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Questions from Crick Crack Monkey


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Where did Mikey have a job?
At the base
What did Mikey come home with after work?
glossy magazines, comic books, and sometimes slabs of meat
What did Tantie think was in the bottle?
Two dead crapaud
Where was Mikey sent to go?
New York
What did Tantie say Mikey would have if he went to New York?
All the pretty-shirt and saga-pants he wanted
Where did Tantie say Mikey would stay if he came back from New York?
At the Strandview Hotel
What didn't Tantie turn on to listen to on the radio?
Mary Price, Midlands housewife, or mother and confidante
Which river did Tantie say make Mikey different?
Where did the ship land in which Selwyn went on?
Where did Tantie say Selwyn thought he had reached?
The Golden Gates
Who did Tantie say Selwyn would have to come with to send the children with ihim in the "Golden Gates"?
God and He Mother (his mother)
What did Tantie whack on the chair before going back into the kitchen?
The duster
What did Mikey call Tantie?
How many years would Mikey have to have to go without Tantie's permission?
How was Toddan chatting too much?
My asking silly questions
What did Toddan go off to explore?
The fountain and the tourist-shop
Who was making knowing comments?
Uncle Sylvester
What was Uncle Sylvester making comments on?
On propellers and immigration officers' caps
What had they never seen Mikey in before?
A suit
Name some of the things that Tantie said were necessities for Mikey's trip?
Tamarind jam, pone, coconut oil etc.
What did Mikey have?
Baggage and large envelopes
What was Tantie calling Toddan?
What was in Mikey's parcels for Tantie?
A dress and stockings and a handbag
What was at the bottom of the box?
A large photograph of Mikey
What did Mikey bring for the children?
Toys and sweets
What was Mikey's name?
Where was everyone when Tee sympathazied with somethings?
In Exhibition Class
What was Tee sympahizing with and why?
With the chickens because they were to be put in the cage and fattened up by Tantie for Christmas.
What had Tee been reciting in her sleep?
textiles, mutton, wheat
Who was most understanding with Tee in a geologial treatise?
Mr. Thomas
What did Tee reveal to Mr. Thomas?
That the West Riding of Yorkshire was a huge race course, and the largest in the world.
Where did Mr. Thomas say he had to put that info. from Tee?
In his Exhibition-Class book
What did Sir used too suffer?
painful seizures
What word would the class misspell or leave blank in Dictation?
What would Sir do to punish the class for spelling the word inccorrectly or leaving it blank?
Three beatings with the tamarind whip
What would Sir do if no one gave a suggestion of what sleet was?
He would give them six more beatings.
When was Tee coming to school in the morning?
At seven o'clock in the morning
When was Tee leaving school?
At six o'clock in the afternoon
What would Mr.Thomas do with the class in the middle of lessons?
He would send them off to play
What word would plough a weight of lead in everyone's game?
What did Mr. Thomas tell the children to do the day before the exam?
He told them to leave their books at home, and he would read some good ones from his Exhibition book
What did Tee say the children laughed too much at?
At Mr. Thomas' prize collection of scholarly howlers
What did the children talk about and do on the day before exam?
They talked about what they were wearing to the exam, they sang songs, and talked about high-schools that they were going to.
What songs did they sing?
'Men of Harlech', 'The Minstrel Boy', and 'Loch Lomond'
Which high-schools were the boys arguing about going to?
Ascension or Imperial College
Which schools did the girls all want to attend?
Queen Victoria's or St. Ann's
Which school were at least forty-one of the students going to really end up at?
Coriaca Government school
On which day did Tantie hear the news about what Tee got?
On a Sunday morning
Who was out at Tantie's house in the morning to tell her about the news, and what was she/he rattling?
She was Mavis, and she was rattling the gallery gate
What did Tee receive?
A scholarship
What did Mavis suggest Tantie thought was the reason she came up there ?
"Wha'yu t'ink, ROBBERRY wid Violence"
Which place did the novel say was where Tantie's squawking must have been hear?
Up in Pointe d'Espoir
What animal did they kill at the little party thrown for Tee?
When did Auntie Beatirce say Tee would be coming home?
On vacations and sometimes on weekends
What did Tantie say that she and her family were not?
What did Carol refer to Tee as?
What belonged to Carol and was in the place where Tee needed to put her things?
Her 'dorncing-things'
When did Carol and Beatrice laugh when Tee was in the room?
When Tee drew out all her garments out of the suitcase.
What were the 2 names that Carol said Tee's name were because she 'supposedly had forgetten it'?
Agatha or Emmalina
What did Carol say when Tee didn't answer her?
