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EPPP-mixed topics


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Jay Haley, associated with strategic family therapy, advocates the use of what interventions?
Paradoxical interventions (i.e. prescribing the symptom)
Setting Coalitions
What aspect of depressive affect is the strongest indicator of suicide risk?
What is meant by the Gestalt term "introjection"?
accepting ideas or beliefs without really thinking them through...i.e. accepting patriotism as a value because our culture places value on that
What is empirical criterion keying?
choosing items for a test based on how well that item distinguishes between groups of people (i.e. suicidal people/non-suicidal people)
What is meant by the psychoanalytic concept "reaction formation"?
an attempt to deal with unacceptable impulses by substituting their opposite
What is meant by the psychoanalytic concept "isolation of affect?
separating thoughts from their associated feelings
What is meant by the psychoanalytic concept "undoing"?
behaviors designed to symbollically "undo" unacceptable thoughts
According to Jung, what happens to people around age 40
They turn from extroverted (seeking pleasure in external things) to introverted (turning the libido inward)
What is Adler's "masculine protest?"
Inferiority complexes -- feelings which motivate one to grow, develop and be supportive
What are parataxic Distortions? (Harry Stack Sullivan)
relating to people in your present as if they were someone from your past

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