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Who is in charge of the Information Security Plan within the command
Commanding Officer
Info:It may be further delegated unless specifically prohibited
Who is responsible for implementing the Information Security Plan
Security Manager
Who is responsible to maintain asystem of accountability to record the receipt, reproduction, transfer,transmission, downgrading, and destruction of command TOP SECRET information
Top Secret Control Officer (TSCO)
Who is responsible to assist the TSCO as needed
Top Secret Control Assistant (TSCA)
Who is the C.O.'s primary advisor on matters concerning the security and handling of COMSEC information?
CMS Custodian
Who keeps receipts, and accounts for Naval Warfare Publications
NWP Custodian
Who ensures NATO information is correctly controlled and accounted for, and that NATO security procedures are observed?
NATO control officer
Who is the primary point of contact for all command INFOSEC matters andimplements the command INFOSEC program
Information Systems Security Manager(ISSM)
Who is responsible for the operation of all command SCIF's
Special Security Officer (SSO)
Who is responsible to develop an emergency plan for the protection of classified information in case of a natural disaster or civil disturbance
Commanding Officer
What are the priorities for emergency destruction
Classification level applied to information whose unauthorized disclosure could reasonably expect to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security?
Top Secret
Classification level applied to information whose unauthorized disclosure could reasonable expect to cause serious damage to the national security
Classification level applied to information whose unauthorized disclosure could reasonably expect to cause damage to the national security?
Who delegates officials to be Top Secret Original Classification Authorities (OCA)
Who delegates officials to be Secret Original Classification Authorities (OCA)
Is OCA transferable or able to be delegated down
What is the Maximum duration that a document can hold its original classification
10 years
If classificationmust go beyond 10 years, What x code will be used to indicate that information may reveal intelligence source,method,or activity
If classification must go beyond 10 years, What X code will be used to indicate that information that would assist in the development of weapons of mass destruction?
If classification must go beyond 10 years, What X code will be used to indicate that information that would impair the development or use of technology within U.S. weapons systems
If no OCA is present and originator may not know the proper classification, how should the originator mark the document
TENTATIVE with the possible classification following

How do you apply classification level or associated markings to any article or portion of an article that has appeared in the public domain? (newspaper or magazine)
No marking will be used at all
How should classified documents provided to foreign governments be marked
Only with the highest classification level. Other associated markings will be left off
What letter should be used for the identification of NATO restricted or Foreign Gov't restricted information
The authority to grant waivers of the portion requirements rest with whom
Director ISCO
Info: waivers granted prior to 14 OCT 1995 are no longer valid
How should subject or titles be Marked
Abbreviated classification level after the title or subject
Where should the downgrage to and declassify on lines be placed
Immediately below the classified on and reason lines
How should documents containing RD or FRD be marked
On the face of documents in the lower left hand corner with following notice

"RESTRICTED DATA" - This material contains Restricted Data as defined in the Atomic Energy Act of 1954. Unauthorized disclosure subject to aministrative and criminal sanctions.

"FORMERLY RESTRICTED DATA" - Unauthorized disclosure subject to administrative and criminal sanctions. Handle as Restricted Data in foreign dissemination. Section 144.b, Atomic Energy Act, 1954
How should documents containing RD or FRD be portioned marked
Portion mark documents containing RD with the abbreviated form RD (e.g.(TS/RD)")and portions containing FRO with the abbreviated form "FRD" (e.g. (C/FRO)n). The short form for RD is "RESTRICTED DATA" and the short form for FRD is FORMERLY RESTRICTED DATA"
What designator is used to identifies all COMSEC documents and keying material which is used to protect or authenticate classified or sensitive unclassified government or government - derived information?
Do Classified documents containing FOUO require any markings on the face of the document
How should Unclassified letters of transmittal with FOUO enclosures or attachments be marked
Marked at the top left corner with "FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY ATTACHMENT"
What does the Markings UCNI stand for
Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information
How is DOD Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information documents portion marked
(DOD UCNI) immediately before the beginning of the portion
How should COMSEC documents and material likely to be released to contractors be marked?
"COMSEC Material - Access by Contractor Personnel Restricted to U.S. Citizens Holding Final Government Clearance."

at the bottom center of the page, above the classification level marking
How should documents containing CNWDI be marked?
CNWDI. CNWDI (a subset of RD)is subject to special dissemination controls. In addiction to the RD notice, mark the face of a document containing CNWDI in the lower left corner with the following warning notice: "CRITICAL NUBLEAR WEAPONS DESIGN INFORMATION, DOD DIRECTIVE 5210.2 APPLIES"

Portion mark RD documents containing CNWOI with the abbreviated form(N) (e.g. (S/AD)(N).

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