'Oh dear, she has not tongue'
Who was talking with Carol on the phone?
Susan (Sus'n)
What was Carol doing while she was on the phone?
She was waving her fork in the air and dancing about on her chair
What did Bernadette have on when she came downstairs for food?
She had on a frothy yellow bathrobe and face-cream
How many mouthfuls of food did Bernadette put in her mouth before going back upstairs?
Who were fighting over the phone?
Bernadette and Carol
Who got to pick up the phone?
Who was the call for?
Uncle Norman
What did Auntie Beatrice do to show her distress?
She kept on fanning herself and shaking her head
What did Carol do after she ate?
She curled up in an armchair and opened a magazine
What did Bernadette have in her mouth when she came downstairs again?
She had a toothbrush in her mouth
What did Bernadette say to Aunt Beatrice about Carol?
"I find it's time you started training that little BITCH"
What kind of noise did Carol "send" up to Bernadette?
A mocking singsong noise
Whose room was Tee sleeping in?
Who shared rooms?
Carol and Jessica
What did Auntie Beatrice do to Tee on the first night?
She kissed Tee on her forehead
What event was one of the things Tee had to do for the first time?
She had to sleep in a bed all by herself
What was the colour of Tee's new uniform?
blue and white
What did Tantie say about the uniform?
That it was damn nun-clothes
What did Tee associate the young ladies with?
with snow-faries
What would the flight of nuns twitter along their trail?
'Good morninng Mother, good morning Sister'
Whose classs was Tee in?
The same class as Carol
Where was Carol sitting?
In the front row, in the desk that was immediately under the teacher's
Where did Tee feel like she would have to sit?
In the back row
Who was the form mistress?
Mrs. Wattman
Describe Mrs. Wattman?
A stout woman with a faintly apologetic, twitchy manner.She wore lipstick in a most curious fashion, and she constantly adjsuted her belt and patted her hair.
From when did Carol come up at St. Ann's?
From Kindergarten and Lower School
What did Carol show Mrs. Wattman to tell her about her vacation?
She told her news by illustrating drawings on the blackboard
What was the main activity that much of the week was spent doing?
Selecting people for various posts for the choiir, the Dramatic Society, the netball team.
What was Jessica in?
The Second Company of Guides
Why wasn't Jessica in the choir or anything else but the S.C. of Guides?
Because she was not light-skinned
What did Tee say Aunt Beatrice was putting all her efforts towards?
Towards forcing Tee in as a triplet to Carol and Jessica
What did Auntie Beatrice suggest to Tee about joining?
The Guides
What company was Tee placed in?
the Second
What was Auntie Beatrice trying to get Tee into?
Carol's dancing school
When did Tee go to the dancing lesson?
On the next Saturday afternoon
Whose class wasz Auntie Beatrice trying to get Tee into?
Miss de Vertueil's
Who told Miss de Vertueil that someone was there to see her?
A pot-bellied child with no bottom
What colour was Miss de Vertueil's lipstick?
A bright red
What was Auntie Beatrice's last name?
What kind of test was Tee given to see if she was fit for Miss de Vertueil's class?
A rhythm test
What did Miss de Vertueil turn on?
A record-player
How did Tee describe the girl who was dancing?
Like a fat hen bent on taking flight
How did Tee describe the bodies around her when she was supposed to start dancing?
A whirlpool of bodies
What was Auntie Beatrice's head darting like?
Like a mother bird
Where did Miss de Vertueil suggest for Tee to try dance lessons?
In Miss Grieve's troupe
What did Auntie Beatrice say about the children in Miss Grieve's troupe?
that they were ordinry little children
Where did Aunt Beatrice say Tee should go with Carol and Jessica?
To all the birthday parties and garden parties they went to
Where did Tee appear in a dress Tantie had made for her?
At Mass on one Sunday
What did Auntie Beatrice say about how Tee's dress looked?
It was 'niggery-looking'
What was Tee taking at her school?
Catechism classes
Which church was Tee to be christened into?
The Catholic Church
What would Carol and Jessica giggle into at Mass?
into their little books
Who did Tee feel were coldly regarding her when she was at Mass?
the whole church, people and the building
When did Tee mention her packing for the wedding to Aunt Beatrice?
On Friday
Who's wedding was it?
What did Aunt Beatrice refer to the wedding as?
As a coolie affair
What does simmy-dimmy mean?
What did Aunt Beatrice say Tee would do on the day of Moonie's wedding?
She would go for a long drive and drop by Auntie Beryl.
What did Auntie Beatrice say she would tell Aunt Rosa so that Tee wouldn't be able to go to the wedding?
She would tell Tantie that she had the flu.
