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What is a Democracy?
A government system where people make decisions directly or indirectly
The U.S. is a? (3 things)
Democracy, Republic, & Federal system
Directly means you vote on _____?
indirectly mean you vote on _______?
not everything
______: Representatives that run government?
Federal system is?
Layered government. Shares responsibilities at different levels.
What are the different levels of the federal system?
1. Federal (constitutional) - FBI
2. State - State patrol
3. Local - Sheriffs & Police
The constitution was written by?
James Madison
What is the constitution/functions?
Written document that is the framework for government.
Tells us:
-Our Duties
-what we Can't and can do
Separation of powers means that?
All power doesn't rest in one place
S.O.P. includes...

(separation of power)
checks and balances
The ability of each branch to assert control over each branch
layered government... same as federal system
judicial review
ability of supreme court to rule on an action
limited government
tells government what cannot do.
* Congress cannot make a law that doesn't make us all equal.
Conservative believes in?
The defense, protection, and adherence of traditional values.
Liberal advocates?
The use of government to affect positive change in society.
Conservatives would let people or not let people have a crude magazine?
wouldn't allow
Liberals would or wouldn't allow a crude magazine?
would. Because people are expressing there freedom of speech.
Radical is?
An extreme liberal who advocates extreme change using extreme measures.
*Black panthers
Ultra conservative people who want to return society to an earlier system or way or doing something.
*Islamic Fundamentals
Theocracy is ____ run
Communists are about ________ taking control
fascists: rights of people matter. TRUE OR FALSE
FALSE: rights of people don't matter
Totalitarian controlled by ______?
controlled by government
a government with a king
what is a political party?
a means of winning elections by pooling the votes of people with common interests and beliefs.
2 major parties in the US are?
Republican and democrats
why do we have 2 parties?
Because it's a winner take all election system
What do democrats believe in? more ____ to _____
More moderate to liberal.
Republicans believe in? more ________ to _______
moderate to conservative
change ---> no change = ___ --> ___
Liberal (Left)----> Conservative (Right)
political ideology is?
the change ---> no change
government by religion?
A group of governments that control all aspects of life
a gov. and economic system where the gov. owns all property and provides all services
communism is a form of?
a gov. where decisions are made by people voting. an over arching category that includes several types
a democracy where people vote for representatives and they in turn select a prime minister
a written document that defines what a country's government can and cannot do
a gov. where people elect representatives
a government where the rights of individuals are sacrificed in order to ensure the smooth operation of the country.
fascism is also called
people who advocate extreme change in society. ELF.
people who want to defend traditional values
people who would like to go back to an earlier way of doing things. extreme right wing.
group beleives in using the government to affect positive changes in society.
seven articles of the constitution are?
L - Legislative
E - Executive
J - judicial
S - States & rights
A - Amendments
S - Supremcy clause
R - ratification
which one of the following is not one of the five major ideas of the US constitution?

* Executive supremacy
* Separation of powers
* Limited government
* Judicial Review
* Federalism
* Executive supremacy

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