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A postpartum rubella titer of 1:7 indicates that
patient should be vaccinated.
Infants of diabetic mothers are prone to macrosomia related to
increased insulin production in the fetus.
What is another term for macrosomia
Which finding would be evidence of delayed involution in a woman who is six weeks postpartum?
abilitiy to palpate the uterus.
Define involution
a normal process of turning or rolling inward characterized by a decrease in size of the cells of an organ, i.e. postpartum uterus
Exposure to rubella is most dangerous at what point during pregnancy?
2-12 weeks
Estriol level assessment during pregnancy assesses which parameter?
placental function
Which finding should be of concern in a newborn?
total absence of meconium during the first 48 hours of life.
A patient in her 40th week of pregnancy is leaking amniotic fluid. Which finding would carry the greatest potential for infection?
membranes ruptured for 26 hours.
A premature infant is being fed for the first time. Which finding would be most important to watch for?
choking and aspiration due to immature gag reflex.
Which statement regarding exercise after pregnancy should be included with discharge instructions following a normal vaginal birth?
Daily walking is the best overall excercise.
In an emergency situation, the caregiver's task when caring for a newborn that was delivered at home would be to
keep the baby warm.
Which action is most important to complete before allowing the mother and baby to leave the delivery room?
place matching identification on the mother and the baby.
A new, young mother is having trouble getting her one day old infant to take a bottle. You should
teach the mother about the rooting reflex.
The primary nursing goal when caring for a baby receiving phototherapy would be to
keep her well hydrated.
An infant born to a diabetic woman would most likely suffer from
Initially, which action would be most appropriate for a pregnant mother who is having heartburn?
eat several small meals a day, rather than three large meals.
Maternal chlamydial infection is most likely to cause which outcome for the infant?
increased risk of PROM (premature rupture of membrane)
Which symptom would be most important to report in a patient with pregnancy induced hypertension?
swelling of face and hands.
The hallmark symptom of placenta previa is
painless vaginal bleeding
Fetal monitoring during labor shows repeated late deceleration. What is the appropriate nursing action?
position the mother on her left side.
Which is a true statement about gate-control theory?
synapses in the dorsal horns act as a gate that closes to keep impulses from reaching the brain or open to permit impulses to ascend to the brain.
What is the benefit of patient control analgesia (PCA) to a patient? (3)
client tends to take less medication, having control over pain, not depending on nurse availability, and small doses of narcotics delivered at short intervals.
Which of the following is a side-effect of an opioid?
constipation, nausea and vomiting.
What is the rationale in providing cutaneous stimulation for temporary relief of pain?
Relieves pain by the superficial heating or cooling of skin. These pain management methods include cold packs and hot packs, and should be used in conjunction with exercise
In order to be competent in promoting sexual health, the nurse will have
personal awareness of beliefs, attitudes and values.
At what phase of the sexual response cycle in which sexual tension increases to a level nearing orgasm? (it may last from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.)
What factor may contribute to decreased sexual motivation?
dyspareunia (abnormal pain during sexual intercourse)
Give three factors that are clinical manifestations of candidiasis.
itching, cheesy discharge, redness and irriation.
What is the Leininger model?
Emphasizes that health and care are influenced by elements of social structure.
What is an approach to caring for a person with chronic illness that includes social and psychological impact on the patient and family along with medical aspects of illness and management?
Trajectory framework.
Nursing care that is directed toward a specific population or group within the community is called
community-based nursing.
Intravenous administration of oxytocin (pitocin) should be discontinued immediately if
contractions last longer than 90 seconds.
Which symptom would be most indicative of toxicity in a patient receiving intravenous magnesium sulfate?
absence of deep tendon reflexes.
A 10 pound infant appears to be very jittery just after birth. You should use which standing order?
obtain a glucose level.
Premature infants commonly have trouble maintaining adequate perfusion. The phenomenon is usually due to
lack of surfactant.
Most postoperative patients require the frequent administration of a narcotic analgesic for
the first 12 hours after surgery.
Morbidity when used in discussing statistics means
any sickness.
Which immunization is recommended for use in all children in the U.S.?
DPT, OPV, measles
A patient just recuperating from a heart attack needs instruction about safe sexual activities and effects that therapy may have on sexual functioning. The nurse should consider what topics to teach?
when is sexual activity safe.
