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Eclipse EA500 Climate Control & Pressurization


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The default setting for the air conditioning at power-up is ---.
current cabin altitude, CABIN ALTITUDE HOLD MODE
if primary pressurization control fails the controller automatically holds the ------ ----- -------- and a ----- -------- ---- ---- advisory message appears.
Maximum regulated cabin differential pressure (delta P)
Bleed air supply, cabin air distribution, AC subsystem, cabin pressurization sub system
What are the 4 subsystems of climate control
if the cabin should remain pressurized on the ground a ----- ----------- -- ------ caution message appears and this requires that the AIR SOURCE be selected to --- and the ----- ---- switch be activated to depressurize the cabin.
0-2500 ft/min
In manual pressurization mode the cabin rate can be set in this range
3 pressurization modes can be selected on the Pressurization synoptic:
-1000 ft to 11,500 ft
In manual pressurization mode the cabin altitude can be set in this range
12,750 ft, aural warning sounds every 15seconds
If the cabin altitude exceeds ------ ft an ----- -------- sounds for -- seconds.
Maximum regulated negative cabin pressure differential (delta P)
Cockpit temp is set to MAX heat, forward evaporator fan is set to HIGH, DEHUM feature is set to ON
DEFOG mode routes 90% of the bleed air to the windshield and side window ducts. Optimum performance is obtained how?
ON for 1 minute and OFF for 3 minutes
When dehumidification is set to ON using the ENVIR synoptic page the AC will automatically cycle as follows:
The cockpit temp sensor is under the armwrest on the copilot side. The cabin temp sensor is located on the center of the aft cabin ceiling. Temperature is displayed on the ENVIR synoptic page.
Where are the cockpit and cabin temperature sensors located and where is the temperature displayed?
The pilot enters the desired cabin altitude and rate of climb. This must be continually updated by the pilot.
Describe the MANUAL mode on the pressurization synoptic
The cabin altitude must descend below 12,500 ft or a rate of descent of 1,800 ft/min or greater must be initiated
At 12,750 ft cabin altitude an aural alert sounds. To silence the alert one of 2 conditions must be met.
In AUTO mode the cabin rate of climb shoud be less then --- fpm
The isolation valve isolates the left bleed air source from the right bleed air source. The cabin shutoff valve regulates the bleed air to the cabin. Both valves are controlled by the ACS. Manual override of the valves is done with the Air Distribution line select key on the pressurization synoptic.
Describe the function of the isolation and cabin shutoff valves. How are the valves controlled? How would the pilot override the auto position of the valves? Where is the valve position displayed?
1. Both outflow valves fully open 2. Both flow control valves switch to high flow 3. All bleed air is routed to cockpit
If the cabin dump switch is switched ON, what happens (3)?
At what altitude are the passenger masks automatically deployed?
line select key, ENVIR synoptic page, cockpit and cabin temp control, evaporator fan control, windshield defog, dehumidification (only with AC set to AUTO)
The AC system can be controlled using the --- ---------- --- on the --------------- synoptic page. It allows control of (4) functions.
8.7psi, CABIN dP HIGH
If the differential pressure between cabin altitude and airplane altitude exceeds ---psi a ---- -- ---- warning message appears
1. Cabin altitude over 10,000 ft, 2. cabin rate of climb over 2500ft/min, 3. L or R selected on the air flow switch, 4. bleed air is only available from 1 engine, 5. cabin temp control falls approximately 7 degrees F below the set temp, 6. DUMP is on
The engine bleed air flow control valve is set to high flow by the ACS under what 6 conditions?
The cabin air distr. system receives conditioned bleed air from the bleed air system and distributes it through a lower duct system. Cooled air from the AC system is routed through 2 evaporators and into the upper duct distribution duct system. Used cabin air is exhausted through the primary and secondary outflow valves.
The cabin air distribution system receives air from what 2 systems? How is it routed? How is it exhausted?
177C or 350F, red, PYLON OVERHEAT message
If there is a bleed air leak and the pylon temperature sensor exceeds --- C or ---F, the display turns --- and a ----- -------- message appears
0-2500 ft/min
The crew can select the cabin altitude rate of change between
13,500ft +/- 1500ft
If the cabin dump is activated in flight at high altitudes what is the maximum altitude the cabin will reach?
10,000 ft, CABIN ALTITUDE, red
If the cabin altitude exceeds ----- ft a ----- -------- warning message appears and the display turns -----.
bleed air temp is too high or engine is starting
A Flow control valve (FCV) will not open if (2)
Two step flow control and off. Control is through the ACS.
