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4no51b cdc Volume 1 U.R.E Aerospace medical Service Journeyman


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1. A specialist who can guide a provider in prescribing drugs is best defined as
A pharmacist
2. Each medication can be referred to by several names. Which of these drug names is used primarily by chemists
Chemical name
3. Which statement is true regarding the role of a medical service technician in medication administration?
Technicians are prmitted to administer medications under the supervision of a nurse or physician
4. The two essential patient history facts that must be obtained and documented before a medication is administered are
alergies and current medication
5. Patients have legal an ethical rights. Which statement is not considered one fo those "rights" when medications are administered?
Choose the method of administration
6. Which is not included in the "Five Rights" of medication administration?
Right documentation
7. What type of medication order states that a medication is to be administrated immediately and only once?
8. A provider can initiate a drug order in
two ways
9. What do many medical treatment facilities use to avoid errors when a drug order is copied?
Computer generated products
10. Drug administration is controlled primarily by
Federal law
11. What classification of drugs are not acceptable for medical use?
Schedule I
12. Narcotics, such as codeine, cocaine, and amphetimines, that have a high potential for abuse but have acceptable medical uses are classified as
Schedule II drugs
13. What law requires a periodic inventory of all controlled substances?
Controlled Substance Act
14. Penicillin administered to treat an infection is an example of what category of drugs?
15. When a patient has an unusually low response to a drug, the condition is called
Drug tolerance
16. A patient's weight is a factor in drug action due to
body fat absorption
17. Why are oral medications that are taken before meals generally faster acting?
Lower digestive system content
18. Which statement is true regarding how ambient temperature can affect drug action?
Warmer temperatures increase circulation
19. Which of these is a common reference source for drugs?
20. What publication contains a list of locally available medications, recommended dispensing instructions, and administrative guidelines?
Local facility formulary
21. An oily liquid used o the skin describes a type of medication preparation called a
22. A finely ground drug that can be used internally or externally describes type of medication preperation called a
23. What type of medication is used to prevent or correct irregular heart action?
24. What type of medication has a cleansing action that produces watery evacuation of intestinal content?

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