The purpose of administering miotics to a patient with glaucoma is to
increase outflow of aqueous humor.
Which sexually transmitted disease can be diagnosed by blood test?
The intervention that would most likely decrease the discomfort of Meniere's disease would be
administer diphenhydramine (Benadryl)
What is Meniere's disease?
a chronic disease of the inner ear characterized by recurrent episodes of vertigo; progressive hearing loss.
In a male patient, signs of gonorrhea may include (3)
purulent discharge from urethra, dysuria, clear drainage with mucus.
Clinical manifestation of detached retina may include
sensation of a veil in the line of sight
The occurrence of thrush in a 3 day old infant is most commonly caused from
contact in birth canal.
Meniere's disease is a disorder of the
inner ear.
The pain of otitis media is primarily caused by
fluid in the middle ear
In chronic glaucoma, the main aim of the treatment is
control intraocular pressure.
Which would not be dangerous for a person with glaucoma?
use of sedatives.
When is Aquamephytoin given to a newborn?
adminster within 16 hours after delivery. This is the same as Vitamin K.
What does a rhizotomy do?
interrupts the anterior or posterior nerve root between the ganglion and the cord.
Define transcultural nursing
the comparitive study and analysis of different cultures and subcultures in the world.
Leningers sunrise model emphasizes
health care is influenced by elements of social structure, religious and philosophical factors, kinship, social systems, cultural values, political and legal factors, and economic and educational factors.
Define holistic health belief
this holds that the forces of nature must be maintained in balance or harmony.
What kind of care do community nursing centers provide?
Primary care to a specific population.
Define Braxton Hicks contractions
these contractions are intermittent. Many are painless and assist in placental circulation.
How much water does an average woman retain during pregnancy?
6-8 liters (increases blood volume)
How much weight should a pregnant woman gain during pregnancy?
1st trimester: 2-5 lbs.
1 lb per week for remaining gestation.
What is a sign that a neonate has made a transition from intrauterine life?
Heart murmur
What would be reported in a patient getting meperidine?
Hand tremors (meperidine is an opiate analgesic, also known as Demerol)
What should be reported in a female taking birth control pills?
Blurred vision
After a patient is given an opiate that they should have their bed rails
Men and women both have nipple erection during which phase of sexual stimulation?
The excitement phase of sexual stimulation
A patient tells the nurse her last menstrual period started Dec 26. During what days is she most likely to get pregnant?
Jan 18-22
A sign of syphilis is
A painless chancre on the perineum
Antibiotics are put in newborn’s eyes to prevent
A side effect of depo-provera is
irregular periods
A breast self examination (BSE) should extend into
the part of the breast in the axilla
The purpose of "mainstreaming" a child with a chronic illness is to
increase growth and development
Smoking cessation programs are a form of what kind of prevention?
primary prevention
Chemotherapy for a cancer patient is what kind of prevention?
tertiary prevention
Lead level screening in children is what kind of prevention?
secondary prevention
This is a presumptive sign of pregnancy
“Quickening” can occur at _____ weeks gestation?
A fetal heartbeat is a ______ sign of pregnancy
A neonate who is born thru caesarean section can normally have _________ during respiration.
fine crackles
This is how blood bypasses the fetal lungs
ductus arteriosis
The RH factor should be determined before what procedure?
an amniocentesis
Post-partum, if the uterus is well-contracted, the most likely cause of bleeding is
birth canal lacerations
Nodules in the breast in early pregnancy are caused by
ductal proliferation
You should notify the doctor if the post-partum woman’s uterus is not
Aquamephyton is used to prevent
neonatal bleeding problems (aquamephyton is Vitamin K)
If the newborn has an increased bilirubin it is also important to know their
gestational age
Presbycusis is
hearing loss due to old age
Central vision is most affected by
macular degeneration
What is the function of miotic drops?
dilate the pupil
The definition of legally blind is
“unable to be corrected”
The “weber test” tests
lateralization of hearing
Tonometry is to test
intraocular pressure
Eyedrops get instilled in
the lower conjuctival sac
Visually impaired people can use what device to help see?
hand magnifiers
After mastoid surgery, the patient should avoid
heavy lifting
Why should a patient be encouraged to walk soon after a hysterectomy?
