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PO3&2 Military Requirements CH5


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What article of the Constitution Gives the President his powers?
Article II, Section I
How long shall the president and his Vice President serve?
4 years
Can the President declare war?
Can the president send troops into action before congress has declared war?
Who is head of the DOD?
The Secretary of defense
The Secretary of defense is a member of what cabinet?
The President's Cabinet and the National Cabinet Security Counsel
Who appoints the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?
The President and
approved by Congress
When was the U.S. Navy founded?
13 October 1775
Which office monitors and evaluates Congressional proceedings and actions that affect the Department of the Navy?
The Office of Legislative Affairs
The Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy was officially set up on ____.
1 March 1967 with a tour length of 4 years
What office is the MCPON immediately assigned to?
Chief of Naval Operations
CENTCOM is responsible for what area?
The Middle East
What command plans the amount of education needed by Navy personnel to meet manpower requirements?
Chief of Naval Personnel
Who is the Commander In Chief?
The President
A Task Group TG falls under the authority of a Task Force TF.
Which fleet covers more than 50 percent of the earths surface?
Pacific fleet
What command acquires and disposes of real estate for the Navy?
Naval Facilities Engineering Command
What command is responsible for shore-based education and training of Navy, certain
Marine Corps, and other personnel?
Chief of Naval Education and Training
What command enhances the war-fighting capability of the Navy and Marines by arming our Sailors, Marines, and civilians with the
knowledge they need to save lives and preserve resources?
Who is directly responsible to SECNAV for the
administration, discipline, internal organization,
training requirements, efficiency, readiness, and total
performance of the Marine Corps.
The Commandant of the Marine Corps
Who is the most senior officer in the Armed Forces?
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Who serves as the spokesman for the commanders of the unified combatant commands?
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Who acts as the primary enlisted advisor to the CNO?
Who advises the CHNAVPERS on matter regarding active-duty and reitered enlisted personnel and their families?
The Pacific Fleet is divided into what two seperate fleets?
3rd fleet
7th fleet

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