ, must a soldier be made aware of when he/she is notified of being considered for punishment under Article 15, UCMJ?
(1) The right to remain silent
(2) The right to counsel
(3) The right to demand a trial
(4) The right to present his/her case, in the presence of the imposing commander
(5) Call witnesses
(6) Present eveidence
(7) Request that he/she be accompanied by a spokerperson
(8) Request an open hearing
(9) Examine available evidence
What is reprimand?
Act of formal censure which reproves or rebukes the offender for misconduct. A reprimand may be oral or written
What is mean ty remission?
Action whereby any portion of the unexecuted punishment is cancelled
What is the maximum punishment under a Company-grade Article 15 (O3 and below)?
(1) Forfeiture of 7 days pay x 1 month
(2) Detention of 14 days x 1 month
(3) 14 days extra duty, and/or 14 days restriction
What is the maximum punishment under a Field-grade Article 15 (O4 and above)?
(1) Forfeiture of 1/2 month's pay x 2 months
(2) Detention of 1/2 month's pay x 3 months
(3) 45 days extra duty, and/or 60 days restriction.
Whatis the highest court in the military?
Court of Military Appeals; three judges appointed by the president and it is the final authority in court-martial cases.
What is the purpose of flagging action?
To suspend favorable personnel action while under investigation or while processing desciplinary action or elimination proceedings.
What is the maximum punishment for each court martial?
(1) Summary - confinement at hard labor for one month; Forfeiture of 1/3 pay for one month; Reduction in grade
(2) Special - Confinment at hard labor for six months; Reduction to lowest enlisted grade; Possible bad conduct discharge
(3) General - Confinment at hard labor for life; Reduction to lowest enlisted grade; Dishonorable discharge; Death
What is the purpose of a military judge?
The ensure the rights are protected and correct legal procedures are followed.
What regulation covers Military Justice?
AR 27-10, DA Form 27-1
What is the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)?
Federal law that is the basis of military system of justice. It declares what conduct is a crime, establishes the type of courts and sets forth procedures to be followed.
When considering an appeal, what actions can the "next higher authority" take?
Leave the punishment as is, reduce the punishment, or set the punishment aside.
Can a commander refer an Article 15 to a higher authority?
Yes, when he/she feels his/her authority does not allow sufficient punishment.
What does Article 86 deal with?
What does Article 134 deal with?
Anything not covered in any previous article
What does Article 138 deal with?
Formal complaint against an officer in your chain of command when you feel that you have been wronged. The complaint will be investigated and reviewed by the Staff Judge Advocate.
What is an Article 15, UCMJ?
It is a type of non-judicial punishment for minor offenses imposed upon military personnel by his/her commander
What does the term "minor" mean in reference to Article 15, UCMJ?
The term "minor" generally means the maximum punishment would not include a dishonorable discharge or confinement at hard labor for more that one year. This isnot a hard fact rule. The commander must give due regard to the circumstances surrounding the commission of the offense and the personal history of the offender.
The Article 15, UCMJ may be divided into two categories. What are those two categoies?
Comany Grade Article 15 and Field Grade Article 15
Discuss the two categores of Article 15, UCMJ.
Company Grade Article 15 is imposed by a company grade officer (normally at detachment/company level) and the Field Grade Article 15 is imposed by a field grade officer (Major and above), normally in command of a batallion or a larger unit. If the field grade officer is commanding a detachment or company, the Article 15 imposed by him/her is automatcially a field grade Article 15. In all respects, other than maximum authorized punishment, a field grade Article 15 is identical to a company grade Article 15.
What are some of the considerations that the commander should take before taking actions under Article 15, UCMJ?
The commander should have reasonable grounds to believe that:
(1) The alleged misconduct actually took place
(2) The misconduct was an offense under the UCMJ
(3) The accused commited the offense
(4) NO determination of guilt should be made until after all the evidence is considered
What are the two types of proceedings, that a commander might elect to exercise wheen administrating an Article an 15, UCMJ?
He/she may use the summarized proceeding or the formal proceeding
What rights does a soldier have under a summarized proceeding?
(1) Right to remain silent
(2) Right to know the offense(s) allegedly committed and article(s) of the UCMJ allegedly violated
(3) Right to demand trial
(4) Right to appeal
What rights does a soldier have under a formal proceeding?