To prevent DVT (deep vein thrombosis)
In men, smoking decreases
A young woman with the sudden onset of fever and abdominal pain should be assessed for⬦
toxic shock syndrome
After a colporrhaphy a patient should take
laxatives (a colporrhapy is the operation of suturing the vagina)
During a home assessment of an asthmatic child you should be concerned about
an unvented dryer
If a woman is having late decelerations in FHR (fetal heart rate) you should
raise her upper body and lay her on one side (the left side)
Pelvic inflammatory disease increases the woman’s risk of
ectopic pregnancy
A woman feels the urge to push during which stage of labor?
Stage 2
During an interview about sexual history you should start with
non-threatening questions
Middle-aged adults should be educated about the dangers of
Maternal-child health is a good measure of
community health
Why is compliance with hypertension medications difficult?
Because the disease may not have definite signs/symptoms
Define myopia
during the trajectory phase of illness is when the patient gets a ______ workup.
Increased chronic disease can be attributed to
longer lifespans
Influenza is an ______ illness
A nursing diagnosis for PROM (premature rupture of membranes) could be
“increased risk for infection”
The “physiological anemia of pregnancy” is caused by
An increase in plasma volume
Impotence in old men is usually due to
vascular problems
Hair cells in cochlea degenerate in what stage of life?
old age
One consequence of crytporchiditis is
What position should the head of bed be in after a g-tube feeding?
“Using a mirror” is not correct for
testicular self exam (TSE)
A pregnant women has a positive rubella titer. Does she need a shot?
A woman is treated at 32 weeks gestation for premature labor with betamethasone. How would you know the drug worked?
The neonate has a respiratory rate (RR) of 40 without difficulty breathing. (Betamethasone is a corticosteroid that can make a premature baby's lungs mature in as little as 24-48 hours.)
People who are “present-oriented” should have their medications timed with
waking up and meals
A patient who is not following treatment regimen should be evaluated to
make sure he understands the regimen
What is an epidemic with suicide?
When one person commits suicide and several others follow.
How can a family dealing with a chronically ill member show they are dealing with the situation?
list their support services
Immunization and family planning are what type of prevention?
primary prevention
Chinese people may defer health care decisions to
an elder family member
If a male nurse enters the room of a female Muslim patient that he should be escorted by
a male family member
An IUD is a good birth control choice for
a multiparous woman
What should be told to a post-vasectomy male?
Use condoms for a year
A man complains of sudden pain after prostate surgery. What should be checked first?
Check for bleeding
You should tell a teenage girl who will take prostaglandin inhibitors to prevent PMS that she should take them how many days before her period starts?
2 days before her period starts
A parent should not wash the circumcision site with
soap and water
A newborn baby is left outside the hospital ED. Of the following, which is most concerning finding? Peripheral vasoconstriction with decreased skin temperature, blood sugar of 49mg/dl, rectal temperature of 97.1 deg F, heart rate of 130 BPM.
Rectal temperature of 97.1 deg F
A patient who only speaks French just nods when given instructions. What should be done?
Get an interpreter for her
A 4 y/o child is put into a car seat. Which healthy people 200 goal does this help achieve?
To increase lifespan of healthy people
What should you tell a woman who is having problems with breast engorgement?
Breast feed often
Why should you encourage dad to hold new baby up against his skin.
To foster parental bonding
A neonate vomits after every feeding and is constantly jittery. What is the nursing diagnosis?
Ineffective nutrition related to vomiting
A sign of too much epidural anesthesia is
respiratory depression
A patient's pain response can be influenced by (3)
anxiety, fear and depression
The first sign of increased pain is
increased heart rate
A patient complains of pain after a surgical procedure. What is nursing diagnosis?
Incisional pain secondary to surgical procedure
Opiates cause _____ _____ more in children than adults.
respiratory depression
If you give an opiate to a patient you should get help from another nurse to
ambulate the patient
A terminally ill child should be involved in the
development of his care plan
In a newborn, total absence of what in the first 48 hours is abnormal?
Stevie Carson is a three-week-old with pyloric stenosis. To help him retain his feedings you should
after feeding, place him on his left side with the head elevated.
As you assess a 2 day old infant, you notice a shrill, harsh sound heard during inspiration. What term should you use to chart this finding?
