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SECNAVINST 5300.26 Sex Harass


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Highest or Lowest: At which level should reporded sex harass incidents be investigated and resolved?
lowest level
Sex harassment is a form of sex discrimination that involves...?
unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sex favors, other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.
Sex harassment occurs when...?
conduct is required as basis for job decisions, pay, etc., repeated unwelcome comments are made in the workplace.
Besides a clearly criminal act (4.), individuals should report sex harassment in what cases?
1. the objectionable behavior doesn't stop. 2. the situation isn't resolved. 3. it is unreasonable to discuss it with the offender
Sexual harassment is behavior that is sexual in nature, and what else?
connected with job or work environment
DON--Dept. of the Navy policy on sexual harassment is ref..?
True or false: Harassment does not necessarily interfere with work performance?
A work environment can be made hostile and 'yellow zone' by what things?
dirty language & posters
suggestive touching
unwanted letters, cards, etc.
pressure to date
Green Zone behavior includes friendly complements & a pat on the shoulder. Red zone?
Red: sex favors for job reward, sex-explicit picts, obscene letters, using status to request date
Red Zone behavior includes threats if sex is not provided. Yellow zone?
Yellow: Lewd or suggestive posters, jokes, staring, gesturing, pressure to date, which many find harassment.
Assignment of responsibilities to counter Fraud, waste in Navy is ref..?
Standard organization & regs of the U.S. Navy is ref...?

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