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Microbiology 10


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Ghon complex
parenchymal exudative lung lesion and the draining lymph nodes in M. tuberculosis
what organism produces niacin?
M. tubercolosis
what is the mainstay of treatment for leprosy?
which bacteria resemble fungi?
Actinomycetes are true bacteria but they form long, branching filaments that resemble the hyphae of fungi
treatment for actinomyces israelii (actinomycosis)
penicillin G, coupled with surgical drainage
treatment of choice for N. asteroides infection
which are more sensitive to heat, drying, detergents, lipid solvents -- enveloped or naked viruses?
enveloped viruses
T/F Virtually all viruses that are transmitted by the fecal-oral route do not have an envelope

e.g. Hep A, poliovirus, Norwalk virus, rotavirus
what is the one DNA virus that has a single-stranded DNA genome?
where does influenza virus synth its progeny genome?
in the nucleus
name four important human pathogens of the paramyxoviruses group
(1) measles

(2) mumps

(3) RSV

(4) parainfluenza
what are the three RNA viruses without an envelope?
picornaviruses, caliciviruses, and reoviruses
owl's eye inclusion
what are the three main NNRTI's to remember?
Nevirapine, Delavirdine, Efavirenz
Memory device. Acyclovir & Bicycle.
Picture Acyclovir bicycle riding all over HSV-1, HSV-2, and VZV. Also bicycle "chain" --> acyclovir is a chain-terminating drug

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