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Jessica Harness Med vocab lesson 4


undefined, object
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AUT-, combining form
CRIN-, combining form
[separate] secrete, secretion
ESTHE(S)-, combining form
sensation, sensitivity, sense
GEN(E)-, -GEN, combining form
come into being; produce
GRAM-, combining form
[something written] a record
GRAPH-, combining form
write, record
IATR-, combining form
healer, physician; treatment
IDI-, combining form
of one's self
KINE-, combining form
KINES(I)-, combining form
movement, motion
LY(S)-, combining form
destroy, break down
MYX-, combining form
ORTH-, combining form
straight, erect; normal
OT-, combining form
PATH-, combining form
[suffering] disease
PHIL-, combining form
love; have an affinity for
PT-, combining form
fall, sag, drop, prolapse
PYR-, combining form
[fire] fever, burning
PYRET-, combining form
PYREX-, combining form
be feverish
RHE-, combining form
[run] flow, secrete
RHAG-, combining form
[burst forth] flow profusely, hemorrhage
RHEX-, combining form
RHIN-, combining form
SCOP-, combining form
look at, examine
SEP-, combining form
[be putrid], be infected
TA-, combining form
TEL-, combining form
end, completion
TEN-, TENON(T)-, combining form
THERAP(EU)-, combining form
treat medically, heal
TOM-, combining form
a cutting, slice, incision
TON-, combining form
[a stretching](muscular) tone, tension
-ectasia,-ectasis; compound suffix form
dilation, enlargement
-ectomy; compound suffix form
surgical excision; removal of all(total excision)or part(partial excision) of an organ
-gen; compound suffix form
substance that produces(something)
-genesis; compound suffix form
formation, origin
-genic; compound suffix form
causing, producing, caused
-genous; compound suffix form
by, produced by or in
-gram; compound suffix form
a record of the activity of an organ (often an x-ray)
-graph; compound suffix form
an instrument for recording the activity of an organ
-graphy; compound suffix form
(1) the recording of the activity of an organ (usually by x-ray examination)
(2) a descriptive treatise (on a subject)
-lysis; compound suffix form
dissolution, reduction, decomposition, disintegration
-lytic; compound suffix form
pertaining to dissolution or decomposition, disintegration (forms adjectives from words ending in -lysis)
-pathy; compound suffix form
-ptosis; compound suffix form
dropping, sagging, prolapse(of an organ or part)
-rrhagia; compound suffix form
profuse discharge, hemorrhage
-rrhea; compound suffix form
profuse discharge, excessive secretion
-rrhexis; compound suffix form
bursting(of tissues), rupture
-scope; combining suffix form
an instrument for examining
-scopy; compound suffix form
-tome; compound suffix form
a surgical instrument for cutting
-tomy; compound suffix form
surgical incision

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