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Microsoft Word 2003 Terms


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copy deck
Full featured word processing program that allows you to create written documents (examples: letters, resumes, etc...)
Microsoft Office Word 2003
Buttons that allows you to speak commands or dictate text
Language Bar
A separate window that allows you to carry out some commands more efficiently
Task Pane
Contains buttons and boxes and allows you to carry out some Word tasks more efficiently
Displays texts, tables, graphics, and other items as you type or insert them into a document
Document Window
Blinking vertical bar that indicates where the text is inserted
Insertion Point
Short horizontal line that indicates the end of the document
End Mark
Becomes different shapes depending on the task you are performing
Mouse Pointer
Sets the tab stops, indention, adjusts column widths, and changes the page margins
Horizontal Ruler or Ruler
Displayed on the left edge of the Word Document when you perform certain tasks
Vertical Ruler
Used to display different portions of documents in windows
Scroll Bars
Button in window above the Task Bar and programs certain tasks
Status Bar
Used to turn certain keys or modes on or off
Status Indicators
Special tool bar to display the Word menu names
Menu Bar
Lists most recently used commands
Short Menu
A list of commands associated with a menu
Full Menu
Appears gray and means not available
Dimmed Menu
A command that does not appear in the short menu
Hidden Command
List of additional commands available
A short on screen note
Screen Tip
Tool bar located at the top of the screen
Standard Toolbar
This tool bar is located below the Standard Toolbar
Formatting Toolbar
Vertical dotted line on the edge of the toolbar, double clicking displays all
Move Handle
Placed on the edge of the Word Window
Docked Toolbar
Not attached to the edge of the Word Window
Floating Toolbar
Installed with a microphone; commands can be spoken
Office Speech Recognition Software
Larger bar is displayed
Displayed on the Windows Toolbar
Not diplayed in the screen
Permanently hidden until you enable it
The pre-set settings on the computer
Font size; 1 point = 1/6 of an inch
Right of the Status bar; indicated Word is checking spelling and grammar
Spelling and Grammar Status Icon
Displays on screen but not the print copy
Formatting Marks or Nonprinting Characters
Allows you to type continuously without having to press enter at the end of each line
Top portion of the document
A saved document
The name given to or assigned to a saved document
File Name
Indicated a file is a Word Document
A specific location on a disk
The process of changing the appearance of characters on screen
Character Formatting
The process of changing the appearance of a paragraph
Paragraph Formatting
Highlighted Text
Selected Text
A keyboard shortcut positions insertion point at the top of the document
Default alignment, flush with the left margin
Left - Aligned
Flush with the right margin
Right - Aligned
Positions text horizontally between the left and right margins
Duplicates your last command
Repeat Command
Text with slanted appearance
Text appears with underscore under every character
Characters appear thicker and darker
Graphical images
Pre-defined graphics in Word
Clip Art
Where the clip Art is located or stored
Clip Organizer
Enlarging or reducing graphics
Surrounds selected graphics
Selecting Rectangle
Located on the Selecting Rectangle; located at each end and in the middle and used to resize
Sizing Handles
A printed copy
Hardcopy or Printout
As you type characters are inserted and all other characters are moved to the right
Insert Mode
Word replaces characters to the right of the insertion point
Overtype Mode

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