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ACCESS 2003 test CIS120


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What is the first step in designing a new db?
1) Ask what is the db purpose, future needs
2) take card files, data and decide what fields, tables and relationships are needed.
What is a query?
An access object that is designed to extract specific data from a table, from simple field selection to complex conditional statements.
When to use data sheet view?
data for table displayed in columns (fields) and rows(records).
What happens when you form view?
A form is used to view and edit data in a table one record at a time.
What is a database? What does it contain?
A database contains information logically organized into related units for easy retrieval. It contains tables, queries, forms and reports on the data.
What is a report?
Prints data from tables or queries, calculations can be performed in a report.
What is the lookup wizard for?
1) you create a lookup field when you want to RESTRICT the data enterred into the field TO A LIST of values from an existing table or a list of values.
2) use WIZARD to create a new field using a drop down list.
What would be contained in text data type?
Text or combinations of text and numbers, as well as numbers that don't require calculations, such as phone numbers.
Each database must contain at least one ______________.
When would you use best fit?
To adjust column width to fit all of the data.
What does a column represent?
What does a row represent?
What is a field?
A single component of information about a person place or thing (name, address)
What is a record?
A person, customer, item, etc... that data is being collected about.
What would you click "format" on the general tab (when table is in design view) for?
To customize the way numbers, dates, times, and text are displayed and printed.
what does >10 and <=50 mean?
VALIDATION RULE - will not accept entry in table field greater than 10 or less than or equal to 50. Enter in design view for tables.
What is displayed in the details section of a report?
Controls in this section make up the body of the report. BODY OF REPORT - data.
Types of action queries.
makes changes to records in one procedure. DELETE, UPDATE, APPEND adn MAKE TABLE
Two tables are represented on a form, the related table is created as a child of the primary table
In query design view, why would you click the statistic button?
TOTAL button - GROUP BY to SUM AVG etc the data in a total row.
What do you do to display all Employee names & addresses for those working in the accounting and marketing departments?
In query design put Accounting and Marketing in the CRITERIA field.

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