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wod 1&2


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fetter (feather)
to restrain; to hamper
maladroit (draw it)
clumsy; inept
torrid (poor ed)
intensely hot; burning; passionate; rapid
pinguid (penguin)
fat; oily
malodor (bad odor)
a bad odor
balk (bawk)
to stop and refuse to procced
curb (herb)
to control or check
parable (pair of bulls)
a simple story illustrating a moral or religious teaching
nettle (settle)
to irritate, vex
paradigm (pair of dimes)
a pattern that serves as a model or example
dishevel (shovel)
to make untidy; to disarrange the hair or clothing of
palisade (pal in the shade)
a fortification of timbers set in the ground; an extended cliff
mottle (bottle)
to mark with spots or blotches of different shades or colors
prattle (rattle)
to babble to talk meaninglessly
patriarch (pastry art)
the leader of a family or tribe
malice (alice)
a desire or intrest to harm others or to see them suffer
fusillade (flawless)
a rapid outburst or barrge
malaise (mayonnaise)
a vague of bodily discomfort, as at the beggining of an illness
cascade (lemonade)
a waterfall or anything resembling a waterfall
torpid (torpedo)
dormant; inactive; lethargic

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