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NAVSO P-3013.2


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What fund code is used for requisitions of initial outfitting material for all units with service designator code "R"?
What fund code is used for requisitions of initial outfitting material for all units with service designator code "V"?
Is appropriation purchase account (APA) material chargeable or non-chargeable to ships OPTAR?
When will ships force OPTAR holders submit detail unfilled order (obligation) documents?
Twice a month (15th and end of month.)
What is the form number for the following list:
a.) Requisition and invoice shipping document?
a.) DD Form 1149
What is the form number for the following list:
b.) Order for work and services?
b.) NAVCOMPT Form 2275
What is the form number for the following list:
c.) Request for contractual procurement?
c.) NAVCOMPT Form 2276
What is the form number for the following list:
d.) OPTAR Document transmittal report?
d.) NAVCOMPT Form 2156
What is the form number for the following list:
e.) Budget / OPTAR report?
e.) NAVCOMPT Form 2157
What is the form number for the following list:
f.) Request and authorization for TDY travel of DOD personnel?
f.) DD Form 1610
If the transaction type code on a line of accounting is "1K", what does it mean? (Example below)
Travel advance
What is done with the expenditures listed in the threshold charge addendum portion of the SFOEDL?
Will be accepted with out challenge
What is column 21 of the BOR MSG?
Fund code
What is column 22 of the BOR MSG?
Gross obligations
What is column 23 of the BOR MSG?
What is column 24 of the BOR MSG?
Adjusted obligations
In processing the current FY UOL, if the material or services for line items have been received in less than two months, 60 days prior to the processed date of the listing, what action is taken?
What is the purpose of the detail filled order expenditure listing?
Is for back up and audit trail purposes only
Who retains the detail filled order expenditure listing?
Fleet accounting office
The Unfilled Order Listing lists unfilled orders (obligations) more than how many months old?
Does the SNAP II system support reimbursable OPTARs?
Of the three holding files, which one is no longer used and why?
3, The listing are to be sent directly to the fleet accounting office as soon as they have been processed
If there are no documents in holding file 1 or 2 what will be done with the OPTAR Document Transmittal Report 2156?
Skip it
SNAP II procedures: All chargeable detailed obligations will be submitted in mechanized form via an automated OPTAR Document Transmittal Report. What is the report number of this report?
Report number 25
How will chargeable requisitions submitted for continuing receipts of commodities and services be coded in the quantity block of the unfilled order document?
Why should OPTAR holders thoroughly investigate before rejecting differences of $3000.00 or greater?
These expenditures were validated by the fleet accounting officer prior to being listed.
What name is given to a copy of a requisition for material or services, which is "chargeable" to the OPTAR and is also referred to as an obligation within the operating forces accounting system?
Unfilled order document
If a requirement still exists after the appropriation cited has lapsed, after the 3rd year the expenditure will be charged to the cited appropriation's successor ___ account?
What is contained in holding file one? Two? Three?
One: Unfilled order chargeable documents.
Two: Confirmed cancellation documents.
Three: Returned fleet accounting office listings
What form is a document used by fleet commander, TYCOMs and other operating budget holders for requesting work, services, material, equipment which needs to be purchase from private sector, but this form can not be used by mobile operating forces?
NAVCOMPT Form 2276
What 2 NAVSUP forms may be used as an issued document by non-stock funded ships or units as a non-chargeable internal request for material previously purchased to be issued to requesting departments?
NAVSUP 1250-1
NAVSUP 1250-2
How often are prior FY OPTARs reported?
Monthly, only if transactions have occurred or it's not reported. (change in gross obligations)
What does UOL stand for?
Unfilled Order Listing
What does SFOEDL stand for?
Summary Filled Order Expenditure Difference Listing
What type of transactions will show up on SFOEDL regardless of dollar value? Hint: think of all the different OPTARs we get money for.
Travel transactions and reimbursable OPTAR transactions
OPTAR holders are authorized to administratively cancel unfilled orders when material has been received how many days prior to the date of the unfilled order listing?
60 days
What is the term generally defined as an estimate of the amount of money, which will be required by an operating ship, staff squadron, or other unit to perform assigned tasks?
Who is responsible for the financial management of all ships, squadrons, and other units under his/her command?
All funds accounted for under the procedures of the P-3013-2 are accounted for over a how many months cycle?
36 Months
Who is designated to perform accounting for ship operating forces of the pacific fleet and for aviation operating forces of the pacific fleet?
