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Concept review from Certification Review for Pharmacy Technicians


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What is a sublingual (sl) tablet?
tablet designed to be placed "under the tongue"
What is "Buccal Tablet"
Tablet designed to be placed "between gum and cheek"
a)What is a "Enteric-coated tablet". b)What are important directions that should be given to patients who take these type of tablets?
a)Tablets specially designed to dissolve in intestines not stomach. b)patients should NEVER chew, brake or crush tablets prior to taking and should not be taken with antacids (antacids cause these tablets to dissolve in stomach)
What is a sustained, timed-release tablet? What other ways may these tablets be referred to?
Tablet designed to release medication at constant rate over a prolonged time period (ex 8-24 hours). Can be referred to as "long-acting", 'delayed-release" or "prolonged-action" tablets
What is a "lozenge"? What is other names for "lozenge"
Doseage form meant to dissolve slowly in conttact with mouth or throat prolonged period of time. Also referred to "troches or pastilles"
What is an "effervescent tablet?"
Tablet containing sodium bicarbonate with citric or tartaric acid. In solution will cause liberation of carbon dioxide gas.
What is a "transdermal patch"? What should patients be told who use these"
Patch applied to skin. Medication absorbed through the skin. Patients should be told to clean and rotate sites of application. Rotation reduces irritation to skin.
What "auxillary label" should be placed on inhaler doseage form medications?
"Shake Well"
What is a NDC number? Describe the 3 parts of the number.
ex: 00029-6009-22
NDC=National Drug Code assigned by each drug manufacturer on each stock package and is separated in 3 sections.
1st section-5 digits-identify manufacturer
2nd section-4 digits-identify product name, strength and doseage form
3rd section-2 last digits-identify package size
An Expiration Date of drug product states: 3/06 ;on what month,day,year would this drug expire?
When day not specified, drug expires last day of month, in year stated. In this example: midnight March 31, 2006
What part of the body would you put a)otic products b)ophthalmic products
a)otic products are for the "ear"
b)ophthalmic products are for the "eye"
What type of balance is required in every registered pharmacy by state boards of pharmacy? class a, class b,class c, or bulk balance?
"Class A" balance is required. can be used in compounding.
What does "trituration" mean?
meaning: Ginding of larger particles (ex tablets) into a fine powder.
Grinding of tablets into a fine powder in a porcelain morter is an example of ? (is it: levigation, trituration, flocculation, or emulsification)
A hard rubber or plastice spatula would be used in what case?
in situations where metal spatulas might react with substance, such as iodine or mercuric salt
Which mortar would you use in mixing two liquids? (wedgewood mortar, glass mortar, or porcelain morter) Why?
You would use a glass mortar to mix to liquids. Wedgewood mortars are porous and stain easily. Porcelain mortars are porous also (though less than wedgewood mortars).
What would you use to measure a liquid for compounding? (conical graduate, beaker, or cylindrical graduate) Why?
Use a cylindrical graduate. The conical and beaker are good for mixing but not as precise as cylindrical graduate for measuring a liquid.
What auxilary label would you see in "suspension" doseage form?
"Shake well" (Suspensions are insoluable products and will separate.
What does "reconstitution" mean? Give an example
Reconstitution is the addition of a liquid to a powder to form a liquid doseage form. ex: amoxil suspension-is packaged as powder in bottle. A determined amount of water is added to powder to make an amoxicillin suspension. auxillary label:shake well, Refrigerate. good for 14 days
which governemental agency is responsible for safety in the workplace? DEA, FDA, OSHA, or EPA
OSHA-Occupational Safety and Health Administration
What is difference between Class I, Class II, and Class III drug recall?
Class I recalls-exposure may cause severe health hazard or death.
Class II recall-exposure may cause temporary or reversible adverse health hazard
Class III-exposure not likely to cause adverse health hazard.
What is a DEA number? How would you verify if a DEA number is authentic?
DEA numbers contain 2 letters and 7 numbers. Second lettter is corresponds to 1st letter in prescriber's last name.
a)Take 1st,3rd, and 5th number and add together. b)Take 2nd, 4th, and 6th number. add together and multiply by 2. C)Add number from a + b d)Last digit of total of "c" must match last number of DEA number.
What is "The Orange Book" used for?
Provides guidance in generic drug product selection.
Patient Package Inserts (PPI) are required to accompany which medication each time they are dispensed?
1)metered-dosed Inhalers
2)oral contraceptives
What formula is used to convert Centigrade to Fahrenheit temperature?
What is Centigrade and Farhenheit temps for the following designations:
Cold, Cool, Room Temperature
Cold-temperature not exceeding 8 degrees C (46 F)
Cool-temp between 8C to 15C (46F to 59F)
Room Temperature-temp between 15C to 30C (59Fto 86F)
Which of the following is considered "sterilized"? Water for injection usp, bactriostatic water for injection, tap water
Bacteriostatic water for injection usp
Which of the following would you use to prepare a sterile aseptic compound with no additional antimicrobial agent added? water for injection, bacteriostatic water for injection usp, tap water, sterile water for injection usp
you would use sterile water for injection. Bacterriostatic water for injection usp is also sterile but contains an antimicrobial agent(s) and problem asks for no additional antimicrobial agent. Other waters listed are not sterile in choices are not sterilized.
Which book would you use to determine pricing? Facts and Comparison, Orange Book, Merck Manual, Drug Products-Red Book, Physician Desk Reference (PDR)
To see products and prices listing including wholesale and retail prices you would use Drug Products-Red Book
Which contains standard for natural products as well as for synthetic drugs and offical formulas. It is official compendia of pharmacy practice.
U.S. Pharmacopeia-National Formulary (USP-NF)
What reference would you use to view general disease categories and their treatments? Facts and comparison, Drug topics-Red Book, USP-NF, Merck Manual, The Orage Book
Merck Manual-lists general disease categories and their treatments
What is "Syrup of Ipecac"?
Used to induce vomiting after ingesting poisonous, "noncaustic" substances.
Which reference would you use to assist in compounding a cream? PDR, Facts and Comparison, Merck Manual, Remington's Pharmaceutical Sciences
Remington's Pharmaceutical Sciences
Drugs in chich class of Controlled Substances contain no legal use? CIII, CIV,CI,CII

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