When did Auntie Beatrice say she would take Tee home to Tantie?
Next weekend
When would Auntie Beatrice come back for Tee?
on Sunday night
What did Tee say Moonie mysteriously transfigured into at her wedding?
Into a pretty and fragile doll smothered in cloth and flowers
What did Tee say the young men would beat the drum like?
the devil
When would the young men beating the drum stop?
When the sharp beat had taken hold of the night like a hiccup
Who were the babus at the wedding?
The Hindu granfathers
What were the babus doing?
They were squatting with their sticks, and looking at the great crowd
What would the tough young girl have on top of her head?
A pith-oil tin full of water
What did Tee say Toddan would have had at the wedding already?
His castor-oil
What 2 foods was Tee now thinking of?
Dalpouri and good hot pepper
What was the height of the festivity for Tee and Toddan?
Eating off a piece of banana-leaf if they didn't have enough plates
What did Auntie Beatrice think of pepper-sauce?
She thought it was nastiness
Where was Ma's pepper-sauce a favourite?
In Pointe d'Espoir market
What did they pour the pepper-sauce over?
rice, fish-soup, bread
What did Tantie say Tee could do if she ever wanted to go home?
She could write or shecould phone Ling
Who did Tantie say that Selwyn would have to bring?
God an' He Mother
Where did Tee have to go on Saturday, on the week Auntie Beatrice said she could go home?
to one of the next-door children's birthday party
What did Tee say Carol and Jessica had no intention of letting her in?
into their dubious confr`erie.(accent over 1st e)
What did Bernadette come into the room with?
with her hairdos, high thin heels, and her unlikely affectedness in her speech
What did Bernadette do a lot?
spend hours on the telephone
What did Bernadette and her cronies do on weekends?
They filled the gallery, chatting, playing records, and flirting
What was the full-time occuppation of Auntie Beatrice?
The girls' social life
What was St. Cyr Boulevard better known as?
What was San-See?
An approved fashion-parade promenade
What was Bernadette's nick-name?
What reminded Tee of a picture of her mother?
Auntie Beatrice's smile
Descirbe the photograph that Auntie Beatrice had on her wall
It was large, oval, reddish brown with age, and was encircled in a heavy frame of gilded foliage.
What was the photograph of?
Of The White Ancestress called Elizabeth Helen Carter
Who was Carol's middle name, and Tee's mother's name named after?
Elizabeth Helen Carter
Where did Elizabeth live?
at her Godparents
What kind of poeple were the godparents?
Where was Elizabeth suppose to go?
To the people on the Grange
What would the people on the Grange do with Elizabeth?
They would take her back to England
Who did Aunt Beatrice seem to blame Jessica on?
Unle Norman
Who did Jessice say didn't like her?
Sister Columba
Who did Aunt Beatrice say Jessica could go live with if she continue to talk like them?
with market-people
When did Tantie to Tee's hair?
When she was dressing up "for sweetness"
What would Auntie Beatrice do to Tee every night?
give her a kiss
What would Auntie Beatrice do in in the mornigns to Tee?
Comb her hair and tie her bows
What would Tee do when she was angry about her bows being tied by Auntie Beatrice?
She would go in the bathroom and untie and then retie her bows
What would Aunt Beatrice carry on for the benefit of Carol and Jessica because they wouldn't allow her to comb their hair?
A monologue
What did Tee want to go to?
Where did they go at the Carnival on both days?
to the Stands
What did they do at the Stands?
They sat and watched the bands
Who did they watch the bands in the company of?
tourists and the nice people who were in 2 minds about the carnival
What did they see in the Carnival?
the unmistakable niggeryness of the affair
What did Bernadette say about the Carnival?
real nigger-break loose
Who was the only one in the house playing mas'?
What does "playing mas'" mean?
joining a street band of masqueraders
Why was Bernadette playing mas'?
Because through Roger Hemandez she could get into Starpoints
Who did Aunt Beatrice say could also get into Starpoints?
When did Auntie Beatrice say Carol could get into Starpoints?
maybe next year
Who were they supposed to look out for at the Carnival?
Who were they sitting against?
an American tourist
Describe the American tourist
He was in shirt of many colurs, Bermuda shorts of many colours and a broad panama hat with a polka-dot band.
What were they in?
jeans and jerseys
What would Tantie, Tee, Mikey, and Toddan go to their Carnival in?
In Ramlaal's truck
Where was the Carnival that Tantie and the others used to go?
in Coriaca
What did they do on the way to the Carnival?
The sang and drummed on their chocolate and pitch-oil tins
What did the tins contain?
The pelau and roti and dalpouri annd chicken
What did Toddan and Mikey play?