(1) Right to remain silent
(2) Right to consult a lawyer
(3) Right to demand trial
(4) Right to present his/her case to the imposing commander
(5) Right to call witnesses and present evidence
(6) Right to be accompanied by a spokerperson
(7) Right to request an open hearing
(8) Right to examine all available evidence
What is the meaning of mitigation and extenuation?
(1) Mitigation means a reduction in either the quantity or the qualit of punishment
(2) Extenuation means circumstances surrounding the offense showing the offense was not ver serious
If and individual punished under Article 15 believes that punishment imposed is too severe for the offense committed or that he/she should not have been punished at all, what action can he/she take?
The individual can appeal to the next higher authority
What is the purpose of announcement of punishement (posting Article 15 on unit bulletin board)?
To preclude perceptionis of unfairness of punishment and to deter similar misconduct by other service members
What does the scronym NBC stand for?
Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
What are some FM's that cover NBC?
FM 3-3, FM 3-3-1, and FM 3-5, FM 3-6 and FM 3-7
What is MOPP?
Mission Oriented Protective Posture
What does the scronym "CPOG" stand for?
Chemical Protective Over Garment
What is the first step in putting on your M17 series mask?
Stop breating
What does MOPP level 2 consist of?
Overgarment -Worn
Overboots - Worn
Hood/mask - Carried
Gloves - Carried
What is continuous chemical monitoring and when do you do it?
Continuious surveillance for radiation in the unit area or position, done when a nuclear detonation is observed or reported, done when NBC 3 report is recieved, done when a dose rate of 1 centigrade is reported or when directed by higher elements
Describe the colors for (1) Gas Chemical Marker and (2) Bio Marker.
(1) Background is yellow with red lettering
(2) Background is blue with red lettering
What is M8 paper used to detect?
Liquid agents (will not detect gas or vapors)
How is M9 paper worn?
Opposite sides of the body i.e. left leg, right wrist, left arm
What Chemical Agent Detector Kit and Chemical Agent Monitor will you use to detect chemical agents?
M256 Series Checmical Agnet Detection Kit
What piece of TA-50 can be used as overhead cover during a chemical or biological attack from the air?
The poncho
Identify the six major types of chemical agents
Nerve, blood, blister, chocking, psychochemical and irritants
What is the first step you perform duing a crossing of a contaminated area?
Continuous Monitoring
During the monitoring for a series NBC 4 report, how often does the operator take a dose rate reading?
Maximum of 150 meters out, no more than 300 meters apart.
What is the priority of an initial NBC 1 report?
When conducting unmasking procedures with use of an M256 detector kit, how long do you have the initial one or two soldiers unmask for?
5 minutes
How may biological and chemical agents be delivered in an attack?
(1) Artillery shells with less powerful explosions than HE rounds
(2) Aerial bombs, bomblets or rockets that pop rather than explode
(3) Mist or fog sprayed by aircraft mortars
What is the dose rate range of the IM 174-series radiacmeter?
1 to 500 centigray (cGy) per hour
When supervising radiation monitoring, you must choose between the direct monitoring technique and the indirect monitoring technique, what is the major difference between the two techniques?
Indirect is taking insdie a shelter

Direct is takin outside of a sheltered area
What chemical is used when checking the operation of the protective mask?
Amyl acetate
When positioning the M8 chemical agent alarm, what is the maximum distance from the unit and how far apart are the detectors spaced?
Maximum of 150 meters out, no more than 300 meters apart
Situation: You are in an NBC enviroment and you ahve just completed using the M256 or M256A1 chemical agent detector kit, what is your next step?
Report results to your supervisor
Before crossing a chemically contaminated area, what actions should you take as a supervisor?
Select the shortest possible route; ensure all vehicle operators close all doors, windows, etc; assume MOPP 4, and have soldiers attach M9 chemical paper to clothing and equipment
Can M258 packet #2 be used by itself?
No. Both packets must be used in their respective order to effectively decontaminate the skin
What is an NBC-1 report?
It is an initial observer's report of any type of NBC attack.
What communications precedence is an NBC-1 report?
The first on is a FLASH precedence. All others are IMMEDIATE precedence.
Describe some of the information contained in an NBC-1 nuclear attack report?
(1) Date and time of attack
(2) Flash-to-bang time
(3) Illumination time
(4) Type of burst
(5) Location of GZ (ground zero) or azimuth to attack
(6) Stabilized nuclear cloud measurements
How many Mark I nerve agents antidote kit does a soldier receive?
Three (3)

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