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As the relieving OOD of a ship
moored to a pier, which of the
following checks should be part of your relieving procedure?
1. Determining which lines are in use
2. Reviewing current SOPA
3. Determining which spe
Each of the above
A change in a ship’s watch
condition when getting underway, mooring, or modifying the condition
of readiness is called
1. dogging the watch
2. setting the watch
3. changing the guard
4. relieving the watch
setting the watch
Experience has shown that the
ability to handle casualties and tactical decisions is significantly
reduced during which of the
following events?
1. When the watch is being set
2. When the ship is entering port
3. When the wa
When the watch is being changed
If continuity of watches has been
interrupted, you should read the
commentary sections of the ship’s deck log for what minimum number of preceding watches before relieving
the OOD?
1. One
2. Two
3. Three
4. Four
During the relief of the OOD, who is responsible for ensuring the oncoming OOD is properly briefed on the overall situation of the ship?
1. The offgoing OOD only
2. The oncoming OOD only
3. The offgoing and the oncoming OOD
4. The ope
The offgoing and the oncoming OOD
What phrase should you use as the relieving OOD when you are ready to relieve the watch?
1. I have it, you are relieved
2. I am ready to relieve you,
3. I am prepared to assume the
4. I wil
I am ready to relieve you,
In the absence of the commanding officer in port, who is primarily responsible for the safety and proper operation of the unit?
1. Safety officer
2. MAA safety force
3. Officer of the deck
4. Command master chief
Officer of the deck
Which of the following
watchstanding assignments gives a petty officer equal status with a commissioned or chief warrant officer assigned to the same watch?
1. MAA
2. OOD
4. Each of the above
To stand OOD inport watches, you must be designated in writing by which of the following individuals?
1. Commanding officer
2. Senior watch officer
3. Command duty officer
4. Watch bill coordinator
Commanding officer
If weather conditions are such that suspending boating operations is advisable, what officer does the OOD immediately notify?
1. Safety officer
2. Boating officer
3. First lieutenant
4. Command duty officer
Command duty officer
As part of a routine watch, at
which of the following times does the 00D obtain permission from the
commanding officer to strike eight bells?
1. 2400, 0400, and 0800
2. 1200, 2400, and 0400
3. 0800, 1200, and 2000
4. 0800, 1
0800, 1200, and 2000
On ships having a Marine
detachment, brow and pier sentries report to which of the following individuals?
1. Officer of the deck
2. Sergeant of the guard
3. Petty officer of the watch
4. Junior officer of the deck
Sergeant of the guard
If you apprehend someone for a
violation of the UCMJ, at what
point does your responsibility for the apprehension end?
1. When the person is delivered to proper authority
2. When the person is placed in confinement
3. When the pe
When the person is delivered to proper authority
During which of the following
degrees of restraint may an
individual be required to perform full military duties?
1. Arrest
2. Confinement
3. Restriction in lieu of arrest
4. Each of the above
Restriction in lieu of
While in Rota, Spain, refuge is granted to a person aboard your ship, but foreign authorities request return of the person. To which of the following authorities
should the request be reported?
1. Chief of Naval Operations
2. Secretary of
Chief of Naval Operations
Which of the following publications provides detailed guidance in
preparing the Ship’s Deck Log?
1. United States Navy Regulations
2. Standard Organization and
Regulations of the U.S. Navy
3. Preparing, Maintaining, and
Preparing, Maintaining, and
Submitting the Ship’s Deck Log
The ship’s deck log may be used in which of the following ways?
1. As a chronological record of ship’s events
2. As legal evidence in fact
finding proceedings
3. Both 1 and 2 above
4. As a record of the proceedings
of a
Both 1 and 2 above
The original copy of the ship’s deck log is submitted monthly to the CNO. For what minimum length of time is a copy of the deck log retained on board before being destroyed?
1. 1 year
2. 6 months
3. 3 months
4. 5 years
1 year
A person seeking asylum aboard a Navy ship on the high seas may be surrendered to foreign authorities
upon the authorization of which ofthe following persons?
1. U.S. Customs agent
2. Commanding officer
3. Secretary of the Navy
Secretary of the Navy
If you make a mistake in the ship’s deck log, which of the following procedures should you use to correct the mistake?
1. Draw a single line through the error, insert the correct
entry, and initial
2. Print the word “error” after the
Draw a single line through the error, insert the correct
entry, and initial
Certifying that the ship’s deck log entries are correct and complete before submitting the log to the
commanding officer for signature is the responsibility of the
1. engineer
2. navigator
3. quartermaster
4. command duty offic
During a quiet, uneventful watch, what attitude should the OOD take concerning the security of the ship?
1. Vigilance must be maintained by at least one alert person
2. Security may be relaxed,
depending on the situation, but the possibly
Security of the ship is
paramount at all times and must never be relaxed
General visiting aboard ship is normally conducted between which of the following hours?
1. 0800 to 1100
2. 1100 to 1300
3. 1300 to 1600
4. 1800 to 2100
1300 to 1600
During general visiting a guide should be assigned to each group of visitors . What maximum number of visitors should be in each group?
1. 10
2. 15
3. 25
4. 50
If the commanding officer of a ship approves a classified visit by a foreign national, who, if anyone, must also authorize the visit?
1. Secretary of Defense
2. Secretary of the Navy
3. Chief of Naval Operations
4. none
Chief of Naval Operations
Who is directly responsible to the commanding officer for the posting of all security watches and sentries?
1. Officer of the deck
2. Command duty officer
3. Sergeant of the guard
4. Petty officer of the watch
Command duty officer
When armed and standing the OOD watch, when may you remove the pistol from its holster?
1. When a pleasure boat refuses to leave the area
2. When you must resist forceful entry to the ship
3. When you must make the
inspection required
Both 2 and 3
If the fantail security watch
issues a challenge and no answer is received, which of the following actions should be taken to summon assistance?
1. Sound a whistle
2. Yell, “Help, help, help”
3. Fire three shots into the air
Sound a whistle
Which of the following bills should you consult to find information on general visiting aboard ship?
1. Security bill
2. Watch, quarter, and station
3. Self-defense bill
4. General visiting bill
General visiting bill

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