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Acids Trivia


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acetic acid
dissolves glass
hydrofluoric acid
poisonous acid found in spinach
oxalic acid
poisonous acid found in rhubarb leaves
oxalic acid
poisonous acid used to dissolve rust
oxalic acid
initial acid formed in acid rain
sulfurous acid
oxidation of original acid in acid rain
sulfuric acid
powerful dehydrating agent
sulfuric acid
most widely used industrial chemical
sulfuric acid
acid in lead-acid battery
sulfuric acid
strongest of common inorganic acids
perchloric acid
only diprotic acid of the common strong acids
sulfuric acid
found in all carbonated beverages
carbonic acid
used as a flavoring in colas and also converts rust to a soluble iron compound
phosphoric acid
acids formed when chlorine reacts with water
hydrochloric, hypochlorous
used as eye wash
boric acid
powerful roach killer
boric acid

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