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umm...the beginning stuff


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Name the steps in the scientific method
Recognize a problem
Make Educated Guess
Perform experiment
Reorganize explanation of world based on results
What is a fact?
An observation made by a group of competant people
What is the formula to calculate average speed?
Avg Speed = total distance/total time
What is velocity?
Speed and direction
What is acceleration?
Any CHANGE in velocity
What is the formula for acceleration?
A = change in speed/time
how is a hypothesis scientific?
If it can be proved wrong
What are the 2 controls that cause a change in speed?
gas pedal
What thing in the car causes a change in velocity?
steering wheel
The acceleration of a car that travels in a straight line at a constant speed of 100 km/hour is equal to what?
0 m/s because neither the speed or direction are changing
What is the acceleration of any freely falling object?
10 m/s
What is the formula for measuring how far an object will drop?
What is the formula for how fast an object freely falls?

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