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What two groups did Aristotle divide motion?
Natural and Violent motion
What was natural motion?
The motion of an object either in or trying to get in its natural place
What was violent motion?
Any motion imposed on an object by an outside sourse
Is violent motion scientific?
Nope - you can't test it!! muah ahahahha
What was Copernicus the first to do?
Show that the earth wasnt stationary
With what two things did Copernicus prove the world wasn't stationary?
Telescope and Mathematics
Who was the first to show Copernicus' theory was possible?
If a ball is pushed down a ramp and back up again, why will the ball never reach the same hight?
What is friction?
Any force that opposes motion
Describe Newtons First Law.
An object at rest will remain at rest. An object in motion will remain in motion IN A STRAIGHT LINE (unless effected by outside force
What is inertia determined by?
What is mass?
The measure of how much stuff is in an object; measured in kg
Is weight or mass a constant?
Mass is a constant
What is weight?
a measure of gravity; measured in Newtons
What is the formula for transferring a kg into a newton?

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