Janelle has just completed the first stage of labor. What has just been accomplished?
complete cervical dilation
Carla Dennison, who is in the 39th week of pregnancy, is leaking amniotic fluid. Which carries the greatest potential for infection?
membranes ruptured for 26 hours
Kylie Andres is a newborn in an isolette undergoing phototherapy. Which intervention is most important?
reposition him frequently
An eighteen-hour old infant is showing signs of respiratory distress. What symptom would you expect to see?
expiratory grunting
Kelly, a 11 month old infant, has been taking in excessive amounts of milk. You suspect that she might be iron-deficient. What finding would be most supportive of your assumption?
Hgb. 9.2
Helen Cravens is a 27-year-old gravida iii, para iii who just delivered a healthy baby boy. Her postpartum rubella titer is 1:7. Based on this information you know that
she should be vaccinated
Geraldine, a 24 year old gravida i, para 0, is a brittle diabetic. Her
infant is prone to macrosomia as a related to
increased insulin production in the fetus
Karla King is pregnant with her first child. She thinks she may have been exposed to rubella. Exposure during what stage of pregnancy is most dangerous?
2-12 weeks
During her weekly check up, the doctor has ordered an estriol level for Mrs. Sewett who is in her 39th week of pregnancy. The test is useful in assessing
placental function (estriol is a hormone produced by the placenta and by the fetal liver and adrenal glands)
As the delivery room nurse, you know that which action is most important to complete before the mother and baby to leave the delivery room?
place matching identification bands on both the mother and the baby
Jessica Molten is being given intravenous magnesium sulfate for severe toxemia. You should observe her carefully for which symptom that may be indicative of toxicity?
absence of deep tendon reflexes
Carrie Yates is in her 37th week of pregnancy. She is in the early stages of pregnancy-induced hypertension. You should tell her to report which symptom?
swelling of face and hands
Three-week-old Nathanial Moore has pyloric stenosis. Which symptom would you most expect to observe?
upper abdominal distention
Carvella Monza is in her fourth month of pregnancy. She is having heartburn every day. Which statement would be most therapeutic?
"You should eat several small meals a day, rather than three large meals"
Your maternity patient is on a fetal monitor. She is now showing repeated late decelerations. Your initial nursing action should be to
position the mother on her left side
Margo Riley, a 10 pound infant appears to be very jittery just after birth. Her symptoms should prompt you to use which standing order?
obtain a glucose level
The doctor has just performed an amniotomy on Mrs. Kelley. You should immediately assess
the fetal heart tones
A patient says, "I feel like there is fluid leaking from my vagina." You need to determine whether or not it is amniotic fluid. You perform a nitrazine test properly and obtain a positive result. What tape turned what color?
Immediately after birth, the neonate's mouth is always suctioned before the nose is suctioned. Why?
to prevent aspiration
Your patient is having alpha-fetoprotein studies done today. What is the purpose of this study?
identify neural tube defects
Active herpes is most dangerous to the fetus during which time during pregnancy?
at delivery
Your patient asks, "What is an amniotomy?" You should tell her it is
the artificial rupture of the membranes
Magnesium sulfate is given primarily to
prevent seizures
Tina Quentin, gravida i para 0, is suffering from several of the common discomforts of pregnancy. Which symptom is not common in the first trimester of pregnancy?
continuous or prolonged headaches
Becky Woods has just had her first child. You should teach her that meconium normally changes from
dark green to yellowish brown
Mitzi Yates smokes a pack a day, even though she is pregnant. You should teach her that smoking during pregnancy has been proven to have which effect on the neonate?
increased incidence of infant cardiovascular problems
At two days postpartum, you would expect to palpate her uterus at what level?
below the level of the umbilicus
Your patient is receiving intravenous oxytocin (Pitocin). You know that it should be immediately discontinued if
her contractions last longer than 90 seconds
Which position for a woman in active labor to assume to help prevent venal-caval syndrome?
left lateral
Tom and Sarah are the proud parents of a newborn boy. When teaching them how to care for the umbilical stump, you should tell them to
put alcohol on it several times a day
While assessing your labor patient's the fetal heart tones, you hear a "swooshing"-type sound. You should chart this sound as
funic souffle (also called fetal souffle)
Linda Markum is complaining of pain following her cesarean section. Thirty minutes after receiving the ordered dose of Demerol 50 mg. IM, which statement indicates she has obtained adequate pain relief?
"That shot took nearly all my pain away."
