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What is used as a generic term for any organizational entity and may include a base, station, laboratory, installation, facility, center etc.
Who is responsible for the effective management of the (ISP) Information Security Program within the command
Commanding Officer
Commanding Officer shall approve a _________________ which includes provisions for the protection and destruction of classified information in emergency situations.
emergency plan
The commanding officer shall designate,in writing, a _____________________ manager
Command Security Manager
Commanding Officers shall develop an emergency plan for the protection of classified information in case of
natural disaster or civil disturbance
_____________________ provide for the protection of classified information in a way that will minimize the risk of personal inquiry or loss of life.
Emergency Plans
Who is responsible for implementing the ISP and shall direct access to the Commanding Officer
security manager
The security manager shall develop a written ________________________ instruction to include provisions for safeguarding classified information during military operations or emergency situations.
command security instruction
The security manager shall ensure that personnel in the command who perform security duties are _____________________________________________, and provide assistance in problem solving
kept abreast of changes in policies and procedures
The security manager shall ___________________________________ the command security education program
formulate, coordinate, and conduct
The security manager, shall insure that threats to security and other security violations are ____________________________________________________________________________
reported, recorded, and when necessary investigated
The commanding officer shall apply ________________________ principles to determine how best to attain the required levels of protection.
risk management
Who should be a U.S. Citizen and have been the subject of a favorably adjudicates Single Scope Background Investigation completed within the previous five years.
Security manager
The Commanding Officer shall designate in writing a command ________________________ for commands handling TOP SECRET information.
Top Security Control Officer
The Top Secret control officer shall ensure that inventories are conducted at least _____________ and more frequently when circumstances warrant.
A person designated as an assistance security manager must be a U.S. citizen and either an officer,_________________________
enlisted person, E-6 or above or a civilian employee, GS-6 or above.
The (COR) Contracting Officer's Representative is responsible to _____________ for coordinating with program managers and procurement officials
Security Manager
Who serves as the point of contact for all command INFOSEC matters and implements the command's INFOSEC program.
(ISSM)Information Systems Security Manager
The security manager shall assess the _________________ of the command classified information to loss or compromise.
Commands located outside the U.S. and its territories and units are that deployable, require an ______________________ supplement for their emergency plans.
emergency destruction
What instruction holds information on Command Security Management
Form DD 254
Contract Security Classification Specification
Form 2501
Courier Authorization Card
Form OPNAV 5511/10

OPNAV 5511/51
Record of Receipt

Security Discrepancy Notice
SF 700
SF 701
SF 702
SF 703
SF 704
SF 705
SF 706
SF 707
SF 708
SF 709
SF 710
SF 711
SF 712
700-Security Container Information
701-Activity Security Checklist
702-Security container Check sheet
703-Top Secret Cover sheet
704-Secret cover sheet
705-Confidential Cover Sheet
706-Top Secret Label
707-Secret Label
708-Confidential Label
709-Classified Label
710-Unclassified Label
711-Data Descriptor Label
712-Classified SCI
Form OF 89
Maintenance Record for Security Containers/Vaults

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