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OPNAV 1752.1B


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What is OPNAVINST 1752.1B
Sexual Assault Victim Intervention (SAVI)
What are the three components of the SAVI program?
1. Sexual assault awareness and prevention
2. Victim advocacy
3. Data collection
At all Navy installations the primary advocate will always be a ______.
How old must a volunteer victim advocate be?
All volunteers must receive a minimum of __ hours of training before participating as a victims advocate.
In addition to the first 20 hours, volunteers should receive __ hours of refresher training per year.
A follow up telephone contact should be made with the victim within __ hours.
Commanding officers will ensure that a sitrep is sent to CNO (N1) within __ hours of the report of all alleged sexual assault incidents.
What is article 120?
What is article 125?
How often shall service members receive sexual assault prevention and response training at the command level?
What does SAVI stand for?
Sexual assault Victim Intervention
What does SARC stand for?
Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
What does VWAP stand for
Victim and Witness Assistance Program
At a minimum how often do victims receive updates on their cases until final disposition?
Who shall establish policy and ensure SAVI program meets command service member and family member needs?
Who is responsible for implementing, managing and overseeing the SAVI program?
Commander Navy Installations Command (CNIC)
What year did SECNAV change the name of the SAVI program to SAPR?
October 2009
What are the responsibilites of the Command SAPR POC?
Command compliance
Knowledge of local and military resources
Facilitate yearly GMT

When should a continuation SITREP be sent?
When new information is forthcoming a case i.e. stats of investigation.

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