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EPPP Missed Questions from Post-Tests


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Bronfennbrenner's bioecological model
micro--> aspects of child's environment that affect him/her directly (home and school)

Meso--> Interactions between elements in microsystem (interaction between home and school)

Exosystem--> factors that indirectly affect the child (parent's job)

Macro--> cultural values & customs, the economic system
Treatment of Atypical Depression
best with either MAOI's or SSRI's
Cortisol is made in the...
adrenal cortex
Children with autism will do better on which test of abilities?
the Embedded Figures Test, which measures field dependence/independence
Malamuth's confluence model (formerly the interaction model)
Sexual aggression is the result of the convergence of 2 pathways--> the hostile masculinity pathway and the promiscuous-impersonal sex pathway.
Difference between Anxiety and Depression
Anxiety has similar levels of negative affect and higher levels of autonomic arousal and positive affect when compared to depression
Korsakoff's syndrome is damaged to what area of the brain?
Mammilary Bodies
Negative reinforcement
used to increase a behavior by removing a stimulus
Taylor-Russell tables
Need the
1) base rate,
2) the selection ratio
3) the validity coefficient.
studied the neural mechanisms underlying associative and nonassociative learning in the sea slug
Aging & Picture Recognition
picture recognition has the lowest processing demand adn has been found to show little if any, age-related cognitive deficits.
Sickness Impact Profile
assess the impact of illness on an individual's psychosocial and physical functioning in terms of 12 daily activities
Ethnic minorities and therapy outcomes
Hispanices do best, followed by Anglos, Asian-Americans, and African- Americans.
Petit mal (absence) seizures
characterized by altered level of consciousness without signficant motor symtpoms.
* Begin in thalamus (gateway to consciousness)
Ohio State University Study
focused on the behaviors exhibited by supervisors and other organizational leaders.
Craik and Lockart's level of processing model
semantic level of processing is the deepest level of processing and produces the best results...

Elaborative rehearsal invovels encoding materials semantically.

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