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chem 152 Exam I


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Difference bewteen Solubility, molar solubility & solubilit product expression
Solubility of a compound
= amount of compound that dissolves in a specified volume of solution., usu expressed as grams/liter
molar solubility
= no. moles tha tdissolve to give 1 ltier of saturated solution
solubility product expression
product of hte concentrations of its constitudent ions, each raised to the power corresponding to the numbe of ions in 1 formula unit of the compound, or the coefficients
Most reactions occur in a seris of steps. Exaplin elementary steps
an individual step in the mechansim by which a reaction occurs, for each elem step, the reactio norders match the reactant coefficients in that step
Find reaction orders for any single elementary step
= the coefficients for that step
Example of an "experimentally determined rate-law expression for aA + bB --> cC + dD
rate = k[A] (x) [B] (y)
-BUT the values of x and y are related to the coefficnets of hte reactants in the slowest step.
Explain reaction in terms of molecules
if experimentally determined orders do not match the coefficents in the overall balance equation, then the reaction does not take place in 1 step. Usually, rate-detemrining step of the mechani involves a bimolecular collision between two ___ molecules. This is consistent with the rate expression.
Criteria for plausible meachnism
1) steps add to give equation for overall reacation
2) mechanism is consistnt with experiemntlaly detemrined rate-law expression (must match slowest step)

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