Helen Timmons is seven days postpartum. You would expect her lochia to change from
rubra to serous
Liza Carson has a Chlamydial infection and she is five months pregnant. What risk does this pose?
increased risk of PROM (premature rupture of membranes)
Etta Mae has been comatose for several days. The family wants to keep her as comfortable as possible. The best position for her is
You are ready to perform a painful procedure on sixteen-year-old Shelly Case. The most therapeutic statement would be
"Let me explain how the discomfort you will feel can be minimized during this procedure."
The primary purpose of a placebo is to
relieve pain without using chemicals
As you care for your patient, you are attempting to reduce his discomfort by using the gate control theory of pain relief. Which intervention are you most likely to use
administer a back rub
Ralph Parsons worked in a very noisy factory for 38 years before retirement. He now has a hearing loss which has been determined to be work-related. Which type of deafness is he most likely to have?
Steven is having a sympathadrenal response to pain. Which symptom is hemost likely exhibiting?
elevated blood pressure and pulse
A cold pack has been ordered for Andrew's knee. To prevent reflux vasodilation after application of a cold pack, you should
wrap the cold pack in a towel
"I grew up in France, and I think that France is superior to all other countries. Nothing you can say will change my mind." This type of belief is an example of:
Following vaginal delivery of a 9lb. 8oz. healthy baby girl, Mitzi Jones is having some perineal discomfort. Which statement shows that a sitz bath has been effective?
"I am having very little discomfort in that immediate area right now."
The release of natural endorphins helps decrease the perception of painful stimuli because endorphins
decrease the pain threshold
"My brother Mark has hemophilia, but I have been tested and I do not. Now that my wife and I are ready to have children, we would like to know what the chances are that our children will have hemophilia?"
"Since hemophilia is carried and passed along only by the female, your children are not at risk unless your wife carries the trait."
Jeannette and Mike O'Riley would like to know more about the rhythm method as a form of birth control. Among other things, she should be told to take her temperature
daily, as soon as she wakes up and before arising from the bed
Susie Benson, a 3-year-old with cystic fibrosis, is beginning her first day at a new day care and preschool center. Which type of stools should the workers at the center be told to expect from her?
large, pale
During middle school and high school, exploring homosexual desires is
equally common in both boys and girls
Intercyclic menstrual bleeding would be termed
Which statement is untrue regarding genital herpes?
Acyclovir (Zovirax) is the drug of choice used to cure the infection
A 72 hour old newborn might be expected to take how much formula at each feeding?
2 to 3 oz.
A full term healthy newborn would most likely have a heart rate of
120-140 beats per minute
Janna is a 12-hour-old infant born to a diabetic mother. You suspect that the infant is beginning to develop hypoglycemia because you notice which symptom?
Stimulation of the penis by licking and sucking is termed
Of the following, which would least likely to be affected by cultural background?
level of formal education
Miranda Bell, a patient with myasthenia gravis, is experiencing mild dysphagia? Which snack would be most appropriate to suggest?
Which cranial nerve is most likely damaged in patients having difficulty chewing?
V (Five)
Referred pain, as in right posterior shoulder pain related to gall bladder disease, is most commonly associated with which type of pain?
visceral pain
Elsie Clayton, a 71 year old, has just been admitted to a nursing home after her CVA (cerebrovascular accident; stroke). Which statement indicates that she may need more help dealing with her chronic illnesses?
"When I get home, I'll make sure all my scatter rugs are taken up immediately."
The incidence of sexually transmitted disease in your community is up by 7% over last year's statistics. You are planning a community outreach program to address this problem. To most significantly lower next year's statistics, your primary target group
high school students
Pain experienced by a woman during intercourse, as a result of inadequate lubrication of the vagina is termed
Jamalli is in labor for her first child. She has just handed you a small pair of scissors and asked that you place them under the bed, on the floor, nearest the center of the bed. In her culture, it is believed that having the scissors placed there will
place the scissors under the bed according to her instructions.
You have prepared a community outreach handout regarding Tay-Sachs disease. You should plan to hand it out at which facility?
a Jewish synagogue with members from European backgrounds
Following an automobile accident, Henry Nari has decreased sensation in his left arm and nerve damage is suspected. Which of the following diagnostic tests would be most definitive for his condition?
evoked potentials (recordings of the nervous system’s electrical response to the stimulation of specific sensory pathways )
As a nurse, you suspect that your head injury patient's intracranial pressure is increasing because he is showing signs of
increased restlessness
Of the following, which is the least effective form of birth control?
douching after intercourse
Which statement is least accurate?
