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Global Geography Chapter 1 Section 1


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A unit of measure used to determine absolute location
an imaginary line that circles the globe at its widest point
The study of Earth and it's people
an invisible line that forms an east-west circle around the Earth
Parallel/latitude line
an imaginary line that circles the Earth from north to south
meridian/longitude line
the meridian that runs througn Greenwich, England
Prime Meridian
What 2 questions do geographers try to answer while studying different places?
1) where are things located?
2) why are they there?
How do the 5 themes help geographers study the Earth?
Use them to help organize information
What are the 2 different ways to describe a location?
Absolute and relative
Which way of describing location is this? A river is 250 mi North of san antonio?
relative location
what are the 5 themes of geography?
location, place, HEI, regions, movement
why is the study of movement helpful to geographers?
it helps them understand the relationship among places
place- physical
hot/cold hilly
jobs religion
changing the face of the earth
used to make comparisons
regional flat land

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