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Run off election
between John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson.(ahead by 9%).. The decision goes to the house of representatives
Henry Clay
came in 4th. told those who had supported him to swing his votes to adams
corupt bargan
in exchange for makin adams win, adams gave clay secretary of state
Adams' presidency
He was very bright and unique He ran for congressman after presidency but his presidency was not that remarkable
era of commen man
jackson is president. he welcomed thse who had not been included into democracy. (south and west). He hated the bank of america. he gets congress to secure voting rights for poor white men.
anyone could come (first time it had been done that way)
Spoils system
rewarded those who supported him. He got them jobs and turned burocracy over to supporters
Problem with the spoils system
bribes appear. People who were not qualified to do work were getting the work.
Indian Removal Act
goal was to get indians onto reservations on oklahoma. Reason: protection against confrentation for Indians (forveable relocation).
Trail of Tears
Indians march. over 4000 died on the three month jounrey
Bank war
A group tries to renew the recharter 3 year early. When it goes to the desk Jackson vitos it. The point was to show the United States what Jackson was interested in. He gets reelcted. he puts money into state bank called PET banks. People couldnt pay their debts that were called into the bank of the united states (bittle) thus the bank dies.
2nd term
Made a lot of enemies (politicians felt he was like a dictator)
Jackson's tarrif
puts a tarrif on good. The southerners start raising hell because of their cotten.
south carolina
calhoun say South carolina should have the ability to nulify tarrif. The compromise and by 1844.
new party that doesnt like jackson. They named it this because it was the same idea as the wigs in england. to keep the king in check/ anyone who acted like a dictator.
diversification of economy
economy is based on king cottem. 90% plantation oweres are also part of the local government.
Tredegar Iron Works
only factory in the south. It comes back to hoant them during the war because they dont have enough weapons
ban of 1908
banned importation of slaves
picked and deseeded by slaves
Cotton Jin
invented by Eli Whitney. It made slavery a vicious cycle because the process was faster which meant that the more slaves that they had the more production they had
Interchangable parts
Eli Whitney. able to mass produce. Same party you can fix it. It starts the idea of assembly line.
Robert Fulton
ferfection of the steam boat
steal plow
john deere
SOS (telegraphs)
samual morse
Sowing machine
improves the showing machine
Italy/Irland/Germany. Most steele in the north (factories). Some factories would pay for immigrats to come
Result of immigration
poverty goes up in the cities. people start pointing fingers at the immigrats for societies problems (crime/dirty).
know nothings
(political party) they wanted to stop immigration. They were called knownothings because they were very secretive
Problem that did come out of immigration
increase in alcoholism. average man drank 3X as much as today.
Temperace Movement
want to stop salve of alcohol (prohibition)
asylum movement
before all tyles of crimnals were put together which made mentally insane more valurnable to preditores. The septeration of the mentally diabled from others (dorthea dix)
Penitentury for criminals
pay for sin by making people think about what they did. Pentanance-forgiveness
Perkins school for the blind
1st school for the blind. opportunity to live a normal life.
Walt Whitman
wrote poetry related to cibil war. "leaves of grass"
Herman Melville
Mobey Dicke
Emerson and thoreau
Utopia vision
people join communes becasue tehy wanted to get away from the mainstream.
Brook Farm
Massachusettes. Hathorne lived there at one point. Give up individual or the greater good (manuel labor
oneida community
ny. everybody was marred to everyone else
group that "shook" violently at religous meetings to shake away win. They believed in total celebecy. No sexual relations
created by Josephy Smith (ny state)He eventually moved to Ilinoi. Smith is arrested and tried for treason. before the trial he is killed by locals. young picks up the torch and they move to Utah.
Cholera problems
wips out protions of cities
New diets
doctors (graham) took time to say that what you eat counts
belif that by someone putting their hand on their heads would tell what type of person they were
dental work
ether is created to minimize pain.
horace mann. takes PS education and improves it. He lenthens school year, adds new classes, doubles teachers saleries
abolosionist movement
focus on the ending of slavery moderate: american colonzation society Aggresive: slavery need to end: no debate.
William lloyd Harrison
published weekly newsletter called the liberator. (aggressive)
American colonization society
move slaves back to africa. 1place was sucessful was liberia (capitol: Monroevia) Failed over all: People are american. there is no connection other than ancestors
printed his own newpaper talking about antislavery. he is killed because of it. the people who shot him were northeners
black abolitionists
frederick douglas "the north star" and Sojouner Truth
writes UNCLE TOMS CABIN. becasue the fad book. Forces Northeners to realize that they have to do something. Brook sold in England. This was important because did not help the confederates. "so this is the little lady who started the war"
Black Belt
Georgia, Carolina, etc (deep south
Deep south
king cotton
Upper south
tabacco. The whole plantation owners are callin the shots. Southern politcsts is not aobut democracy. arostocracy.
Ivan Hoe
modeled themsleves after characters in books
all southerners have slavery but only 1700
Whites fought in Civil war because...
hope to get better off and they wont have to compete for low jobs
Some free blacks
owned slaves
werent cheap. Treatment: it was an investment and they wouldnt hurt and investment.
Counter argument
roof, food, wouldnt treat them bad vs. immigrants
Nat Turner
VA- lead a slave rebellion that killed 40 whites in bed
Because of turner
slavery got harsher. also got mad at northerners becasue they said they were giving black bad ideas.
presidial election of 1844
james k polk. He believed in manafest destiny.
Manafest destiny
believed that america had been given by God. They should use it to the full potential. Used to rationalize kicking people off land
which states joins the union in 1845
Santa Anna
leader of mexio (california/texes).
Friction between mexico and United States
America wated boundary at rio grande. Mexico wanted boundary at Nueces river.
Polk makes an offer
25,000,000 dollars. He sends john slidell with offer. Mexican dont even listen to this
Polk sends the army..
to texas and region between nueces and rio grande. Head of the army: zachery Taylor
1846 Mexicans make a move
they came across rio grade and attack taylor's troops
most people agree with war.
Spot resolution
some people suspect polk of not being truthful. Lincoln says he wants proof. Spot resolution was to go where teh blood was shed. this doesnt get anywhwere
Meican American War
Generals are zarchary taylor (ruff and ready) and winfield (fuss and feathers) vs. santa Anna
1848 the mexicans surrender
Trist was sent to make treaty: Guadalupe Hidalogo. United staes gets cali and new mexico terretory. Boundary set at rio grande. Gave 5,000,000 dollars to mexico. Us will pay american for damages for war. Takes pressure of mexicans
mexican war is "labrotory"
for civil war. Issue: will slavery be able to speard into cali; new mexico and other areas
Presidential election
taylor becomes president.

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