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"The Westing Game" Flashcard Game


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What was Madame Sun Lin Hoo assigned to do in the story?
She was assigned to be the cook.
Who was Jake Wexler's partner?
Madame Sun Lin Hoo.
Who is Turtle's sister?
Angela Wexler
What was Flora Baumbach assigned to do in the story?
She was assinged to be the dressmaker.
Why is Chritos Theodorakis in a wheelchair and who is his brother?
Chrisb is in a wheelchair because he's suffering from a dehabilitation disease, and his brother's name is Theo.
Who is Dr. Denton Deere's partner?
Alexander McSouthers is a what in the story?
He is a doorman.
J.J. Ford is a what in the story and who is her partner?
She's a judge, and her partner is Alexander McSouthers.
How many children do Grace Windsor Wexler have and what are their names?
She has 2, and their names are Turtle and Angela.
What does James Shin Hoo's wife do and can she speak english? If not what language does she speak?
She's a cook, and no she can't. Chinese.
Who wife did Berthe Erica Crow use to be?
Sam Westing's.
Who is Otis Amber's partner?
Berthe Erica Crow.
Who is Theo's friend and partner?
Doug Hoo.
Who is Doug's father?
James Shin Hoo.
Who was Angela suppose to marry until she found out they were cousins?
Dr. Denton Deere.
Sydelle Pulaski is what in the story?
Secretaryb to the president.

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