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Uniform Wear and Appearance


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Uniform Wear and Appearance
Uniform Wear and Appearance
What are the dimensions of the dress uniform name plate?
1x3x1/10 of and inch.
When wearing a beret how many inches above the eyebrow should the headband be?
1 inch.
How will the service stripe be worn?
Centered on the outside notton half of the left sleeve on the Army green uniform uniform coat for men.
How high above the left breast pocket are the service ribbons worn?
1/8 inch.
What are the 4 categories of badges that are worn on the Army uniform?
Marksmanship badges and tabs, Combatand special skill badges and tabs, Identification badges, Foreign badges
How many marksmanship badges are authorized for wear at any one time?
How high above the camoufage band will the rank be sewn on the camouflage cover?
2 1/2 inches from the bottom of the rim.
How many turns above the elbow will the sleeves be rolled?
No more the 3 inches above the elbow.
What is the rule for the placement of enlisted men's brass on their uniform?
Uncle Sam is Always Right.
What is the proper idstance for the shoulder patch from the seam of the shoulder?
1/2 inch.
What regulation governs the female uniform and insignia?
Ar 670-1.
What size lettering should be on the duffle bag?
One or two inches.
What is the correct way to mark your military equipment?
Full name and SSN. They may be on the same line if separated by a dash.
What military clothing items can be worn with civilian clothes?
Lowquarters, the windbreaker and the all-weather coat.

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