Bleed air downstream of the heat exchanger is routed through an electrically actuated flow control valve in the engine pylon. What are the 2 functions and how is it controlled?
8000, 2500, sea level
at flight altitudes up to 41000 feet the cabin altitude will maintain ---- feet. At flight altitudes up to 20,000 feet the cabin is scheduled to maintain -------feet, at flight altitudes up to 1500ft the cabin will maintain --- ------.
If either the ram air exhaust valve or fan air control valve fails a ------- ---- ---- advisory message appears.
400 and 700fpm
cabin rate of climb or descent is normally maintained between --- and --- fpm.
MAX HEAT, high, ON, 90%
optimal DEFOG performance is obtained when the cockpit temperature is set to --- ----, the forward evaporator fan is set to ____ , and the dehumidification feature is set to ---. In this mode approximately ----% of the conditioned bleed air is sent to the cockpit windshield and side windows.
Bleed air heat exchanger, bi-level flow control valve, and then bleed air muffler ducts to the cabin air distribution system
High pressure engine bleed air used for pressurization and climate control is routed:
when the air source selector is off an --- ------ -------- status message appears indicating that one or both bleed air sources are off
aircraft pressurization, ventilation, conditioned bleed air
What are 3 functions of the bleed air supply
when the AIR SOURCE switch is set to L or R the bleed air from the respective engine is alsways shunted to the -------
Cockpit and cabin temperature, evaporator fan speed, DEFOG, DEHIMID, AIR COND
The ENVIR synoptic page provides control of (LIST 5)
0-11,500 ft
The landing altitude on the Pressurization Synoptic can be set in this range
8750 ft, CABIN ALTITUDE, amber
If the cabin altitude exceeds ------ ft a ----- --------caution message appears and the display turns -----.
ram air and fan air. During ground operations fan air is routed thru a fan air control valve and then to the heat exchanger
What 2 sources of airflow feed into the bleed air heat exchanger to cool the high pressure bleed air from the engine. During ground operation which is used?
landing altitude at the destination airport can be set manually or with the FMS, cabin rate of climb/descent is normally controlled between 400 and 700 ft/min, cabin pressure is controlled automatically to meet the following: 8,000ft cabin altitude at 41,000ft, 2,500ft at 25,000ft, sea level at 1,500ft
Describe the AUTO pressurization modes on the pressurization synoptic.
Primary outflow valve, left ACS
Cabin pressurization is controlled by the -------- ------ ------ and is controlled directly by the ---- ---
Normal position, ground idle, failure of electrical power
The engine bleed air flow control valve is set to low flow by the ACS under what conditions?
Both outflow valves open fully, all bleed air is routed to the cockpit at high flow. When the dump switch is activated the cabin pressure will equalize with the ambient outside pressure.
What happens when the dump switch is activated on the ground and under what conditions would it be used.
Left engine air is routed to the cabin, right engine air is routed to the cockpit
Where in the aircraft is the bleed air from the left and right engines routed to?
The conditioned bleed air from the right engine is routed to the cockpit through the forward evaporator. It is prevented from flowing to the cabin by the isolation valve. The conditioned bleed air from the left engine is routed to the cabin through the aft evaporator and the cabin shutoff valve.
How and where is the bleed air routed from the right and left engines?
primary, secondary, outflow, aft pressure bulkhead
Pressurization is controlled by the ----------- and ---------------- ------------ valves. They are located on the --------- ----------- -------- and equally divide the outflow.
13,000ft +/- 1500ft, -8.6psi, -8.7psi, -0.4psi
The outflow valves provide 3 pressure limit functions. Cabin altitude ----------ft +/- -----------. Positive dP of -----------psi Primary OFV and ----------psi Secondary OFV, and negative dP of ---------psi.
13,500 feet, ambient altitude
the cabin DUMP switch dumps the cabin pressure to ------ft or ------- --------, whichever is lowest.
AIR DISTRIBUTION, Pressurization synoptic
changing air source selection using the AIR SOURCE switch or activating CABIN DUMP will always override the previous selection form the --- ------------ line select key on the MFD -------------- --------
29,000ft, 28,000ft
The AC automatically shuts down above -----ft and automatically restarts after descending through -----ft.
when the AIR DISTRUBUTION line select key is set to AUTO, air distribution is controlled by the ___ or the --- ------ ------

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