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ANA113 - Anatomical Terminology


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Median (midsagitatal)
Divides the body into equaal left and right positions
Frontal (coronal) plane
divides the body into anterior and posterior portions
Transverse plane
A horizontal plane that divides the body into superior and inferior portions
Anterior (ventral)
On or near the front or ventral surface of the body; before
Posterior (dorsal)
Toward the back
Superior (cranal)
Directional - - meaning "above"; toward the head
inferior (caudal)
Directional - - meaning "below"; toward the feet
toward the midline of the body
Pertaining to the side
toward the attached base of an organ or structure; near or at the point of origin
Movement away from the point of attachment or origin; for a limb away from its attachment to the trunk
Deep (internal)
toward the interior of the body; farther away from the body
Superficial (external)
At, near, or relatively close to the body of the surface
Referring to the sole of the foot
Dorsum (dorsal)
The top of the foot
A movement at a joint that reduces the angle between two articulating bones; the opposite of extension
An increase in the angle between two articulating bones; the opposite of flexion
Movement away from the midline of the body
Movement toward the axis or midline of the body as viewed in the anatomical position
To be able to touch the pad of the thumb to the pad of the pinky
Rotation of the forearm so that the palm faces anteriorly
Rotation of the forearm that makes the palms face posteriorly
Medial Rotation
Rotation towards the midline of the body
Lateral rotation
rotation away from the midline of the body
A movement at a synovial joint where the distal end of the bone describes a circle but the shaft does not rotate
Elevation of the superior surface of the foot; movement of the foot upward. (going back on heels so toes are towards nose)
Plantar flexion
Movement of the foot so that the sole faces posterior (tip toes)
A turning inard of the soles of the feet (wear out the outsideof heels of shoes)
A turning outward of the soles of the feet (wear out inside of heels of shoes)

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