Fleet Accounting and Disbursing Center U.S. Pacific Fleet
Who is responsible for the development of resources requirements, administration of available funds, and continuous analyses of the status of OPTARs issued, including efficient and effective use?
Who will report unfilled order and expenditure data for centrally managed items to the responsibility center or major command for fund administration purposes?
Fleet Accounting Office
When a travel order is written which involves travel that takes place over two fiscal years, will two separate lines of accounting be used or will all charges be applied to the FY in which the travel was started?
Two Separate lines of accounting will be used
What does "PAO" stand for?
Public Affairs Office
When the OPTAR of the tended/repaired ship is funded by a different operating budget and (ROV) Repair Other Vessels work is preformed on a (MSC) Military Sealift Command, what type of summary will be prepared for the cost of all chargeable material utili
"A" summary
When the OPTAR of a tended/repair ship is funded by the same operating budget that funds the ROV OPTAR of a tender repair ship under which the ROV charges were initially funded, what type of summary will be prepared?
"B" summary
Line of accounting. There is a plan for the future to change the appropriation from 7 characters to 12 characters, if the current appropriation looks like 1791804.702A what will the planned appropriation look like?
170099991804. (The date of this change is currently unknown)
When the operating budget holder instructs the reimbursable OPTAR holder to accumulate and report the direct military labor used to perform the work, the amount of such military effort will be accumulated how?
By each individual pay, grade both officer and enlisted
What is the bureau control number in a line of accounting?
The UIC of the operating budget holder
T/F: A separate requisition / OPTAR Log NAVCOMPT Form 2155 will be established for each reimbursable operating target assigned.
Who will assign a 2-digit reimbursable control code to identify documents as chargeable to a specific reimbursable order?
Operating budget holder
Who prepares the overdue travel advances report for the funds that they are assigned accounting responsibility for?
Fleet accounting office
NAVCOMPT manual requires the traveler's CO to notify the traveler in writing of overdue outstanding travel advance and advise that if payment is not received within how many days from date of notice, salary deduction or pay checkage will be made?
5 days
The overdue travel advance report is prepared monthly and is to be sent in time to be received by the non-deployed recipients by not later than when?
15th of the month following the report month
The overdue travel advances report is prepared how often by each accounting office accounting for funds of the operating forces?
The processing, review, and validation of SFOEDL will be completed within how many days following receipt?
10 days
In reference to SFOEDL rejection (challenge) codes, what code is used for the following: Duplicate charge/ Erroneous charge/ Other/ Wrong price/ Material not requisitioned?
A, D, J, B, G
In reference to SFOEDL challenges, if the "not ready for issue" mandatory turn-in repairable was turned in for repair, the erroneous charges with the carcass phrase in the remarks column should be challenged by sending a message to who?
In what sequence are documents listed on the SFOEDL?
Document number sequence
Only transactions with money value differences of ___ and over will be shown on the SFOEDL?
$100.01 and over
How are DLR carcass charges identified on the SFOEDL?
By the phrase "carcass" printed in the remarks column
The UOL review and validation will be completed within how many days following receipt?
20 days
When is the Unfilled Order Listing distributed for the 4th through 15th report months?
When is the Unfilled Order Listing distributed for the 18th through 33rd report months?
6 times quarterly
How often is the SFOEDL produced for the 1st through 24th months?
How often is the SFOEDL produced for the 25th through 33rd months?
Regarding UOL processing for below $100.00 threshold line items, if all material or services have been received two or more months prior to the processed date of the listing, what will be done with the unfilled order?
Administratively cancelled
Once an unfilled order appears on the Unfilled Order Listing, how many months will pass before it will be listed again if it has not been deleted by a matching expenditure?
3 months
How will the BOR report be submitted if the ship or unit is not in the immediate vicinity of the fleet accounting office?
By message
When is the BOR report due to the fleet accounting office?
No later than the first day of the month following the end of the month being reported
When an operating unit is in the immediate vicinity of the fleet accounting office the BOR will be prepared and submitted how?
By hand or mail
How often will prior FY OPTARs be reported? When? For how long?
Monthly. / End of month only if transactions occurred that affects the gross obligations. / For full 36 month cycle
Each of the nine data fields of a complete line of accounting requires a specific number of characters to complete its data field. When a data field does not contain sufficient characters to completely fill the data field what will be entered preceding t
What is the NAVCOMPT form number for vouchers for disbursement and / or collection?
How will holding files be established for each OPTAR received to hold the appropriate accounting documents and listings pending transmittal to fleet accounting office?
By fiscal year

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