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PO1 study


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Who is responsible for carrying out the requirements of command damage control training?
A. Commanding officer
B. Executive officer
C. Operations officer
D. Fire marshal
Answer: B
The Navy Rights and Responsibilities workshop is conducted by which of the following groups?
A. Command Training Team (CTT)
B. Command Assessment Team (CAT)
C. Command Rights and Responsibilities Team
D. Striker Board
Answer: A
After a compartment has been flooded with CO2, what minimum length of time should you wait before opening the compartment?
A. 1 hour
B. 30 minutes
C. 15 minutes
D. 10 minutes
Answer: C
On ships having a Marine detachment, brow and pier sentries report to which of the following individuals?
A. Officer of the deck
B. Sergeant of the guard
C. Petty officer of the watch
D. Junior officer of the deck
Answer: B
Who is responsible to the commanding officer for carrying out the policies of the Navy Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program (NADAP)?
Answer: A
Assigning your junior petty officers challenging jobs will increase which of the following skills?
A. Management
B. Leadership
C. Organizational
D. Administrative
Answer: B
The number of tag-out logs that each ship class must maintain is specified by which of the following individuals?
A. Chief of Naval Operations
B. Commanding officer
C. Squadron commander
D. Force commander
Answer: D
One definition of a problem drinker is one who must drink to function or to cope with life. How does the Navy define "alcoholism"?
A. Complying with ordinary social drinking customs
B. Drinking alcohol even though under the state-appr
Answer: C
Each personnel qualification standard is divided into which of the following subdivision (s)?
A. Systems
B. Fundamentals
C. Watchstations/Maintenance actions
D. All of the above
Answer: D
Personnel should be entered in a hearing testing program if they are required to work in a designated noise hazard area with sound levels that average more than what maximum decibel (dB) level?
A. 25 dB
B. 56 dB
C. 78 dB
D. 84 dB
Answer: D
If authority is given to a subordinate to sign official correspondence for the commanding officer, which of the following lines usually appears below the subordinate's signature?
A. By direction
B. By authority of
C. For the commander
Answer: A
Which of the following terms is used to describe an unplanned event that interrupts work and produces damage and/or injury?
A. Mishap
B. Mistake
C. Misconduct
D. Mismanagement
Answer: A
Which of the following logs is used by your division or department to maintain its supply inventory?
Answer: C
The Navy's enlisted performance evaluation system provides an opportunity for individuals to submit information they feel should be included in their performance evaluation. Which of the following methods is used by an individual to provide this informat
Answer: B
Commanding officers may delegate certain personnel to sign performance evaluations. Which, if any, of the following performance evaluations may be signed by someone who has been delegated this authority?
A. Evaluations that contain a recommendation
Answer: D
Which of the following terms describes the Navy's recognition that drug and alcohol abuse is incompatible with the Navy's effort to instill pride and professionalism?
A. Zero defects
B. Zero tolerance
C. Screening with meaning
D. Self
Answer: B
The command's enlisted safety committee should convene according to what schedule?
A. Weekly
B. Monthly
C. Bimonthly
D. Biannually
Answer: B
Which of the following odors may indicate the presence of blood agents?
A. Garlic
B. New-mown hay
C. Bitter almonds
D. Fruity camphor
Answer: C
Which of the following characteristics or symptoms identifies a person suffering from alcoholism?
A. Physical dependence
B. Psychological dependence
C. Both A and B above
D. Infrequent consumption
Answer: C
Each urinalysis sample is tested how many minimum number of times by one of the Navy's drug screening laboratories?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 5
Answer: C
The authority which is granted to all officers and petty officers to fulfill their duties and responsibilities is known as what type of authority?
A. General
B. Unlimited
C. Meritorious
D. Organizational
Answer: A
Which of the following tools does a supervisor use to identify and develop solutions to eliminate hazards?
A. Job inventory
B. Job safety analysis
C. Incidental observation
D. Deliberate observation
Answer: D
Sign-off authority for final PQS qualification may be delegated to what minimum level of authority?
A. Division CPO
B. Department head
C. Division Officer
D. Work center supervisor
Answer: B
The security classification you assign to naval correspondence is determined by which of the following factors?