They played djab'-djab'
What did the 2 of them collect?
a sum of money
What did Tee atrat to call all her neighbours and her Indian friends?
raucous niggerry people and coolies
Where did Auntie Beatrice think Tee was going with her for the Easter vacation?
To Canapo
What did Auntie Beatrice rent in Canapo?
a beach-house
Who would have to write a letter to Tantie that Tee was going to Canapo?
What was the house at Canapo called?
Cosy Nook
Where did the Cosy Nook lay?
In a cove shut in on one side by a rising finger of land.
What was this rising finger of land called?
The Head
WHat was the cove filled in with that was just like Ma's land?
the greeness (dense dark green fury)
What did Uncle Norman do for the most of the time?
he slept
Where did they go on the 1st and 2nd days of their Easter vacation?
they went to the beach
Who appeared on the scene on the third day?
the Silvas
Where were the Silvas staying?
in a beach-houde on the other side of the Head
What did Bernadette, Carol and Jessica go for the rest of the vacaton?
They went to the other side of the Head with the da SIlva boys and girls
What were the da Silvas doing in the week that they had been there?
What did Bernadette, Carol, and Jessica say they wanted to go to the other side of the Head?
the water was better
What were they wearing to go with their friends?
their bright beach-clothes
When did they promise to be back?
at lunch
Which trees did the noise of Auntie Beatrice die away into?
the coconut trees
Where was Tee when Auntie Beatrice went about the house calling frantically after her?
the toilet
Where did Auntie Beatrice and Tee go after eating breakfast?
they went to the bannister of the gallery and stared out at the sea
When did Tee scuttle throught the back door?
while the others made their exit throught the front door
Where was Tee making for?
the bushes at the side of the house
Where did Tee continue to run towards?
the beach
Where did Tee think she could hide?
in the growth of vines that fringed the beach in places, and the little alcoves they formed
Where did the vines grow along?
a little shelf that rose up from the beach
What could Tee see over on the other side?
the three (J, C, B) moving along the Head
What did Tee think about after shutting out the thought of Auntie Beatrice?
the beach at Pointe d'Espoir and all the cousins annd Godsisters and Godbrothers
Why was the thought of the cousins,.... to be shut out by Tee?
Because she saw everyone coming out of the water with their petticoats, panites, and old trousers on their bodies, and some with no clothes on at all.
What did Tee think of after the cousins...?
What was Ma?
she was a market-woman, she sold in the market
What was Tee thinking of after Ma?
suppose Bernadette, Carol, and Jessica knew that Ma was a market-woman
What insulted Tee when she ran away?
the sea, the sea-birds, the jumbled footprints in the sand, and the dead leaves
Who was Auntie Beatrice coaxing the others (J,B,C)to bring over?
the da Silva and their friends
Where did Auntie Beatrice ask Uncle Norman to drive them to in the afternoon?
to the nearest town, ten miles away
What did Uncle Norman make clear that he would do as soon as the would reach?
he would find a tree to park under and sleep
What did they do at the nearest town?
They shopped
What did Auntie Beatrice say about all the shops she went to?
that there was no proper food to get there, only a bottle of stuffed olives and a bag of potato chips
What did Aunt Beatrice say she was glad that she brought her own supply of?
Worcester sauce and French dressing
Where did they spend the rest of the day at after coming back from the town?
in the kitchen
What were they doing in the kitchen?
preparing the spread
Where did Tee hear talking ?
In the gallery, and then towards the kitchen
What did Bernadette say in an irritated voice?
She said something about the moon, annd that they didn't know (probably about the dinner)
Where did Tee go after leaving the kitchen?
the gallery
When Tee went out into the bush, what was she assailed by?
mosquitos and sand-flies
Where did Aunt Beatrice's daughters gone?
they had gone crab-huntingWha
What would Berndatte scream after if she saw it, and what would she scream like?
she would scream after seeing a baby spider, and like a madwoman
What would Tee remember that Na's bigger boys would have to go to the beach?
crocus-bags, flashlights and lengths of vine
What time in the night would Ma's bigger boys go?
When there was a full moon
What did Aunt Beatrice lay the dishcloths over?
the sandwiches, the nuts, olives and fancy biscuits
Where did Aunt Beatrice and Tee walk?
along the beach in the direction of the Head
What did Tee see at the end of the head?
A crab, and someone who took hold of it with a crocus-bag
What were the lights on the other side of the Head like?
large candle-flies
Who grabbed Tee's hand when he/she meant to catch a crab?
a boy
What did Tee fetch that Auntie Beatrice took away from her?
A brrom to sweep
What was now a monstrous enemy?
the Head
chapter one

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