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Military Requirements for Petty Officer 1st Class Navedtra 14145


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Your 1st and foremost responsibility as a leading petty officer is?
To evaluate and prioritize division jobs daily.
You may have delegated authority to sign or initial all service record pages except?
Page 1 (DD Form 4 or NAVPERS 1070/601) and DD Form 214
Message Precedence Routine gets an ?
R for routine
Message Precedence Priority gets an ?
P for priority
Message Precedence Immediate gets an ?
O for oh shit?
Message Precedence Flash gets an ?
Z and is reserved for initial enemy contact reports.
Another precedence is the Emergency Command. The Emergency Command precedence (ECP) is not commonly used but reempts all other precedence and gets a ?
Y for why?
All DTG's are expressed in GMT (Z) unless otherwise directed by higher authority.
All message directives are automatically cancelled in ? days.
What is the DON Correspondence Manual?
Secnavinst 5216.5
Although various memorandums exist, the most frequently used is the?
simple "From-To" type
There are ? SSIC groups
Sentences should generally be ? words or less

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