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Basic Military Requirements CH 5


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When was the United States NAVY born?
13 October 1775
On 13 October 1775 the Second Continental Congress authorized the purchase of how many ships?
During the Revolutionary War and into the 19th century naval vessels were grouped into what three major classes?
What ships were commisioned by the Continental
Congress and by individual states to capture enemy
merchant ships as prizes of war.
Privateers typicaly sailed what types of ships?
What was the name of the first warfare submarine?
The Turtle
Who built the first warfare submarine?
David Bushnell
The first instance of an ANTI-submarine attack was when the British sunk what submarine?
The Turtle
What was the NAVY's first flagship?
USS Alfred
Who was the first foriegn power to recognize the american colonies as a struggling government with a nine gun salute?
Who said?
"Struck Sir? I have not yet begun to fight!"
John Paul Jones
The Continental Navy operated some 56 vessels at one time or another. However, it only managed to reach a peak of __ ships, that operated at the same time.
During the revolutiuonary war it is estimated that the British lost how many merchant ships?
What is the oldest Navy ship still in commission today?
The USS Constitution
When was the Department of the Navy established?
What President established the department of the Navy?
President John Adams
The entirely Naval war with France between 1798-1801 was known as the ______.
Quasi War
The famous expression “Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute” originated from what war?
The Quasi war
Who led 84 seamen into the port of Tripoli and burned the captured ship USS Philidelphia on Feb 16 1804?
Lieutenant Stephen Decatur
On August 19, 1812 the USS Constitution earned what nickname?
Old Ironsides
What war began from the British forcing American Seamen to serve in the British Navy?
The war of 1812
Who wrote this dispatch?
“We have met the enemy and they are ours.”
Capt. Oliver Hazard Perry
What was the most important
development in the surface Navy during the first half of
the 19th century.
Steam Power
On September 5, 1843, the Navy’s first successful
steamship, the USS ______, was launched.
The Mexican-American War was primarily a _____ war.
Commodore Matthew C. Perry signed a treaty with _____
on March 31, 1854, that opened ports to American trade and provisioning of ships.
Name the two famed Iron cladds of the civil war.
USS Merrimack (Confederate)
USS Monitor (Union)
How many crewmembers died on the first voyage of the CSS Hunley?
The first successful attack by a submarine sank what ship?
The USS Housatonic
What was the name of the first submarine to complete an attack againt a surface ship?
The CSS Hunley
Who gave the famous order? “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!”
David Farragut
Who is considered the father of modern naval ordnance?
John Dahlgren
Who defined sea power; showed the importance of understanding naval needs; and advocated a large, powerful Navy capable of assembling an overwhelming force to defeat the enemy’s Navy.
Alfred T. Mahan
What ship was labeled as the first modern cruiser in the U.S. Fleet.
USS Newark
What was the first torpedo boat to join the fleet?
USS Cushing
The ______ was the US Navy's first gas-powered submarine
USS Holland
What was a major reason for the start of the Spanish-American War?
The sinking of the USS Maine in Havana, Cuba
The battle cry "Remember the Maine" came from the begining of what war?
The Spanish-American war
Who gave the order “You may fire when you are ready,
Commodore George Dewey
The Battle of Manila Bay was during what war?
The Spanish-American war
When did the Navy accept its first operational submarine?
the USS Holland
The first two submarines to have diesel engines were?
USS Skipjack (SS 24)
USS Sturgeon (SS 25)
What was the name of our first First-Class Battle ship?
USS Indiana (BB 1)
Where did the first flights of the Wright brothers take place?
Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
Eugene Ely successfully took off from and later landed a
biplane on a platform rigged aboard the __________.
USS Pennsylvania
Who was the Navy's first aviator?
Lieutenant T. G. Ellyson
On November 17, 1917, the
Destroyers USS Nicholson and USS Fanning were the first
U.S. ships to do what?
Sink an enemy submarine
When was the Nurse Corps officialy born?
Women were first enrolled into the Navy as ____.
In the 1930's Americans felt the economic strain known as the ________.
Great Depression
Where is the National Museum of Naval Aviation Located?
Pensacola, Florida
Who was the first pilot to cross the Atlantic?
Albert C. Read
What was the first Carrier designed from the Keel up?
USS Ranger
When was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?
December 7, 1941
How many aircraft carriers were sank during the attack on Pearl Harbor?
They were all at sea.
What was the first battle fought entirely by Aircraft launched from Aircraft Carriers?
Battle of Coral Sea
What was the turning point of the Pacific Campaign?
Battle of Midway
Which aircraft carrier was sunk during the Battle of Coral Sea?
USS Lexington
Which aircraft carrier was sunk during the Battle of Midway?
USS Yorktown
What battle took place for three days in November of 1942?
Battle of Guadalcanal
_________ was known as the largest amphibious operation in history.
The invasion of Normandy
What day marks the Invasion of Normandy?
June 6, 1944
D-Day may better be known as the __________.
Invasion of Normandy
Names such as the USS Tarawa,
USS Missouri (fig. 5-12), USS Tucson, USS Higbee,
and USS O’Bannon, are synonymous with ________.
Women reserves were better known as _____.
How many ratings were waves eligible for during WWII?
When for the first time did women became a part of the Regular Navy?
12 June 1948
In June 1948, a squadron of FH-1 Phantoms qualified for what?
Carrier operations, marking the begining of Jet based Aircraft Carriers.
What was the first US nuclear submarine?
USS Nautilus
What is the significance of the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act?
It abolished the Womens reserve and allowed women into the regular Navy.
29 June 1950 marked what?
The first Naval shots fired during the Korean Conflict.
When did helicopters come into wartime use?
During the Korean Conflict
What year was the first nuclear submarine launched?
What was the first submarine to reach the North Pole?
USS Nautilus
What year did the USS Nautilus reach the North Pole?
What was the first Nuclear powered Aircraft Carrier?
USS Enterprise
What year was the first satelite sent into orbit?
Who was the first American to make a suborbital flight?
Alan B. Shepard
What year was the first american launched into space?
When were americans introduced in Vietnam?
When did Vietnam end?
January 1973
Who was the first man to set foot on the Moon?
Neil Armstrong
When did Neil Armstrong make his first steps on the Moon.
20 July 1969
What was the Navy’s first deep diving vehicle.
When was the deep diving vehicle Alvin successfully tested at 6,000-foot depths.
July 20, 1965
Name the first Trident submarine.
USS Ohio
In May 1987, an Iraqi aircraft mistakenly fired two missiles that struck what US Frigate?
USS Starke
In April 1988, Iran’s use of mines caused considerable damage to what US Frigate?
USS Samuel B. Roberts
What spawned the start of Desert storm?
Iraq's invasion of Kuwait
The Navy transported over how many billion pounds of equipment and supplies to sustain the forces of Desert Shield / Desert Storm.
Name the first LHA.
USS Tarawa
What is the newest destroyer class?
Arleigh Burke
What is the newest Cruiser class?
During the late 18th Century, battleships were
classified as __________.
The first official recognition of the American
Stars and Stripes flag by a foreign nation was
given by France to the ______.
USS Ranger
What battle saved Australia from being invaded by the Japanese?
The Battle of Coral Sea
During what battle did Admiral Farragut give the order, “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead.”
Battle of Mobile bay

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