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This toolbar contains buttons for working with documents such as the OPEN and SAVE buttons
Click this option at the FILE drop-down menu to save a previously named document with a new name.
Save As
Use this keyboard command to move the insertion point to the beginning of the document.
Click this button to check the spelling in a document.
icon ABC with a check mark
This feature detects and corrects some typographical errors, misspelled words, and incorrect capitalizations.
For easy viewing and reading, display a document in this view.
View - Reading Layout
Expand the viewing area on the screen by changing to this view.
View - Full Screen
This dialog box displays a list of synonyms for a word.
Research (Tools>research or Tools>Language>Thesaurus or shift-f7)
Click these options on the Menu bar to display the Date and Time dialog box.
Insert>Date and Time
Click this hyperlink at the New Document task pane to display the Templates dialog box.
under Templates > On My Computer
Click this button on the Open dialog box toolbar to display the New Folder dialog box.
icon of folder with star in upper right hand corner.
Select nonadjacent documents at the Open dialog box by holding down this key while clicking each document.
What key turns on the Extend Mode (EXT)?
How do you select an entire sentence at once?
Hold down the CTRL key while clicking on the sentence.
Where is the "selection bar" located? What is it used for?
The space between the left edge of the screen and the text. Select lines or multiple lines of text by holding down the mouse key and moving in the border area.
What happens when you double click a word?
You select a word by doing this.
How do you select an entire paragaph? An entire document?
Double click in the selection bar next to the paragraph or triple-click anywhere in the paragraph. Triple-click in the selection bar to select an entire document.
Press these keys on the keyboard to italicize selected text.
Click these options to display the Paragraph dialog box.
Click this button to indent text from the left margin.
icon with arrow and lines.

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