Androgens active the sebaceous glands in males, but not in females.
Parasympathetic responses to painful stimuli include
increased pulse rate
All of the following are primary sexual characteristics except
pubic hair
John Avery is extremely myopic. This condition increases his risk for
retinal tear
Pain from A delta fibers is most commonly associated with which type of pain?
sharp and piercing
Which symptom is least likely to be associated with cerebral aneurysm?
Last year your community health department implemented an awareness campaign placing extra emphasis on the benefits of good prenatal care. Which change would be objective evidence that this project has been successful?
an increase in the percentage of women admitted for delivery who have had prenatal care
Even though your community only has a population of just over 4,000 people, a new McDonald's will be opening soon. As a community health nurse, you should be most concerned about changes in the nutritional intake of which age group?
12-18 year olds
After having multiple symptoms over the past year, Martha Carey is being tested for Guillian-Barre syndrome. She will most likely have which type of examination?
spinal tap (also called acute idiopathic polyneuritis, marked by parathesia of the limbs and by muscular weakness or a flaccid paralysis)
After falling from a five foot scaffolding, the employee is sent to the company nurse. Upon examination, she notes that clear fluid is coming from his right nostril. The fluid should be tested for
Which of the following is not a neurotransmitter?
enkephalins (One of the endogenous opioids that binds to opiate receptors and is used as a neurotransmitter)
As the new director of the public health service in your town, you have chosen to assess the level of violence in your community. To do this you should pay close attention to
availability of sports and recreation areas
Last year, the three-year-old daughter of a prominent attorney from the small town of Mayfield died from an accidental poisoning. Six other children in Mayfield also died from accidental poisoning in the past year.
As a tribute to those children, y
the school board has agreed to design and print a brochure containing information parents can use to childproof their homes. These will be sent home with elementary school children and distributed free to day care centers.
Margaret Bensen is taking pilocarpine (Isopto Carpine) for her glaucoma. Which finding may be a side effect related to this medication?
Increased sweating, N/V, blurred vision or change in near or far vision, tremors
All of the following pertain to chronic pain except
sympathetic nervous system
A clear sense of gender doesn't usually develop until about the age of
4 or 5
The primary focus of community health nursing, according the Conceptual Model of Community Health Nursing published by the American Nurse's Association, is
Primary care
A group of Vietnamese families have come to the community health center for dietary instruction to reduce their risk for cancer. They should be told to reduce their consumption of
smoked fish
Conjunctivitis is a disorder affecting the
The primary focus of pain management interventions for patients with chronic pain is to
improve the patient's quality of life
According to the ANA, you would be performing community health nursing function if you
gave a "Mr. Yuk" demonstration in a preschool center
Thinking of the problems associated with developing a strong gender identity, which task would a 13 year old boy be least likely to enjoy doing?
sewing on a button
Which symptom is most common in patients with a detached retina?
bright flashes of light
The amount of pain stimulation a person requires before feeling pain is termed
pain threshold
Marjory has been having numbness and tingling in her left leg. The term for this condition is
Casey Lou is a four year old who has just undergone insertion of tympanostomy tubes. Her parents should be given all of the following advice except
Notify the physician or emergency room immediately if a tube falls out
Which statement about erogenous zones is least accurate?
Erogenous zones are only found near the genitals and breasts of both genders.
During an examination of your patient's ear, you notice that his cerumen is dry and gray. The finding would most likely be a normal finding in patients from which ethnic group?
American Indian
It is suggested that exercise can stimulate the increase of which natural mechanism within the body that has the ability to modulate pain transmission and pain perception?
A patient diagnosed with Meniere's sydrome should make which type of adjustment in dietary intake?
reduce sodium intake
State Reva Rubin's Postpartum Emotional Adjustment for Taking-In.
2 to 3 days following birth; mom preoccupied with herself and own needs; allow her to talk about the birth.
State Reva Rubin's Postpartum Emotional Adjustment for Taking-Hold.
Begins on the 2nd or 3rd day & lasts for a day or 2; the mother assumes responsibility for her newborn as her needs are being met.
State Reva Rubin's Postpartum Emotional Adjustment for Letting-Go.
5th week; total abandon to NB

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