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Law and Ethics Chapter 4


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Of the scenarios listed below, which would probably be considered battery?
A physcian has a signed consent to remove a patient's ovaries but not her uterus, and removes the uterus during the course of surgery.
Which of the following scencarios is not in line with the foundation for the informed consent doctrine?
A husband is signing a consent form for his seemingly competent wife
Dr. Sims is explaining the consent form to Ms. Barber, who is having surgery next week. Which statement does not fulfill one of the informed disclosure requirements?
You will be in the hospital for a few hours after recovery and then can go home if you are feeling well.
In which case has informed consent not been obtained correctly?
The physician allows a medical assistant to explain the consent form including risks and benefits and the medical assistant offers the consent form for the patient's signature.
Consent is implied in all of the following situations except one. Which is it?
The non-English speaking patient cooperates with physician and lies down on teh table prompted by the physicians gestures for an exam
Which of the following is most likely considered a competent patient?
A 36 year old female patient abused by her spouse
The general rule regarding competency states that a person is presumed to be competent unless there is a valid reason to believe otherwise. Which of these patients might not be competent?
An adult male patient who lives independently but has a court appointed guardian.
Consent is being sought for a patient to undergo chemotherapy. Which of the following would NOT be considered a serrogate decision maker in the event that the patient was unable to consent?
The neighbor of the elderly adult receiving chemo, if the adult patient has no family
The patient that expresses his/her wishes in writing with regard to medical treatment has offered an:
A & B advance directive and a living will
Which of the following would be classified as a special circumstance with regard to consent
A patient with mental disability.
What principle may lead to the patient losing her case?
Informed refussal
Which of the following is not an exception to the duty of disclosure?
Routine surgery
What motivation should be used when a serrogate decision maker considers removing life prolonging treatment
Welfare of the incompetent patient
Patients who want their physician to decide what is best for them with regard to medical decision making and wave their rights to informed consent sign a:
Informed consent is related to what area of law?
T/F In order to obtain true consent, the patient must be able to evaluate all of the options available
T/F If a physician does not reveal info about a drug being prescribed, that might be significant to the patient because most physicians doesn't reveal that particular information, the physician is not violating the duty of disclosure.
T/F An advance heathcare directive must be followed no matter what the wishes contained within the document
T/F The individual's fundamental right to control what happens to his/her body cannot be taken away except in exception circumstances
T/F An assault occurs whenever a person intentionally touches another without permission
If an individual who is to give consent is unable to sign a consent form the ___ with the surrogate decision maker must be well documented in the patient's medical record
The obligation to provide the patient with the necessary information needed to give an informed consent rest with the ____ .
Alternate sources for content when a surrogate is needed depend on the reason that the patient is ____ .
Federal law specifically addresses the use of ___ in nursing homes.
It is critical to ____ information about consent in the patient's medical record.

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