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Classic Horror Vocabulary List 2 Mr.Lent

Mr. Lents Class Vocabulary list 2


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any sudden convulsion, as of laughter, rage, sneezing; a fit or spasm
Weakly, slowly, feebly, without animation: On a saturday morning, he ________________________ raised his head from the pillow, asked what time it was, and then promptly fell back to sleep
a temporary departure from the main subject in talking or writingl deviation from a regular course, as the ___________ of s ship or plane: Mr lent's _____________________- and colorful stories are always welcomed by his students, as they eat up time.
having or showing a fixed, firm purpose; determined, bold, firm, steady, resolved, unwavering.
standing out from the rest, noticeable, conspicuous, prominent; pointing outward, projecting, as an angle: One of the more ____________ features of the man is his long, shaggy beard. -or- We landed on the narrow ___________ which jutted out from the mainland.
to say or plead in protest, complaint, or objection; to protest or object: The young mother _____________________d against those who wished to ban young children from flying airplanes
Coureous in manners, polite, suave, elegant or refined: The _______________ young gentleman threw his coat upon the mud puddle so that his date would not soil her new shoes.
Quickness of perception, keenness of mind; sagacity
to try, to attempt, to endeavor, to make an effort to perform: The drunken man __________________ed the short distance from the couch to the door with the grace of a pinball in a pinball machine.
High in excellence, exalted, majectic, noble; inspiring awe or heroic or lofty feeling and the like through grandeur, beauty, etc.: The _______________ was the only description for the mastery of eagle in flight.
calm; that which cannot be disturbed or agitated: the pilot remained ______________________ even as the Cessna began to lose altitude
Excessively willing to serve or obey; overly submissive, servile or fawning: The _________________ actions of the overly urbane young man soon caused the young girl to become disinterested in him
to issue from a source, to flow forth: The light, we soon discovered, _____________ from a small apparatus on the bottom of the space ship.
The look or appearance of something else, resemblance; a likenesss, image, representation or copy; flase, assumed, or decieiving form or appearance; outward form or appearanc: He had the _____________- of a gentlemen, but his illusion soon disappeared once you got to know him.
not easily discouraged, defeated, or subdued; unyielding, unconquerable: The young man's _______________ spirit would not be quenched even after his fifth rejection from as many young girls.
habitually silent
Lying flat;; thrown or fallen to the ground; submission: The _______________ bodies littered the ground upon the battle field.
Rapidity of motion, swiftness, speed: I was impressed with the ___________________ of his response.
Making no sound, saying nothing; silent; unspoken; not expressed or declared openly, but implied: her approval was no spoken but ____________________, expressed in her smile and her acceptance of my gift

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