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A&P blood


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Cardiovasular system components?
Heart, blood, blood vessels (Arteries, Veins, Capillaries), Lungs
Basophils <1% of WBC's
Have granules that contiain heparin and histamine, which are important in the inflammation responce
Eosinophils 2-4% of WBC's
Defend by releasing toxic compounds-phagocytic microphage
What is the major function of an erythrocyte?
Distribute oxegen (Hemoglobin) by way of an iron ion enableing it to bind with oxygen
What are the formed elements?
Erythrocytes(99.9%), Leukocytes(.1%) and Thrombocytes or Platelets
What are the functions of blood?
Transporting blood cells,gases, nutrients, hormones and metabolic wastes. The regulation of pH and ion composition of the fluids in the body. Restriction of fluid losses at injury sites. Defence against pathogens and stabilizes body temperature.
Monocytes 2-8% of WBC's
Largest WBC's -phagocytic macrophage
What are the three proteins in plasma?
Albumins(60%)made in liver, important to blood osmotic pressure, Globulins 35% Antibodies, Fibrinogen 4% aids in blood clotting
Lymphocyte 20-30% of WBC's
Important to immune system(make antibodies) cells also the smallest.
What occurs during the platelet phase?
Platelet adesion occurs. The process by which they stick to each other is called PLATELET AGGREGATION. Eventually a platelet plug is formed through postitive feedback loop that stimulates platelet aggregation
Neutophils 50-70% of WBC's
Phagocytic (engulfs pathogens) microphage
What do you call the matrix of the blood?
Plasma (46-63% of whole blood)
What happens to the blood vessels during the vascular phase of hemostasis?
Vascular spasm, the constriction of the vessel wall. Endothelial cells release chemicals promoting vascular spasm encouraging platelets to stick to this area.

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