A. The number of information addressees
B. The information contained in the correspondence
C. The security classification of re
Answer: B
In the absence of the commanding officer in port, who is primarily responsible for the safety and proper operation of the unit?
A. Safety officer
B. MAA safety force
C. Officer of the deck
D. Command master chief
Answer: C
At-sea, which of the following indications may be a symptom of a dangerous condition?
A. Wisp of smoke
B. Minor loss of power
C. Excessive warmth of a bulkhead
D. Each of the above
Answer: D
In evaluating the performance of an E-3, when, if ever, should you assign a grade in block 36, Directing?
A. During each evaluation period
B. When the E-3 requests to be evaluated in this area
C. When the E-3 has clearly demonstrated abil
Answer: C
If you make a mistake in the ship's deck log, which of the following procedures would you use to correct the mistake?
A. Draw a single line through the error, insert the correct entry, and initial
B. Print the word "error" after the m
Answer: A
CMEO is an equal opportunity management system controlled primarily at which of the following levels?
A. Command
B. Secretary of Defense
C. Secretary of the Navy
D. Chief of Naval Operations
Answer: A
When the term "TRIDENT" is used, it is understood to include which of the following elements?
A. The base
B. The missile
C. The submarine
D. All of the above
Answer: D
The primary mission of our submarine force is to destroy which of the following types of enemy ships?
A. Submarines
B. Destroyers
C. Carriers
D. Cargo
Answer: A
The enlisted service record contains both official and unofficial papers.
Answer: TRUE
Depressant overdoses, when taken with alcohol, may result in which of the following conditions?
A. Death
B. Articulate speech
C. Mellow disposition
D. Keen sense of humor
Answer: A
Who should approve changes to the division's watch, quarter, and station bill?
A. Executive officer
B. Commanding officer
C. Officer of the deck
D. Command duty officer
Answer: A
Which of the following personnel are subject to participation in the urinalysis testing program?
A. Officer personnel under the age of 25 only
B. Enlisted personnel in paygrades E-4 and below only
C. Enlisted personnel only, regardless of
Answer: D
The ship's deck log may be used in which of the following ways?
A. As a chronological record of ship's events
B. As legal evidence in fact finding proceedings
C. Both A and B above
D. As a record of the proceedings of a safety committ
Answer: C
What is the highest precedence normally authorized for administrative messages?
A. Immediate
B. Priority
C. Routine
D. Flash
Answer: B
Which of the following officer programs does/do not require a college education?
A. Officer Candidate School Program
B. Chief Warrant Officer Program
C. Limited Duty Officer Program
D. Both B and C above
Answer: D
The damage control administrative organization is contained within what department?
A. Engineering
B. Operations
C. Weapons
D. Deck
Answer: A
A drug abuser who suffers long periods of time without sleeping or eating is probably abusing which of the following types of drugs?
A. Alcohol
B. Narcotics
C. Stimulants
D. Depressants
Answer: C
As the reporting supervisor evaluating a member who services on a general court-martial during the reporting period, which of the following comments would be appropriate for the Evaluation Comments section?
A. Served as a member of a general court-m
Answer: A
Which of the following officers is responsible for the administration of the CBR defense bill?
A. Safety officer
B. Division officer
C. CBR defense officer
D. Damage control assistant
Answer: D
The number one drug problem in the United States is the abuse of which of the following substances?
A. Alcohol
B. Cocaine
C. Marijuana
D. Barbiturates
Answer: A
Who trains safety petty officers and damage control petty officers in selecting, fit-testing, and maintaining respirators?
A. Fire marshall
B. Division officer
C. Damage control assistant
D. Gas-free engineering officer
Answer: D
If a nerve agent is in the atmosphere in your location, you should don your protective mask. The mask may be removed under which of the following circumstances?
A. One hour has elapsed since the attack
B. Two hours have elapsed since the attack
Answer: C
When EMI is assigned to correct a military deficiency, which of the following limitations normally is observed?
A. EMI is assigned in favor of awarding extra duty
B. EMI is assigned in periods not to exceed 2 hours daily
C. EMI is assigned
Answer: B

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